Friday, August 22, 2008

Building 56 Apt 4

living room view from the dining room
(we don't use our front door, we use the back door so we blocked it off)living room view from the tv
(we are getting a new couch cover! yay!)

living room view from the couch

(with a moon sand zen garden to the left of the bookshelf on the metal stand...)
my room
(bigger than appears)

my room 2

kenzies room

(aka storage room... haha)

kenzies room 2


dining room / computer zone
(still in the works)


Ginger said...

You guys are great at making your apartment look cute. My first apartment wasn't that cute. So, thanks so much for offering to help us out, but when Lane decided to stay home he actually ended up with all these meetings and stuff so he ended up having to stay home with Eli anyway.

Ginger said...

You can see Landon Friday if you want to come to Easton's birthday party. We are having it friday night. Can you guys make it? Probably around 6:30 PM?

stephanie said...

Cassie, were these the pictures you were going to show me the other day?