Saturday, September 20, 2008

poor guillermo

today he got cut with glass. he was bleeding horribly from his foot. i got gauze & an ace band aids. we wrapped it. it kept bleeding all day, & it got worse. so sam called me at work & i had to bring guillermo to the animal E.R. & he got it cleaned and cream got put on & wrapped up. they wanted to sedate him and stitch him up and everything like that but me & sam don't have $360 dollars even combined so we couldn't do it. so they were nice enough to do that for us. poor fella. i gave him 4 treats.

anyways. tomorrow is the day! MINESTRONE SOUP DAY! i am so excited. i am so tempted to just heat up a bowl right now... but i won't. i took one tiny bite for a taste test to make sure it didn't need anything but thats it. i have good self discipline. but i am a good cook... i will admit it. i love cooking for people. i like to see people enjoy something that i made or created. i just wish i could do it a lot more.

i was reading this book called "getting lucky" by susan marino in the pet ER and it was really good. i think i am going to check it out at the library tomorrow.

i love reading. i finally went to the library yesterday & got a library card! yay. i am so happy about it. i got two books. one i just grabbed because it looked cool and the library was closing. and on the way to the check out i read the cover & it said "one of the most erotic stories i have ever come across... a fearless tale". needless to say i felt really embarrassed to check it out. its called "the almond". i just wanted a really nice looking book because i sometimes judge books by their covers, and this one just looked neat so i grabbed it because i didnt want to just get one book. but the reason i went to the library was to check out "i am a cat" by soseki natsume. but they didn't have it so i just got "to the spring equinox and beyond" it will suffice.


Ginger said...

Oh no poor thing. I wish I had some money sitting around for him. :( So what time are you guys headed out tonight?

Ginger said...

Okay four sounds good to us. See ya tonight. I've got to go bake a cake.