Sunday, October 5, 2008

day after

this morning i woke up at 8:30 to a rainy morning. i fell asleep at around 2:30 am. not much sleep... yet here i am still up & awake. i cleaned my entire apartment (besides kenzies room) & i didn't just touch things up. i swept, mopped, dusted, re-organized, re-placed, & made everything perfect the way i like it. my apartment feels nice and cozy. all we need is a rug or two. i got to use my heater again today. it was exciting. i am so domesticated its almost sad. i just turned 20 & i like to clean my house, cook dinners, plus... i get excited to buy curtains. oh man. oh well.

moving on. i have been really craving to make my room into a matching sort of deal. because right now its really ridiculous. & normally i'd explain my ideas. but i can't because people always take them. lets just leave a clue to my room idea with this:


cult classic said...

sam didn't get you a present? no dinner no nothing?
anyways that sucks. and about that little copy cat i think i no who you speek of.
and i like the possible theme for the new room.

stephanie said...

Oh yes, I know somewhat...

But your going to have to tell me more..

Im craving pumpkin pie, and caramel apples, and ahh..

carving pumpkins, lets.