Monday, October 20, 2008

very sick

i was very sick since saturday. let me tell you all about it.

i had to go home from work pretty much as soon as i got there.
i had to get picked up & i was crying because i was getting a fever & i felt so weird.
then i was miserable all night long & no one was here to take care of me. this was the first time i was all alone being really really sick. it was hard. i couldnt drink tap water because it made me throw up. i had to ask my room mate to bring me bottles of aquafina. she did. i am very happy she did. i threw up probably my entire body weight in one night. for no real reason at all. it was horrible. because i was by myself. i hurt all over. i couldn't move. i just don't know how i got that sick all of a sudden. i had a crazy fever for two days.
i've been really dehydrated the whole time i've been sick because its hard to drink. i've been really weak and haven't been able to move a whole lot. i'm up now because i needed to feed my cat. she is smart. i told her i was very sick and each time i told her i was sick she rubbed her head on my head and rested next to me. she's a good friend. i need to go rest more in my bed. i wish i could stand long enough to shower. i wish i could eat.


stephanie said...

hey, Drink smart water, It has electrolights in it so it will hydrate you more, and its water so its not going to upset your stomach like gatorade might.

take some echinecha? sp? and viatamin c too.

I had no idea that you were sick, Is that why you were missing on saturday? hmm?

Ginger said...

So sorry Cassie. You should keep drinking as much as possible. Don't get dehydrated. We have all had that in our family probably a week or two ago. Whatever you do, find something you can keep down. Hope you feel better soon.

stephanie said...

hahah oh well i give up..

how much are the apartments your living in right now?