Monday, November 10, 2008

colossal king crab

i wish it would snow. lied to me and said it was going to. then it changed to rain. no fair.
this morning i am going over to natalies to hang out with her before she goes to work. i have a painting to give to pres as well as a scarf. presley is in washington tho, so i won't get to see her. i'll see her next time. my back & shoulders hurt. i don't know why. its not like i do anything. hm. i cleaned up the house yesterday. me & kenzie decided where our christmas tree will go. i can't wait to get rid of the side table thats under our dining room table. i think i'm just going to drop it off at dallins this week because its so random in here.

all i think about is new curtains for this whole house. i need new curtains bad. so does the living room & dining room. my buddy pal friend audra mcB is sending me a rug for my birthday. my favorite one on the whole site!!! i am SO excited to get it. i think i will put it in my room. i was going to be nice & share it and put it in the living room. but ... look at it. heck no its going in my room for sure.


Ginger said...

That rug will look cute. So did he eat the crab and veggies?

p.s. I don't mind driving in the snow in my Subaru it is actually kind of fun. :)

cult classic said...

did audra get that rug from urban? they have one jsut like it on their i wanted it in neon green and blue tho. super cute!!