Tuesday, December 16, 2008


tag post. post the contents of your purse then tag 3 others.

  • chococat mini purse. holds femi products, lighter & knife
  • rasta heart mini purse. holds my chapsticks
  • hemp multi color round coin purse. holds my coins
  • fruit mini wallet. holds emergen-c, ticket stubs & coffee shop cards
  • 2 ricola cough drops (elderberry)
  • red felt pouch, holds a little baggy of pills. ibuprofen, vitamin-c, allergy med.
  • keys.
  • paul frank mini tiny purse. holds clear quartz rock & teeny tiny clay shiva.
  • mint lip gloss with red tint.
  • trident gum
  • how to marry a millionaire wallet.
  • sensual amber lotion
  • all stuffed into my chocolat aldo purse from my godmother that i love so much.

i tag ginger, tiffany & everyone else who wants to do this

1 comment:

Ginger said...

Cute purse! I don't know if I even dare do this one because I don't really have a purse, I have a diaper bag and it is embarassing what's in there.