Tuesday, January 20, 2009

first day of school

what do i need to say about that. nothing.

i'm a bit unhappy. a lot unhappy. the current things that do make me happy however, are :
- anouk-sel-dean
- my new bed (memory foam)
- my vanilla noir perfume, lotion & candle.

is it okay if i vent about what i'm not liking right now? with out sounding like a drag? well, where should i start.

1. the driving in california. OH MY GOSH. how did i do this? its ridiculous. it takes me 10 minutes to get to town, then add on any more minutes depending on where i go after i get to town. its all the same, long and windy. annoying drivers -fast drivers. road kill all over. it smells like skunks all down the highway. gross.

2. being home. its half & half. its nice being home for a couple reasons. but then, theres family. i love my family dont get me wrong. just, small doses. theres always something someone has to complain about. i feel like i never have a long period of time to myself. (now i know how my mom feels after 21 years..) its just difficult. hard to explain.

3. its cold in my room. its 70 degrees daily. where the heck is winter? so stupid. california is great and everything but its january. january does not equal 70 degrees, sandals & tank tops. whatever.

4. school. its far like 20 minutes, i guess thats not too far, but when you're driving the only road that leads to it everyday it gets ANNOYING. but there's also a lot of idiots there. people with no common sense, people with drama, people with funky smells, people who dress like scum. i mean, who talks and discusses their answers during an EXAM? thats just stupid. its like just out of highschool or something. i hate it. i wish people just knew how to behave.

5. banks. the only wellsfargo is in town. its really inconvinient. i guess where i live is inconvinent. dang it.

6. my job. i like mels. but gosh. its like i never left. i wish i got more tips. i wish people ate out more. i wish i could be brave enough to be a server. but i can't carry plates & i'm bad at reciting what else they can choose besides fries. (colesaw, soup, salad or pasta salad?)

7. friends. where did they all go? no one wants to hang out with me. i must be boring. at least audra is around & wants to hang out. we are going snowboarding on friday, my butt is going to hurt so bad afterwards. i'm nervous. so nervous.

i'm going to go upload photos now. some current photos of my life as of late. & maybe start some political science homework. oh yeah, my sociology class & political science classes are GREAT! i love them so far. i dropped my horrible math class. not interested.


chanelle said...

now you know how winter in hawaii is, haha. the only change of scenery is probably more cloudy skies, rain, maybe a few small storms, and then more sun. i wish i could make it there. i tell you this all the time, i must get annoying. hahaha.

michelle said...

atleast you can break out the tank tops and sandles. yeah california takes forever to drive anywhere. oh man oh man, im having one of those complaining days too, so it was nice to read about your bitter stuff. lol

Ginger said...

I would give anything for your weather. Well, almost anything.