Monday, January 5, 2009

my very own

computer. i am on it right now. i haven't used it since i moved from california because for some reason it wouldn't connect to the internet at my apartment. its so nice and fast. i missed it.
the UPS guy never came. i'm getting really irritated. i don't want to sign for this its ruining my plans. i'm just going to go pick it up or something.

its snowing. i sold my bed hopefully for 450. straaaaaaaange days.


cult classic said...

i didn't read that whole artcle on it but i heard about this i think is it were airplains release cemicals that are supposed to help it rain more? i herd it on the news and i was like WTF. so wierd can not be healthy and i don't understand how chemicals help make it rain more and how that rain will be healthy but they have een doing it sence the 50's wich is also wierd bc the chemicals from the 50's are fucked up.

alexandra jade said...

you haev to add polyvore as your faves and then everytime you find soemthing online you like you click on polyvore in your favorites and it comes up so that you add it to your own polyvore items. cool huh. thats how i got baby stuff. but anywayssssssssssssssssssssssssss. hows you doing. you haev a great blog. i never comment you. or anyone. but i should. have you moved yet? dont d o it. although. i would much rather be in cali anyway my self

Ginger said...

Oh my goodness, Cassie, we have believed in that for a long time. I have yet to meet another person who knows about this or believes in it until now. Every time I see those I get mad. Totally scary.