Sunday, February 22, 2009

some things i'd like right now:

- this bathing suit:

- a body that will look seriously great in that bathing suit..

- any pair of bottega veneta heels. as long as its a tall heel.

- marc jacobs crochet pumps. i hope someone remembers what those are.

- for my life to slow down a bit... i've got too much to do.

- this really fresh outfit:

- my back to stop hurting

- more $$

- a cheaper phone bill.. yuck. to do list.

- to move.

i wish i could be happy. & have nothing beyond my reach. & trust me right now lots of things are beyond my reach. & yes i am trying to get them okay. i'm trying really hard. i'm just impatient. so don't DON'T tell me nothing is beyond my reach right now. too much on my mind lately.


chanelle said...

it's beyond me as well. i mean there have been laws made, bills passed, so on and so forth but of course mankind cannot bear to be under authority that benefits all living creatures. some people are so very blind. i was reading nat. geo. today and read an article on all these endangered animals and why they'll so be extinct. it's so so sad. i hate it. i want to change it. change it with me?

chanelle said...

so so unbelievably true. it's a sure thing that animals come and go. if only we didn't rush their extinction. if only we tried our best to slow it down rather than speed up the process. some people just have hard hearts. their hearts are iced over by power trips and superiority. ugh. anywho, we're on the same page. i hope to find your letter on my desk so i can take your address with me and send postcards of love~!

jenna said...

I think you need to vaycay to Salt Lake and come hang out with me and Hilary. Seriiiiiously.