Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tomorrow -!

tomorrow at 1 pm california time i drive to the airport to get on a jet plane to fly to utah! i will arrive in utah at around 6:30 utah time. pretty excited to get away from california for a bit! much needed vacation. short & sweet. hopefully. lots of plans for this trip. coffee trey friday. going to see annie & the family on friday as well. i love them , they are having their accountant do my taxes for me. SUCH A HUGE RELIEF. i love the paynes so much, they are great to me, such good wonderful people. saturday hopefully paris won't be all chipmunked out and we can go to the photoshoot together , we'll see. natalie and i hang out sesh for real whenever she can. pretty excited to just BE there already. i'm all packed right now.

i bought a really amazing dress at the thrift store today. it goes to my feet. and it has flowers all over it. i will photography it on me sometime, maybe with sams camera when i'm in utah. ha! i cant wait to hang out with the camera. yes. i also got a sweet pair of raybans.

here are some photos from christas camera from the march:

there is me and my fellow classmates! adam, me, liz, clarissa, tiffany, keely, marissa & christa. liz clarissa marissa & christa are the girls in my communications group. i love them all, i'm really glad i had this class and got those girls in my group. they are so much fun and we always have so much fun when we get together. we having a celebration party at my house for doing the march & doing a lot of work for it. i love making good life friends in funny ways.
& those guys i'm interviewing were from SLO - they go to qwesta college, they were cute. i shoulda got their #'s so we could hang with them when we go down for spring break. oooh well.

i took a long nap today. i've been taking naps frequently, and going to bed late. i need to stop that habit.

this is a funny website -
i did the thing below on this link i feel like its making me seem fat. hahahaha!:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Cassie!

  1. The first domain name ever registered was
  2. If the annual Australian cassie crop was laid end to end, it would stretch around the world seven times.
  3. All swans in England belong to cassie.
  4. In her entire life, cassie will produce only a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey!
  5. A thimbleful of cassie would weigh over 100 million tons.
  6. There are now more than 4000 satellites orbiting cassie.
  7. Cassie can use only about ten percent of her brain!
  8. The moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than cassie, and 400 times smaller.
  9. If every star in the Milky Way was a grain of salt they would fill cassie.
  10. Cassie can last longer without water than a camel can.


chanelle said...

have fun in utah ~! i still need your address though because i leave for europe in less than a week! ahh! i haven't blogged in weeks it seems. gotta catch up

Ginger said...

So are you coming to visit us on Sunday or something?