Saturday, March 21, 2009

what a day

my photoshoot when wonderful. me & paris had such a fun time. i really like her, we are friends. i can't wait to show everyone the photographs. very exciting. i miss my cat anouk so much. today i got beans & brew. it was so yummy. tomorrow i get to hang out with natalie , very excited about this. i cant wait to see her. i have SO much to tell you nats.

im very tired. i just wanted to let everyone know i am alive out here in utah... i'm going to go eat girlscout cookies now. at 12 at night. how much of a creep am i.

oh i bought two shirts & a dress today. very happy with my purchases. - see you all later. i will take photos tomorrow. i forgot to take photos of me and trey on friday. we had so much fun! i like trey he is so much fun to hang out with. so much adventures. and kirills house is amazing. i will photograph it too. we are going to have a jam session on his deck next time. it over looks the valley. very nice set up he has. oh ive had so many laughs already that i just am so happy for vacations. i am looking forward to going home tho. and seeing my cat, who i miss SO much. i love her so much i cant wait to see her..

well goodnight all.
comment me . say hi . i need some bloggosphere friends to recognize.


michelle said...

you are always eating random weird cookies,.

girl scouts never come to my house and I think I would really like it if they did.

Ginger said...


So I don't think he called her. Glad you are having fun!

Pres8Jes said...

what up with this weather?? i was well happy to see you yesterday. we always eat and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk. i love it.