Monday, April 27, 2009

i have so much school ahead of my life. i can't even begin to explain it or show it or anything. oh man. it'll be worth it. but gosh i hope i don't miss out on things because of it. i hope i can still travel. i think i will go to humboldt for college. i just get a better feeling about going there rather than calpoly. just a new place, totally untouched. - by me of course. is school all i talk about? am i really boring on my blog? cause no one says much about what i post.. i need to get out more and take more photos..
i have been tho, just with my film camera. i have an old school flash that hooks up to my old cameras. that's really cool, i'm stoked on it. i haven't used it yet because i just haven't had the opportunity.

i really wish i had an accent. i'm good at faking them. but that's kinda awkward to do in real life. i need to go study for my political science exam tomorrow. not happy about it. i'm tired and lazy. i need to work out but all i want to do is eat ice cream. how bad is that. i'm also waiting for a call back, good terms at the moment. who knows how long that will last.. right? haha my life..
i've been writing some good things in my notes on facebook. maybe i should write them here so i'll be more interesting. but no one comes here, how come? blog is still my favorite. notes i've written on my facebook. i'm deleting my myspace this week, one less site.. hooray. and what the heck is twitter? i can't handle more. i have yoga tomorrow night.. really excited for it. now that my body has recovered from the last session. my wrists still hurt tho. i think i'll wrap them up before i go tomorrow.

oh man

i'm gonna go make nachos. oh my gosh. this is going to be awesome.


Ginger said...

You do have an accent. To a Mexican or a Texan.

AC Stokes said...

The quality and frequency of responses to writing doesn't make it any more or less interesting... I've almost deleted my Blogger every other day because no one cares. Then I just sort of stopped writing. At least you're writing. That's more than most can say. To comfort in it.

Ginger said...

Sometimes, the more deep or profound a blog post is, I am less inclined to comment because I don't even know what to say to that.