Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the fair comes this thursday - i am going to go to it on friday night with gabe sady . gabe sady is a good friend of mine, he likes ice cream just like i do. really crazy coincidence. my plan is ferris wheel, petting zoo & tent shops.
on saturday i have a wedding to shoot with lisa, there will be 240 people there i think is what she said. holy wow! this will be exauhsting; more for her than for me i bet. but then sunday i drive up to tahoe and go camping for a night and i am going to sleep in my car. i'm excited to do that. ive done it once and i got ambushed - no thanks to nick franco & kate you jerks.. ha ha ha aaaa

at the end of the month i want to go to San Luis Obispo for the 4th of july. also Ryan has an art show on the 3rd that i reaaaaaaaaaally want to go to so bad. ryan does amazing art. i wish he'd send some to me so i could show you all. just amazing. i think i'd only go for a couple of days. maybe 2nd -5th. who knows tho i need to plan it.

i miss my utah friends so bad these days. i wish i could be there to have some fun and hang out. my best friend paris just had a photoshoot with ryan muirhead and she is so beautiful it makes me happy. she is so great i miss her like .. like.. i can't think of an analogy right now. here is a photo from her shoot :

if i was as pretty as her i think i'd rule a world or two. but shes not just pretty outside shes pretty inside and thats why i like her. i need more friends like her . i've been making new friends lately. just a couple but i like it. i love new people. but i love my old people too i need to get in touch with them. like anthony , i wonder how his kittens are and the garden. maybe next week i'll drop by. i'm thinking outloud. or thinking via keyboard.

my neck and sides hurt. my hips are out of place i need to get them re-adjusted. i also need to work out my legs they are chunk nasty. i'd also like to hit up a pool wearing a bathing suit sometime soon geeze.. its been too cool to do that. 3 more days till summer hopefully it starts to FEEL that way.

here are some photos:

driving past the wagon train on hwy 50 on the way to the wedding last wednesday with lisa - it's the 60th anniversary. here's some fun info on that: hwy50 wagon train

& a view from west shore lake tahoe @ valhalla (the wedding location) .. BEAUTIFUL. its like i'm looking at tropical waters and beaches then i notice the snow covered mountains and big forest all around me. i live in a paradise.


Anonymous said...

geez that grrl paris sure does take some breathtaking photos i've seen some of her work with her man or what not very intriguing shit! but no i haven't done my little hartman line finder experiment yet but its definitely on my list of shit to do and i will DEFINITELY let you know how it goes. yeah , i tried to find you again and befriend you on myspace, but when it didn't work i decided i had to be your blogspot friend. my man is called jon aponte and he is a hip cat with a MC group called the smash brothas based out of ogden utah. he is super cool, has a whole room of records and the like. definitely my soul mate, i dreamt him up long before we ever met, and BOY did it trip me out when he came to life! wow! life is crazy synchronisitc. rain is all it does in salt lake these days, and i do love me some rain, but i would LOVE to rock some summer fashions instead of a damn hoody all summer, i'm sure you can understand. thanks for responding, keep it up!


Anonymous said...

also... i wanted to tell you that i am a libra also and i think that's really cool. i was born on oct. 14, 1986. i am a tiger, but my mom is a dragon and she's pretty much my favorite.


Melissa Lundquist said...

I love that series ryan did with paris.

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