Monday, June 29, 2009

ocean breeze

incense burning in my background. - just finished washing my car

my cat is lounging on her bed (my bed) there is that buzzing bug outside making a racket . i have 3 shipments to make this week - one to natalie and her by jack, one to my bagel tayler, and another to my pal kylee. however depending on my situation i might just wait to hand deliver the ones to my utah girls. we shall see about that.

my sweet little get away to tahoe was superb. i got a tan and now i have a "white bathing suit" as tiffany calls it. tomorrow i have a free day off and me & audra are going to our summer house "the lagoon" in coloma for a good old school day of tanning, eating Jo's food and swimming. it will be great and my "white bathing suit" will be very defined afterwards/ haha i would take a photo of it for you all but .. that would require me to be naked. but i do want to show the difference of before & after so i will get a photo of that somehow .


song of last week - (sorry i forgot to update) - BLOWIN' WAX - PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS

which reminds me = i'd really like to make my own mandala painting. and i need to finish all my paintings that i've started. the one for my aunt in hawaii , the one for ryan. sigh . i will get around to it sometime.

i want to go visit my soul sister & my aunt in hawaii this summer. i think i can swing it if i pay with my credit card. sweet! - okay shower time - ive got lemon juice in my hair . did i tell you i am trying to go blonde? its successful so far. i have been putting sun in & lemon juice in my hair and my roots are BLONDE. haha it looks funny because the rest of my hair is reddish blonde. i will be victorious one day ..

i wish i lived in utah , in my own house in the avenues or something. that would be so radical. i'll save up for that too i guess. i am going to make homes all around the world.
i miss my 2nd (or 3rd?) home : look at that pretty little place


Ginger said...

Are you moving back here?

michelle said...

ooooh yes. thievery corporation is the most wonderful.

Anonymous said...

GIRL!!! Do the bootie, take a picture of the bootie, or at least the back strap and the top of the bootie like the coppertone baby!

Paris Gibson said...

WTF! That comment was from me above I still am working out the kinks on this blog business!