Thursday, July 23, 2009

i lost a follower

i had 20. but one left. i dont know who it was, i didnt look. sorta sad. haha , anyhow here are some more photos from my camping trip to the lake out on the boat , photos curiosity of my sister. i was the flag holder for a bit by the way.

flag holder


the new move i learned while wakeboarding.. nosegrab..
just kidding. i cant go underwater with out plugging my nose so i was demonstrating

i live a great life . not a care in the world . i can have anything at this point .

my life is amazing. funny how summer time has to roll around for me to realize my opportunities, privledges, gifts , etc. my family is AWESOME - couldn't ask for a cooler more relaxed carefree hilarious family. the friends .. that i do have once in a while .. are great. (sad how it can't be consistent on their part.) i have the two greatest jobs i could have for a girl my age. i have friends for bosses. pluuuuuus my cat is adorable..

i am buying my d300 here pretty soon. and after that i think i'll save up for a telescope. i also want to move to england for a couple of months next year, maybe during summer. and i think instead of costa rica for christmas break i'll go to hawaii to visit my aunt & my soul sister nell. get some scuba & some 'summer' in during the winter. i'm real excited that my life is so free right now. i love knowing that i am on the right track. the right track can be hard to find sometimes. life doesnt make it easy. but when you find it its so good. just gotta work on keeping on it and make choices that dont feel funky. that keeps you straight.

i cant wait for utah.. oh myga! 6 more days what!


michelle said...

likes this.

chanelle said...

yes you're so right... the right track can be hard but when you find it... yum. and yes, hawaii would definitely work for me!

Pres8Jes said...

i cant wait either. you have to come visit my house. i think its my home finally. call me today or somthing.