Wednesday, July 29, 2009

utah .. 3:30 am

i leave for utah tomorrow morning 3:30am. i have two red suit cases packed. they aren't even filled to their potential so i either have to think of other stuff to bring or bring stuff home from utah to fill up the space. haha. i feel like i'm going to forget something and that feeling always sucks. oh well i hope i don't. i have to wear my knee high moccassins when i travel because they are my biggest shoes so putting them in a suitcase is really dumb because it takes up a ton of space. which i guess this trip wouldn't be bad since i was just saying how i have all this room.

tomorrow lilian is picking me up from the airport and we are going to provo to pick up my sandals from lianna. then me & lilian are dying our hair and i am giving her a manicure. then the entire state of utah is going to the galivan center for a band called sonic youth at 7.. i am not attending because a) i don't know the band b) i don't want to be hot c) i don't like HUGE insane crowds. /the mixutre of all 3 = not fun to me. so instead i plan on going over to my loke natalies to visit with her & her 2 kids and hopefully crash at her place. i can't wait to see and cuddle jack and see presley being all big-kid style. crazy!

this week i've been avoiding the shower and portraying a dirtbag. i just figure its so hot out that i'm going to get all icky again so why waste my time with a shower.\.. i've been running all over i feel. i'm really going to miss california. i already miss it and i'm not even gone yet. i'm gonna miss my family - i haven't seen them since sunday and they wont be home before i leave they are getting back friday. so i wont see them for two weeks. it sucks. and my cat.. aw my cat.. my little beetle angel precious. she was sitting on my suitcase this morning waiting for me to wake up.. she's gonna miss me so much. she's gonna be a year old in august. shes growin up so fast.. i love her so much my heart is happy.

i'm gonna hopefully get some good photos this trip. lil has a camera. and sam does too. that i'm hoping to borrow.. and i just called sam to make sure he asks his momma if we can go have dinner on sunday! i'm so excited to see his family.. aw


cult classic said...

these 3 songs on your profile are hella good. my dad is coming up in a couple weeks we should try to cordinate for you to get your ass up here. you no you want to see francesco!!

Pres8Jes said...

i was so grateful to see you last night! come again come again. next week when i get back and before you go!