Tuesday, July 14, 2009


16 DAYS!
who am i seeing? what are my plans? i feel like writing them down so i can get a handle on them better.
day 1 - lilian and erynn pick me up at 11 hundred hours AM. we play all day. sam comes home around 5. i get dropped off to stay on his couch for 3 or 4 days.
aug 1 - mini tubing session down provo river
sunday aug 2nd - tryin to get sam to let me come to dinner at his mommas house with his family.. i miss his sweet family and his mommas food! next stop joannas, HER BED IS SO COMFY i am so excited to stay with her and see her!
tuesday aug 4 - jake garn shoot with lilian part2. aug 5 issac rush (krush) photo shoot.. with lilian also!! pt3.
aug 6 - what will happen? find out soon..
saturday aug8 -tubing down provo river with a big big group of people! that will be fun.

and all the inbetween stuff isn't planned. i want to hang out with my loke whenever she has the time. my photoshoots don't last all day, most are in the evenings i think. so my days are free so i gotta be productive. last time i was in utah i sat around a lot for some reason. i got lazy.. haha.

i've made a total of 6 earrings so far. tonight and tomorrow i am going to make more. i have a day off tomorrow and im gonna relax. well deserved relax day. i've gotten so tan. my tan lines are very bold. i am going tanning/swimming/frozen yogurt eatting with audra on saturday. she just got a new pet snake that i am dying to go visit. his name is sid and i cant wait to pet him and hold him. i love snakes. i love my anouk tho shes the best pet ever. she finally slept in today. she always wakes around 5:30, but today i woke her up at 8 and she was grumpy.. hahah . i had to get her out of a tree last night i think thats why she was tired. here is a photo of my ring tan lines on my fingers. this photograph doesnt quite get my point across.

where did all my bloggers go? say hi or somethin , sheesh

July Meteor Shower Schedule
Shower Name Start Date Max Date End Date
Piscis Austrinids July 15 July 28 August 10
South. δ-Aquariids July 12 July 28 August 19
α-Capricornids July 3 July 30 August 15
Perseids July 17 August 12 August 24


Cantaloupeisland said...

Uh... HI! :-D

I'm unsure if I have seen a meteor shower before. Coolness.
By the way, I am almost done you picture. I just need to add some watercolor and the first one should be done. ;-)

Ginger said...

Are you visiting us?

chanelle said...

i have some bold tan lines too now. i beach it a lot! i can't wait to see your photoshoot pictures. i hope you get my letter soon!