Monday, September 28, 2009

grateful dead

today i spent a bit downloading some grateful albums. i had none on my ipod and that is not okay. i have a couple but i need them all to be satisfied. sunshine day dream -

i have a big ol package to send to Pat, Katie & Talan. its full of baby clothes & a baby carrier backpack thing. & some other goodies too.. Talan is so cute, it'll be cool to see him get older and create his personality. i hope they like the stuff i am sending.

i also REALLY need to finish the frame on Olivia's painting.. so i can send it to her. I've been so busy that i haven't had time to touch my oil paints. it sucks. I can't wait until winter cause that will be prime painting time i hope. & i need to do something to my owl.. he's too boring. I was thinking of making him into 3D art somehow.
When i was at Silver Lake i collected a bunch of moss on the ground to use in a project. I just had a feeling i would need moss, so i have a bunch saved in a big ziplock. We'll see what i do with it.

i got the main part of my costume today.. i am keeping my halloween costume a secret until i can't keep it secret anymore. i'm really excited about what i'm going to be tho. i think i can make it look really good.


Ruta said...

aww i need to go download some music as well. lol. i have a long list of things that i want

Valencia Lia said...

Awww,Talan is really so so adorable !!

And it looks like you have quite a few projects on hand :)
Please do give a hint of your halloween costume. So exciting !

Rand said...

in need of new music too
love the bay pic(L)

Lisa said...

The grateful dead cass, awesome-

That song by the way is called sugar magnolia and is a great one to choose!
We have lots of it around here!

Anonymous said...

the baby is sooo adorable...