Sunday, October 4, 2009

21st birthday brews ~

my first legal brew : harvest hefeweizen - superb.

i am 21 now ! happy october 4th birthday to me a very happy legal girl for the rest of her days.


michelle said...

oh these are very happy birthday pictures. and your harvest heffy looks good
happy birthday girl

Lisa said...

love love love it!

Cantaloupeisland said...

haha, cute pics. :-)
That stuff looks interesting. Kinda looks like orange juice or something.
Congrats on being legal now. :-D

Kendra said...

Happy birthday, thats so exciting :)

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhh,Happy 21st Birthday again girl !! Yeahh,for your 1st legal brew and you look beautiful:)

Re:Awww,you're idea for the next giveaway is so adorable. I'll think about it:)

Really excited to see your new photos with your NEW camera !! You will have lots of fun with it and snap more photos:)

Yeaaa,and Jedd has a book out too?Wow,awesome!

Yeaa,I'm serious on sending you a present. heeeee My birthday has passed,its on 6th May<3

Are the rings really kinda pricey ?? I'm still on a shopping ban so I do have a budget on how much I can spend.
Or maybe I'll just buy the ones that you're going to put up soon <3 <3

nepu said...

happy birthday !
u're sooooo cute girlll

Victoria-H said...

Yes ! Neutral milk hotel are the best- LOVE their music !! :D
Oh Happy belated b-day !! Yey, I just had my b-day too !! hihi cool !
so where in northern cali do u live?
take care