Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween..

i'm in utah.. thats why i havent updated in a couple days. its been fun but i feel so behind in my one photo a day! but i've been faithful and i have taken one photo a day and i have them locked on my camera so i can post them up later. i was going to load them up here in utah but i forgot my camera battery charger in california !!! so i have to be really sparing with keeping my camera on. i was so upset.. i knew i was forgetting something.

its been really fun so far but really cold. i went to my first bar last night and it was really funny. its not really my thing at all tho so i doubt i'll be heading back to a bar anytime soon. but the bar tender gave me a free drink - a longisland icetea because it was my first time at the bar and i am freshly 21. it was really cool of him it made my night. my first drink was an AMF .. it was bright blue. it was tart and sorta sweet. i'm not much of a drinker.
i am updating my costume a bit because im not fully satisfied with it. i hope it turns out fine. okay well .. happy halloween everyone..
cant wait to post up photos . i also miss my anouk so bad


Ginger said...

You're so funny. Too bad it was more of a bar experience and less of a fashion show experience the way it was intended to be for us! But it's true. Not my thing either.

Rand said...

lol i gigggled at your bar story:)
x i hate forgetting things too why dont you buy a new one?

Valencia Lia said...

You're so funny !! Ohhh nooo,I'm behind your your posts again!

Apologies:) And forgetting the battery charger happens to me too and I hate it. heeee

Ohhh girl,we got to plan the giveaway <3

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