Saturday, October 24, 2009

onephotoaday + costume addition

these are my costume shoes . they are a pair of plain black maryjane heels and i painted them gold. and i am going to put fringe on them.. i should have taken a before/after photo. but i didn't because i didn't think of it. but these are the shoes so far.. i never wear heels because it hurts my back as well as my feet. i have scoliosis so its not really good for me to wear heels but since its halloween i figured i could whip up a pair of my old heels into something neat. and when i get over wearing heels i'll just throw on my good ol moccasins..
but i think the gold paint turned out pretty rad. i am going to pain the heel too , just after the rest dries. i can't wait for the finished result. i also can't wait to show everyone what i am going to be for halloween.. my very last accessory should be here monday or tuesday.. i am so excited to wear my costume.

so today is day #1 of my onephotoaday test i gave myself for 30 days. here is the photo i took for day #1.. i'm not very creative today.. i've been doing math homework. but this is my pride and joy:

i have more books than that, but the are bigger or stacked up on my floor. but those are some very good books let me tell you. if you ever need a book recommendation i'm your girl. some of those i just got from my mom so i haven't read them yet. but i love my little bookshelf.. and all my trinkets and decorations. you guys should see my room, if you haven't already. its the best if i do say so myself.


Ginger said...

I love the shoes! I really wanted to dress up this year but then I would be all dressed up with nowhere to go. :(

jasmine szetela said...

the shoes turned out great!

jade said...

i love books.

Lisa said...

I think your shoe photo should be your first one photo a day....

Valencia Lia said...

I'm in huge love with those gold heels !! And the color really turned out awesome !

I have flat feet so I try to stay away from heels sometimes. heeee
And yeahhh,halloween is coming soon :)

And I adore adore the bookshelf you have. Reading is so much fun and so good.

So recommend me books ! I need to read new books now.

Re:You should do a vlog soon! Its always really fun to see another blogger talking and its feels more personal.
Can't wait to see your headband too. It will sure look awesome on you<3 <3

Those kids on the photos are actually the mini car's store boss kids. So adorable huh. heeee

Yes yes,we have tropical weather here all year round. :((
I'm more of a winter girl ! hahaha I love both the sun and the cold,but cold weather is really what I love !

But we could both be summer gypsies !