Saturday, November 14, 2009


my 4 new tops arrived today. very very very pleased with all of them . i am so happy to have some new to my wardrobe. tonight i might make the time to take in my new velvet dress so that it fits me. & tomorrow i am going shopping with my mom and sister. i am on a mission for some boots and some leggings. thats all i really need.. maybe some jeans but thats a long shot because jeans never fit me. i have so many clothes. i don't even wear half of them and i should. i need to start mixing it up and wearing all of my things. does anyone else do that with their stuff or am i the only one? seems like i'm the only one.. sheesh

the only cool thing i have to show you all today is that i've almost filled my wall with pictures. the whale painting isn't going to stay there because i am going to give it away eventually since i painted it. but i love my collection. i didn't get everything in on this photo but this is the main idea. i'm pleased with it. i also have other wall art just not all isolated to this wall. the other day i found two really awesome octagon framed pieces.. they are so cool. i photographed them too. i also photographed my little tribute to the cat loves in my life.. hahaha

the top left painting was done by my grandpa serge as well as the other painting 3rd down from the top on the right. the whale painting was done by me.. and between the butterfly and the elephant is a photograph sam took of salt lake city at night. the rest are all just great finds.. love them so much!

new pieces, 3d

cats.. top left is naomi(rip), then anouk my precious baby.
then bottom left is duece and lucky.. i love cats. such good times


Jenna said...

I love this wall I love this wall I love this wall!!!!!!
I want a wall like this in my home when I get my own.
I miss you so much, I wish I could come see you right meowww!

Rand said...

oh my days can i have all these paintings!!very creative grandpa you have!:)

Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful beautiful wall you have and I really love love all the photos you've taken:)

And its always nice to have new clothes in your closet! Mine is expanding too fast now. oops!