Tuesday, November 17, 2009

new top .. & the BAND.

remember when i did the polyvore clothing collage? and i bought that lace bustier ? well here it is.. i love it. especially with sweatpants yes? hahaha sorry.. i wasnt about to change out of those.. they are new. and we all know that new sweatpants and sweaters are ultra soft. so you get the idea.

i need to get some action shots of me wearing my clothes.. i always do shots like this .. im just laaazy and booooooring. so this stuff will suffice. any how.. here is a great song. i hope this video does it justice.. i dont have sound on my computer yet so i dont know how this sounds but i hope you all like it.. it is an amazing song. and i am in looove with robbie robertson (this version of him.. 70s version..)

this is my song of the week. it makes me happy.. makes me think of the beat and the groove. takes my mind off the bad. it is the song. and i love all their music. i would have LOVED to see the last waltz live.. damn


Jenna said...

I love it, I am so glad you ended up buying it!

Colin Roe said...

thats one hot top.

Ruta said...

oo that is gorgeous. i love it.

Valencia Lia said...

So happy you got such a beautiful top!!

I really love it so much:)

Annie said...

o my gosh cassie... the weight? It's my FAVE! I am pretty sure Robi wrote it for me!

Tink in My Closet said...

Gorgeous Bustier!