Monday, November 30, 2009

quick draw kiddos christmas list 2009

- the dvd wall-e
- a baby chinchilla - cage and accessories included
- 4x6 picture frames that look neat
- nikon 105mm f/2.8 vr
- nikon sb 800 flash
- some r e s p e c t
- ipod touch NOW please!
- a new soft blanket for my bed
- some books.. i'll get back to elaborate on this later
- the dvd ratatouille .. want this sooo bad

i think that is all. all i can think of right now.


Jenna said...

"be jealous. do it! i said be jealous!" ahahahhaha.

grow up.

Panda said...

Hahah! Chinchila?! thats random =) I'm english, in reply to your comment.
Panda XX

Jake said...

sb800 on craigslist! thats the way to go..i got mine for 200..
don't buy new, unless of course its a christmas present, then i guess it doesnt matter hah
just throwin that out there.

Little Paynes said...

we miss you too and we missed you in Hawaii. I had my hands full. Next time I go, I will buy your ticket and accommodations if you'll come and help me out and take beautiful photos!!!

also we have both Wall-e and ratatouille, but I don't have any way to burn them....but I will check out costco for you. are you coming for christmas or the new year?
love love love
a and the little paynes