Friday, November 20, 2009

san jose

so im here at the hotel in san jose. tomorrow lisa & i have a wedding that goes all day.. its gonna be a really busy non-stop day. it wears me out and i zone out the entire time and only listen to lisas voice pretty much. i can't really be creative when i am rushed around. i don't know how lisa does it.
i wish i could get some photos of san jose, its kinda pretty in some places. i like the city vibe a lot. it makes me miss salt lake. i wish salt lake wasn't 11 hours away.. i wish it was as close as san jose is. ahhh i'll never be satisfied. i want to go to new york with jenna next year. i've always wanted to go to new york but ive never had anyone who would/could go with me. i can't wait to move. im not moving to new york. but i just cant wait to get out of this area.. i've said that a lot. but gosh i am super tired of the same thing over and over again. i don't know where to move tho. i'm so torn between all these places. plus there is the job factor, and right now jobs are hard to come by. annoying.

i really want some pizza right now. and some dessert. i forgot about dinner tonight. i could have gone out and gotten something by my self but im kind of a fraidy cat when it comes to walking around in the big city that ive never been to by myself and where i dont know anyone. that seems pretty logical and fair right/? gee.z

i dont have photos to post in this blog. i think i am too boring for blogging. no one reads my life. sorry guys. i'll try to be more exciting.. well next week one of my bes frens jackie is coming home. so we are going to hang out and hooooopefully go see tiffany for a bit up in tahoe at some point. i'm excited to see my friends. i never ever get to see friends really.. because of school and work. and everyone lives far away.

i'm watching mean girls. weird movie. but some pretty good moral whatevers in here. i cant wait until my hair is all grown out and natural! oh my gooosh. how much longer do i have to endure this!


Jenna said...

Um yes of course New York next year :)
You were also craving popcorn last night in case you forgot...ahahah. lovveee you!

yiqin; said...

Mean girls is sucha great movie to watch <3

Lisa said...

How do I do it Cass? Well, definitely some experience is involved, but by focusing on the details, on anticipating what is needed next, you become engaged in the process. The energy comes from that constant pursuit. I hate to hear "zoning out". You have shown in so many ways the ability to just get it done and knowing that you have my back REALLY helps- so thank you! When you keep your mind present, you learn how to think (and be creative) in the moment.

MARISA said...

aw i think your blog is interesting!

i thought the pics in your last post were seriously sweet

Valencia Lia said...

Re:so so happy that you're back girl!!

Wooohooo,and the cookies ! I will try to send you some yeaa:) Just hope it doesn't crush all on the way there<3 heeee