Monday, November 16, 2009

took this from caits blog..

here is caitlyn _ here

No limits. From any time period whatsoever, dead or alive, currently single or married. Reblog with your 5 celebrity choices in each category.

5 celebrities you’d marry/date.

1. prince harry
2. robbie robertson (70s version, in the last waltz)
3. edward norton

4. brad pitt okay. early years.

5. gabriel aubry.. ahem..

5 celebrities you want to be best friends with.

1. audrey tautou
2. natalie portman
3. ashley olsen

4. keira knightley
5. lauren bacall

5 celebrities you’d knock off the face of the earth.

1. miley "shut the hell up" cyrus

2. lil "absolutely disgusting & annoying" wayne
3. can peta count?
4. nancy "idiot" peloci

5. lindsay "dumpster" lohan


Jenna said...

Bahahahha Miley "shut the hell up" Cyrus. Bahahah I just did a post on Lindsay Lohan on my other fashion
I have yet to announce that it exists. But I will..soon.

michelle said...

PETA - agreed.
its all about whos who
no one actually gives a F.

Tink in My Closet said...

This made me giggle.. I'd have to agree with lil wayne...