Wednesday, November 4, 2009

totally slacking

okay so i didnt take a photo for yesterday nor did i take one for today. i think i gave up on one photo a day . i only got 11 days. oh well. too much work to my already too-much-work life.
i'm quite sick. i feel like my head isn't actually attached to the rest of my body. i've been working on a puzzle all day because it's just about the only thing i can do. i tried doing homework.. fail. being on the computer hurts my eyes.. but i am enduring it so that i can blog real quick. reading .. yeah right my eyes can't focus long enough. so yeah i've resorted to a fresh new charles wysocki puzzle. its sort of fall themed so i feel alright putting it together. i don't feel like i'm being a total slug. even tho i basically am.

i didn't go to class today and i don't think i'll go tomorrow. i hope my grades dont slap me in my face. but i just cant even imagine trying to be around people and take in information. i have to blow my nose often and i sound like a swamp thing.

i miss utah. i miss sam. i miss guillermo. i am back to feeling torn between these two places. i am back in limbo and quite unsure what to do about it. why can't this be easy ..

i need to buy some new boots.. i have my eye on a pair. big time.


Cantaloupeisland said...

Sorry to hear your sick Cassie. Sounds like a rough go of it.
Here's hoping things look better tomorrow. ;-)

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhh no you're sick !! Do take care love and rest more Cassie:)

Recover soon and don't worry about school. I know you'll catch up just fine <3

Ginger said...

Those pictures of my dad were cute, huh. If you watch the video you can see where he starts to smile. He deserves it. So how are you feeling?