Monday, December 14, 2009


going to eat chinese food tonight for alex's birthday. then back to my house for yumyum cake.
i stayed in bed 45 minutes past my alarm. completely out of my character.

tomorrow is my first final - geography. that'll be easy. then wednesday is my history final. umm not so easy. then voila all done with fall term and begin winter break. only 15 days until utah. i can't wait to be in utah.. so many fun things going on. i have 4 photoshoots thus far.. jake garn, evelyn eslava, ryan muirhead & mikenna rae. i'm sooo excited for all of those.

i did my first ever painting of a person yesterday. i did it of myself because i didn't want to butcher anyone elses face in case it turned out that i sucked at painting people.

im hungry. i've been doing yoga here and there lately.
i need some new boots/heels. just to be sexy on some days. i want these:


Valencia Lia said...

Hey girl !! Of course I've not forgotten you of course ! heeee

So happy you're back! Always love Chinese food and the painting you did is so stunning!

Ohhh yeaa,you've got the earrings for the giveaway already? Fill me in with the details <3

Nerdic.. said...

The boots in the picture are great.
Nice painting too.
X, fashionnerdic

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

wow awesome painting, you are so talented!

Victoria-H said...

Railroad Earth are so cool, love their banjo !! Yaa, maybe I should go, don't think I'm doing anything that night !! I'll let yaaa know if I come :D
Good luck on your finals !

Annie said...

We can't wait for you to get here too! Are you bringing your camera? Have a huge favor to ask. The thing is I do not have any pictures of me with my kids, 'cause I am always taking the photos... I am wondering if you would come and take pics with me and my kids. And make the pics all cool and art-y like you do, everything! Too much?

Jenna said...

I loove that last picture. And I wand you to do a portrait of ME!!! me. me. me.
:) 14.