Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i need these this winter.

a camera backpack would be so perfect. geez. ahh. i also need a 800 flash. and some more lenses. i'm so needy. i wish i could take good photos with my nikon tho. i have a nikon d300s and a 50mm 1.4. yet i can't take a clear nice photo. i'm going to start blaming my camera soon. because i refuse to believe that i might just SUCK at taking photos. makes me sad.

annnd those look yummy. yeah i like to stay warm and dry okay? since i can't wear red clothing i like to get red shoes. or bits of red on my shoes.

i think its weird that i hate the color pink (hate it) and my favorite purse that i own .. is pink. i dont know how that works. i just dont view it as a real pink color i guess.

i posted some new things in my shop:
etsy - cinnamonnymph
check it out - get a little somethin for someone for christmas. spread the wooord ! :)


Ruta said...

Oh I love that hat and those boots. They're so wonderful and they look really warm.

Cantaloupeisland said...

My brother has been wanting a pack like that for all his camera stuff too. Apparently there not to be missed...

stephanie said...

my dad wants a hat like that for some reaosn.. its odd.