Thursday, December 17, 2009

might make me a nerd..

but ever since i saw 2009 startrek.. i am in love with spock.

this old one is rad.. but the new one is too. i'm a little irritated that i cant find the new spock with the vulcan hand sign thing.. what the heck is that all about?

i know that everyone is in love with zachary quinto these days. but i like SPOCK. spock is so rad. i need to start watching the old school startrek. i bet i'd dig it. is anyone thinking i am lame for writing a blog post about this? it doesnt even matter. i like cool movies.
and yeah. i'm excited to see avatar.. in utah in the imax 3d
i was listening to npr on my way to school & the language the avatars speak is actually a real language.. that was made up by a professor of linguistics. so its like serious stuff. which is pretty neat that someone can make up a plausible actual language.

i bought a black velvet dress at the thrift store today .. i am going to alter it and make it awesome. i still have to finish my maroon velvet dress. i will eventually. at least before i go to utah.

well i have to go make some custom ordered feather earrings!! (yay this will be my 3rd earring sale!) .. check out my site for the goods!
cinnamonnymph @ etsy


Cantaloupeisland said...

I am impressed by your enterprising buisness you have got going. :-) (and enterprising was not intented to be a pun).

Spock is cool, I dig the original Spock more than the new guy though. It's retro and vintage. :-D

Plus, Shatner is great for mimicking his voice. haha

Cantaloupeisland said...

on a side note, what is a nerd? Isn't it a classification of someone who likes a specific thing? If so i guess everyone is a nerd. bah haha.

Em said...

HAHA Spock. Thats awesome. Im going to see avatar tomorrow with derek. we are pretty stoked:)

Ginger said...

Haha. Whatever floats your boat. (:

Carapace said...

Star Trek--old, Kirk-and-Spock Trek-- is definitionally cool. You only add to your cool by accepting this and sharing in the fun. You are missing out on a vital part of American culture if you haven't seen, at least, Amok Time. Which happens to have a lot of Spock in it. Just sayin'.;)