Wednesday, January 27, 2010

planetEarth snowboarding pants & a brazilet

basically thats whats up right now.
i went to the thriftstore and found these snowboarding pants.. brand new, my favorite color.. i tried them on. they fit. i bought them for $1 . i come home and decide to google the brand "Planet Earth" and low-&-behold.. the original cost of these babies is $170!!!! I JUST WON! i was sooo happy. they fit me so perfect. even tho i don't snowboard anymore i decided to give it another shot. i have a snowboard/boots already and now i have pants & gloves all i need is a new jacket. woo! so pleased you guys. here they are, i even posed really 'cool' too. just to show my excitement. hahaha i texted this photo to gabe while he was in class (he is the one who is going to re-teach me snowboarding) and he replied back with "hahahahahaha thank you for making my boring class hilarious, those will do just fine!"

and then i got my black brazilet in the mail at the beginning of this week. love it, i hardly notice its on me and i just .. really love black. i'm soo boring. but whatever, go get one for yourself!

here is one of my outfits in sanfrancisco.. love that peacoat , goes just above the knees. its my friend megs.. she is the queen of the peacoat. i love her. i let her wear my leather jacket... totally out of her element because she is so feminine but she looked bangin in it ! woooooo go meg!

then here i am with a real fur russian type hat .. i wanted it soooo bad. i don't really mind about the whole "real fur" thing that everyone gets all hyped up about. i mean its already a hat so what can i do? i own a coat with real fur on it.. are you going to kill me? i know its mean and all but dang, its soft and its sitting there in front of me. although i would much rather have the animal alive as my pet. is that mean too?

then this is for valencia ! i saw this street sign in sanfrancisco so i had to take it for you! haha , i 'll get a better one with my nikon next time..

wellllllllllll , i am pleased. my day was good today thanks to those pants! i win ! i'll be back to blogging regularly this weekend. i hope all my followers come back and read my blog .. dont forget about me.


Valencia Lia said...

Hey gorgeous !!

Woooo,I just saw your comment! Awwww,you're so so sweet. I'm going to save that photo now in my laptop,so sweet of you that you thought of me. Heeee

I'm so sorry too that I've been away from your blog,my workload is really killing me! And now that I've tendered,the last month here is like HELL!!

Its hard to keep up with my comments and other blogs too:(

Ohh yes,yayy you got your brazilet! I too have mine in Mango but I want to get more soon and make more wishes.

Big hugssss I miss you LOADS!

daisychain said...

you are beautiful

Jenna said...

I love Sufjan Stevens!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite songs by him. Amazing. You look good woman, I'm jealous you got those for one dollar..

daisymay said...

You look awesome. That Valencia sign is brill, you'd have a challenge to find my name!! Chantele! hehe!