Sunday, June 29, 2008

i'm hungry

i get so bored sitting at home all the time. i get home from watching theo & mary jane and then...
i do NOTHING. now that i have cable tv & internet, i will most likely become fat or something.

i'm going back to California on July 30th and driving to Huntington Beach on august 1st & staying there till the 5th. and then i'm flying back on the 7th. me tiffany &jackie are driving. little road trip. they always make me drive. i'm the better driver out of us three.
i'm on the phone with trey right now.


Ginger said...

You are taking Sammy away at Thanksgiving?

You could never get fat.

stephanie said...

i make millions of faces.

only when im drinking though, and I havent for a while.

But I see what you are saying.

Michelle said...

oh shoots its like somethin like go to Layout then Edit html then where it says

body {
background-image: url(PUT YOUR URL THAT YOUWANT HERE);

you have to save it then you can go to Fonts and Colors and change those.

Id like to go to Socal. its too stormy up here. im a hermit some days too.