Thursday, April 30, 2009

camera phone photos - in love

anouk only a day or two after getting her. so little.
& she still does that to me.

me & presley on one of our days we had together
my little friend. i miss her

anouk wuvs me...

this is me.
when i went to the private airport & planes take off & land...
with an illegally picked california poppy in my hair.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what makes me happy?

i have no idea.

maybe ...

driving by myself.
being with and around people who don't pick at me or on me.
people who care and are considerate of my life , my time & my expectations.
umm, days when i can wear shorts.
having money with out worry of not.
candles , - warm rooms filled with aromas.
my bed. mismatched and plush.
unique and sincere compliments.

a friend .

Monday, April 27, 2009

i have so much school ahead of my life. i can't even begin to explain it or show it or anything. oh man. it'll be worth it. but gosh i hope i don't miss out on things because of it. i hope i can still travel. i think i will go to humboldt for college. i just get a better feeling about going there rather than calpoly. just a new place, totally untouched. - by me of course. is school all i talk about? am i really boring on my blog? cause no one says much about what i post.. i need to get out more and take more photos..
i have been tho, just with my film camera. i have an old school flash that hooks up to my old cameras. that's really cool, i'm stoked on it. i haven't used it yet because i just haven't had the opportunity.

i really wish i had an accent. i'm good at faking them. but that's kinda awkward to do in real life. i need to go study for my political science exam tomorrow. not happy about it. i'm tired and lazy. i need to work out but all i want to do is eat ice cream. how bad is that. i'm also waiting for a call back, good terms at the moment. who knows how long that will last.. right? haha my life..
i've been writing some good things in my notes on facebook. maybe i should write them here so i'll be more interesting. but no one comes here, how come? blog is still my favorite. notes i've written on my facebook. i'm deleting my myspace this week, one less site.. hooray. and what the heck is twitter? i can't handle more. i have yoga tomorrow night.. really excited for it. now that my body has recovered from the last session. my wrists still hurt tho. i think i'll wrap them up before i go tomorrow.

oh man

i'm gonna go make nachos. oh my gosh. this is going to be awesome.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

about ME!

about me. does anyone know much about me here? besides the obvious stuff i post about. i don't really give any details or anything. i guess maybe i can talk about myself and tell you guys who i am and what i do. even tho a lot of you already know who i am - i'm cassie. lets start somewhere..

well. hi all - friends and strangers. lurkers and creepers. family - (hi mom!). lokes & jokes. welcome to my blogosphere. most people don't know much about me. i tend to keep it to myself besides what i spill out onto my blog from time to time. i can start with the basics and then get into the complicated parts then stumble awkwardly into some random tidbits. it'll be a fun adventure. i promise.

*um. first. i am 20. only 20. pretty young, when i feel so old. i am 5'2. 98 lbs. pretty dang healthy mind you besides my diet of strictly cookies and anything sweet... ahem.
*i am a full time student with a major in Bio-Science.
*i am a photographers assistant & i love my job. i work for a local photographer lisa richmond. not only do i do things behind the camera but i also do quite a bit in front of the camera -
*i model. yes a 5'2 girl can model believe it. i come across tall in photos i suppose.
*i live in one of the most beautiful places on earth: California. i live in the northern part of california & i'm right between South Lake Tahoe & Sacramento actually i live where gold was discovered!
* i live at home with my parents again.. i don't mind it. i love my family and hey .. having dinner ready on the table every night.. not so bad either.
* i lived in utah for 7 months in 2008. Salt Lake City. it was an experience, i had a lot of fun. it made me want to live in many different places, so i plan on doing so.
* i have a seriously bad case of wanderlust. as much as i am a homebody i am constantly itching to move around and see things and travel to places.
*i love to drive. people love me to drive. i am a great driver. this i imagine ties into my wanderlust. [moving.. traveling.. you get the idea]
* i have a '98 subaru outback that i bought myself. its my baby and i love it. however i do want a brand new subaru outback.. but shh do not tell my car or it will probably die on me. again.
* i'm quite simplistic. i don't need much to be happy. i don't need the latest trends or the newest things to be fine with life. as long as what i have works and doesn't fall apart i'm good.
* i am an organizational clean freak. with MY things. i don't care if your stuff is a mess but when it comes to me - watch out.
* i am very fond of miniature things. tiny sea shells, little buttons, beans, little boxes. it might be a complex that has to do with my height.
* which brings me to say that regardless of my height i am not one to be messed with. i can have a bad attitude and i am very quick with comebacks and witty remarks. it takes a ton to make me cry [or it can take one silly little thing..]
* i am afraid of nothing. literally. nothing scares me. some things can surprise me or make me uncomfortable. but i'm never scared.
* said things that make me uncomfortable : thunder, water towers, long nails on boys & food that might be spicy.
* i am always right. i am a sore loser. & i admit when i'm wrong (which is. like. never... ahem)
* i've only had one serious boyfriend in my life and yikes.. i was stupid.
* my favorite color is turquoise, but really i love all colors and can't pick a true favorite.
* i like to wear black. it doesnt mean i am gothic. it just looks good.
* my eyes are quite green. but come across other colors all the time. they are always green tho.
* i get compliments on my teeth A LOT.
* i am a bio-science major like i mentioned. i plan to become a naturopathic doctor. as well as.. get ready for this.. a cranalsacral therapist, an orthobionomist, a master herbologist and a massage therapist. voila!
* oh yeah, i am french. born in france. i have duel citizenship. my dad is french. my brother was french ..
* but he joined the army and had to renounce his citizenship with france. so now he's just american. his name is zac and hes my best friend. he is 22 & is currently in afghanistan in the army intelligence. i've said too much already... kidding.
* i can't speak fluent because we moved here when i was little & life got too busy with a family of 6 too teach all of the kids both languages. bummer for me.. i already know.
* i have 2 brothers and one sister. zac the oldest, me the second, miranda who is 15 and brogan who is 12. i have two fake brothers named brent who is 22 & alex who is 15. brent is my brothers best friend since i was tiny & alex is my sisters best friend since birth. i treat them as i would my blood siblings... you know how that goes.
* i am an "aroma therapy girl" as my mom calls me. it means i am all about the smells. i feel that the right smell can ease some ones life. candles and insense are essential. even goods being baked in the kitchen are necessary... invest in my belief of smells being a cure. spend some time on it. my favorites are vanilla (who doesnt love vanilla) and my all time favorite candle napa valley harvest.
* i love all foods. except the following: artichokes, anything spicy [i mean anything, can't even be pepper], soda, onions & sea urchin. everything else .. bring it on at me. im ready
* i am not good at math. i want to be. so i'll tell myself i am. {but i'm not}
* i am a cold blooded creature.. i get cold really easy & snow is not my element. no no no. i like to look at snow but being in it is a leap. i am a warmth person. but i can handle snow i suppose. i just need the right gear. lots of it.
* i don't work out or eat that healthy. i try to eat good. i have very good self discipline. but exercise?... thats asking a bit much. just kidding, i wish i could run & bike & swim. but man thats hard to work up too.
* i get along really well with just about anyone. i'm just a very good genuine person. i suppose that's why. when asked do i get along better with girls or boys.. i can't answer i just get along. simple as that. with out any fakey or buttkissing involved.
* oh yeah, i don't put on a mask to please others. your gettin what you're seein. if you don't like it YOU can leave.. no one is keeping you here.
* i don't like people who complain... yet i am probably the biggest complainer. SORRY!
* i give great advice that always benefits people. i can dish it out but taking my own? yeah right.

* i love blogging. i love meeting new people. i love friends. i love people (most of the time) and i love to read and watch other peoples lives. they fascinate me. i'm not a creep.

* i'm a joker. i'm sarcastic. i like to make people laugh. i just like to be happy.. [doesn't mean i always am. i can be a downer and a whiner. sorry, again. ah]

* i like photographs & taking them. i own three old cameras. an olympus from the 80s, a dacoramatic .. super weird. & one that i can't remember the name of because my grandpa just gave it to me.


what is the difference between concern & worry? let me illustrate. every time i cross the traffic-jammed streets of new york, i am concerned about what i am doing - but not worried. concern means realizing what the problems are and calmly taking the steps to meet them. worrying means going around in maddening, futile circles.

grant me the serenity
to accept the things i cannot change,
the courage to change the things i can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Monday, April 13, 2009

parted in the middle

today i went back to school .. it was hard. i was so tired. ah. too much to deal with. but i got through it. now i am procrastinating. again. i used to be good at not doing that but it gets worse with time & school. ryan is way worse at it than i am. so much worse. it makes me laugh and also feel a bit bad. tonight he has to draw 10 things he wants to one day paint. so i helped him come up with things. the things i came up with were:

x- infinity
x- me
x- harbor
x- a bookshelf
x- paper scattered, different colors & bends
x- an empty but interesting dessert
x- a churro?
x- a close up of a key on the keyboard, maybe the letter G
x- birds flying against the wind
x- shiny metal tools on a silver tray

i have three candles going. one is a napa valley harvest candle - i've had it for 7 years and it is still not even close to being done. I LOVE IT. it smells like perfect, just lovely. i am also buring a deep dark purple gardenia & a brand new light blue sea spray scented candle. i love aromas.

well bloggers. come out and play. i need some friends over here in my comments and things. is it because i dont say hi enough?

Friday, April 10, 2009

home -

here i am back home . its nice. its like i never left which is always so weird. my cat is all over me she missed me so much. i love her..

so it was a fun trip. parts. we went to the mystery spot yesterday. it was very cool - google it then go to santa cruz & go to it. but its so pretty around there. so green. bri's hut is up past it and its so cool. totally round & strange and all solar powered. its an interesting way to live.

san luis was BEAUTIFUL. oh my gosh. it was so green and just amazing. i wish i had a camera that could have taken photographs of it.. but i didn't . looks like i'll just have to go back.. at first i really wasn't that into slo. i mean i thought it was beautiful and thats that but i actually really love it. i like how there is stuff to do but its just chill, its not all crazy & busy. its just a focused town. i was thinking of going to cal poly (if at all possible) to get my bachelors. next year of course. i just got my camera working today which sucks. i wish i could have taken photos along the trip. i hope it works this time. ryan showed me how to do it right. he has an olympus like mine but his has a flash. cool! ryan is my new .. friend. i think we have one photo together or something. thats all. hes really nice. he is an art major, he does AMAZING art. thats enough on him. i wont go further. for now. um what else.. well i guess thats all that matters. the beach was nice today i dropped my phone in the ocean but it works and nothing happened. weird. good luck.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

san luis obispo

here i am .. in slo. i'm at kevin, adam & wades apartment on kevins mac. i've been taking photos of myself and laughing. jackie & tiffany are downtown. i didn't really feel like walking around in the cold. i'm a bummer, what can i say. oh well. tonight we might go bowling. oh yeah its RAINING here today. sucks. i wish it wasn't. tomorrow night we go back to santa cruz. that'll be nice. but really i can't wait to be home in my own bed with my kitten.. who i miss a lot. cal poly is a really pretty place..

i better go find tiffany and jackie. if they even want me to hang out with them. i'm getting vibes that they don't want me around. why does that always happen. i don't do anything. i'm just a chiller. i like to just chill. oh well , differences. signing off -

Thursday, April 2, 2009

i love cupcakes