Thursday, November 27, 2008

carnitas thanksgiving

today we had carnitas for "thanksgiving". we had turkey & all that on wednesday because my brother was leaving on thanksgiving morning. we are all tired and full. all the time. we just eat a ton every day and take naps. thats about it. we went on a walk today up in pollock pines. its been fun, and now tomorrow i'm going to see my friends. i'm excited to see them finally. here are only some of the photos this trip:

Monday, November 24, 2008


some people just aren't very interesting to listen to. or very interesting in general. i'm glad i am. or at least i'd like to think so. nah, i know i am. today i bought christmas lights for our front window. i put new curtains up and put the lights around the window and it looks so much nicer. i'll take a photo of it when i get back from california. when i get back we are also going to re-install our computer desk. and get our apartment back into shape. yay. i say we meaning me & chase. not my room mate. this is really just MY apartment i guess. i got my new shoes today. they are wonderful. they keep my feet warm and they look so perfect. just in time.
today i cleaned my car at the car wash. and cleaned the inside too. i can't remember the last time my car looked so SEXY! its all shiny and cool looking. subaru's are the best.

i stole my neighbors ice chest because i'm a snake. i'm giving it back when i'm done tho. i left a note. i already packed up most of my stuff into the car. because i'm that excited. i could just do it tomorrow but... why not do it now? kylee is watching my little angel anouk while i'm gone. anouk is going to miss me so much i know it. i got her fancy feast turkey feast in gravy for her to eat on thanksgiving. i love my cat alright. man i love my new window/curtains/lights. its to my right so i always look over and see this great new addition to my already cute apartment and it just makes me so happy. i'm also super excited to see FRIENDS. because for some reason every freakin human being in utah is a creep (besides a couple) and impossible to be friends with so i'm just some loser in a great apartment with a cat that i talk to... i'm just excited to see my best friends and go pretty much anywhere and be guaranteed to see some one i know. i miss that. plus bomb food! TijuanaTaqueria, Mels & Z-Pie. YUMM. plus my mom's cooking on thanksgiving and shes making her lasagna on saturday for our last meal. i won't turn that down, i love lasagna. there is so much to look forward to and to do that i feel i won't have any time to do it all. well. its time for me to get my laundry and go to bed. big day tomorrow. long drive ahead...

Friday, November 21, 2008

where the magic happens

there it is. my dining room table & TWO chairs. isn't it great? the two chairs are so cute together i think. now we just need one more chair. triangle shaped. just kidding. it just needs to have the same pattern thats all. & it has to be 18 inches high. I took a trial run christmas photo with my cat today. Its more like a prison photo, but at least she's look at the camera. Once we get more christmas things I'll get a christmas photo of me & my cat for real.

well. its cold over here. i can't wait to get my new shoes. they arrive monday. just in time for tuesday's departure to california. i am so excited. i just want to bring anouk with me. i don't want to leave her here. she's too young. & i'm uneasy about it. she'll miss her mother way too much and she'll be scared and confused. i can't wait to make the peach truffle for sunday dessert. i'll photograph it. yummy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

story that makes me cry every time

i am highly addicted to stephens gourmet hot cocoa. i have it every morning & every night, as long as my schedule permits it. who knows if its healthy or not... all i know is its delicious. this is not the story that makes me cry.

this is the story. it starts with my dad being away in europe for about 3 weeks. and my brother being in Afghanistan for quite some time. well, my brother came home last week and hes staying until the 26th. my dad just got home on monday night, and no one had told him that my brother was home. so it was a surprise. my dad walks in the door & hugs miranda, my sister, and sees people on the back porch. (my brother & two friends) he registers after a minute that its my brother. he goes "zachary?" in his sweet little french accent (i can just picture this all in my head) and his eyes start to water. he stands in the entry way with his hands over his eyes then walks forward and he stumbles over his luggage and goes out onto the back porch and hugs my brother zac and cries openly in front of everyone because hes so happy & excited to have him home. i'm crying again right now. i don't know what it is about this story that hits a string in my heart but it does every time. and i cry because i'm happy and loved not because i'm sad. i just love my family so much & i love how we all love each other.
my sister called me that night it happened to tell me and she was laughing lightly at it and when she heard from my end of the phone she said "are you crying?" and i said yes then she started to cry too. then my mom called me this morning and i told her i cried when miranda told me the story and so my mom told me the story in more detail & i cried again and then it made her cry and oh man. i'm just glad i'm seeing them all next week or else i'd be a mess.

well. i should go to sleep now. how the heck is it 1 in the morning? am i crazy?

Monday, November 17, 2008

new shoes!

i just bought new shoes, FINALLY!
now i just need to buy a couple more pairs & i'll be good for the rest of my life.
i never get new shoes i just wear them and repair them. its not a result of being lazy, i just find a pair of shoes i like & i never change my "style" , so they are my friends for life. i just bought a second chair for our dining table. i have to pick it up from eagle mountain, where ever that is. its so pretty & its perfect. just wait until i take a photo of it. i've also sold my jewelry armoire! i'm so happy to be getting that out of my way, its so big and i have no where for it. i'll miss it but i'll enjoy the $$ more. so long ~

here is my new purchase!! :

Sunday, November 16, 2008

weird day

i did nothing all day.
i walked marley & guillermo & got slobber all over me. so bored. today was just so boring i can't say it enough. i ate at noodles & co. that was good. i go to california next week. i can't wait to get out of there for a little while. to see my friends. my family. be with people. i'm such an outsider here in utah. no matter what i still feel like i haven't lived here for 6 months. i need clothes. i'm so cold often. shoes too, oh yeah. i need to get this side table to natalie. its so heavy & i can't do it by myself but no one can help me its driving me nuts. next week can't come any faster or slower. just come already.

i miss the summer time. i miss having friends. whats it like?

evah remembers me from pry on murmers zine #1. that made me feel good. guten tag.

Friday, November 14, 2008

hot chocolate in the morning

i woke up & was cold. we can't use our heater anymore because its too expensive.

saturday i am going to take over a side table for natalies apartment. its lookin pretty meek over there so i figured i can spice it up with a side table & maybe a painting if i can finish it in time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


so lately i've been doing nothing. because annie is in moab for a week. so i have no work to do, and i dont work at wellsfargo till thursday afternoon. i've been on the computer a lot & watching the news. i've been talking to an old friend who is friendly again. i wish it would snow. i'm making chicken & pasta for dinner tonight. i am going to paint our christmas ornaments for our tree. i'm getting a head start because i know i'll be busy in december.

today i brought anouk over to sams house to see everyone. i had told bryce & chase the other day that anouk was really cool & funny so i wanted to show her off to the guys. yeah. anouk SUCKED. the entire night ended up a total mess. anouk went under the counter and sam, chase dallin & i had to tear apart the floor boards (while bryce watched & ate fries) and do all this crazy nonsense just to get her out. it took about an hour. it was so gross. she is in big trouble. i gave her a bath which she HATES. she clawed my nose trying to get out. she doesn't get any love today. i'm too really furious.

well. i'm hungry & i need a sweater. i also need more blogger friends because i feel like i'm the only one that even blogs and says hi to other people on here now. no one does this anymore. bleh.

Monday, November 10, 2008

colossal king crab

i wish it would snow. lied to me and said it was going to. then it changed to rain. no fair.
this morning i am going over to natalies to hang out with her before she goes to work. i have a painting to give to pres as well as a scarf. presley is in washington tho, so i won't get to see her. i'll see her next time. my back & shoulders hurt. i don't know why. its not like i do anything. hm. i cleaned up the house yesterday. me & kenzie decided where our christmas tree will go. i can't wait to get rid of the side table thats under our dining room table. i think i'm just going to drop it off at dallins this week because its so random in here.

all i think about is new curtains for this whole house. i need new curtains bad. so does the living room & dining room. my buddy pal friend audra mcB is sending me a rug for my birthday. my favorite one on the whole site!!! i am SO excited to get it. i think i will put it in my room. i was going to be nice & share it and put it in the living room. but ... look at it. heck no its going in my room for sure.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

coat check

i made $75 in tips. & made new friends from all over the world. it was really fun doing coat check. hearing all the european accents made me feel really homesick. my heart aches.

today was a good day turned bad. i woke up to little birds making a winter nest between the vines & my window screen. it was great. i love the little tiny snow birds they make me so happy & i'm happy to know they are going to live outside my window. i miss my family & friends. i am going nuts because i'm being copied so bad that its driving me out of my mind. i just want some lindt chocolate. all i want. i should probably get the $75 sampler.

Friday, November 7, 2008


looks so pretty right now. i can see downtown from my window in the fall. because all the leaves fall away and i can see past what was there before. i can see the walker center colors & flashes. right now its flashing blue. which means cloudy. its scattered clouds but clear enough to see a nice sunset.

18 days until we leave for california. i am so excited to see my friends. its going to be great.

audra is sending me a rug for my birthday. YES!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day

i don't get to vote, because i'm not registered in utah. but let me just say i tore up the flyer that was left on my door knob today telling me to vote for someone. i got new tires today. & a big box of pasta. i'm trying to get sam to come to my house to watch the good tv channels with the election on (i pay for cable. sometimes its worth it). i'm trying to get his room mates to come too. i'll wear red white & blue, to be patriotic.

quick funny story. i was outside my apartment & i called up through the window to my cat anouk. & i waited for her. & she popped up in the window & saw me & pushed her head into the screen & meowed all franticly. then she waved her head around meowing the way she does when she wants to see me really bad or cuddle. i was laughing in the driveway/. so when i came through the door she was sitting on the rug like she always is when i walk through the door & she meowed all sweet. she loves her mother so much.

oh, my friend tiffany needs YOUR help. go to her blog and post a comment telling her how many pairs of jeans you own.: tiffany

Monday, November 3, 2008


i eat my pasta with chopsticks. i just prefer it thats all.
i eat pasta too much . almost every day.

i really like how much eli likes me. i mean, waldo the kitty.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

45° F | 32° F
7° C | 0° C
80% chance of precipitation

i need to go get my all season tires tomorrow. my dad is in Barcelona tho