Saturday, January 30, 2010

George Echavarria

here is my 3rd attempt at doing an art piece of a human:
it is in pencil & charcoal.. never used charcoal before. it was interesting. i think it's supposed to be used on paper but i did it on canvas. i was too afraid to paint on George because i really liked the way he turned out in my penciling of him. One day i will get enough courage to try to paint on a sketch that i like. But for now, George will stay like that. George is from Coal Township, PA. i don't know who he is. all i know is that his photograph in an old magazine clipping that was in a folder long forgotten captured my eye and made me want to attempt to draw him. He is hanging out the outside of my door. He is my favorite art piece this year.

close up :

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

planetEarth snowboarding pants & a brazilet

basically thats whats up right now.
i went to the thriftstore and found these snowboarding pants.. brand new, my favorite color.. i tried them on. they fit. i bought them for $1 . i come home and decide to google the brand "Planet Earth" and low-&-behold.. the original cost of these babies is $170!!!! I JUST WON! i was sooo happy. they fit me so perfect. even tho i don't snowboard anymore i decided to give it another shot. i have a snowboard/boots already and now i have pants & gloves all i need is a new jacket. woo! so pleased you guys. here they are, i even posed really 'cool' too. just to show my excitement. hahaha i texted this photo to gabe while he was in class (he is the one who is going to re-teach me snowboarding) and he replied back with "hahahahahaha thank you for making my boring class hilarious, those will do just fine!"

and then i got my black brazilet in the mail at the beginning of this week. love it, i hardly notice its on me and i just .. really love black. i'm soo boring. but whatever, go get one for yourself!

here is one of my outfits in sanfrancisco.. love that peacoat , goes just above the knees. its my friend megs.. she is the queen of the peacoat. i love her. i let her wear my leather jacket... totally out of her element because she is so feminine but she looked bangin in it ! woooooo go meg!

then here i am with a real fur russian type hat .. i wanted it soooo bad. i don't really mind about the whole "real fur" thing that everyone gets all hyped up about. i mean its already a hat so what can i do? i own a coat with real fur on it.. are you going to kill me? i know its mean and all but dang, its soft and its sitting there in front of me. although i would much rather have the animal alive as my pet. is that mean too?

then this is for valencia ! i saw this street sign in sanfrancisco so i had to take it for you! haha , i 'll get a better one with my nikon next time..

wellllllllllll , i am pleased. my day was good today thanks to those pants! i win ! i'll be back to blogging regularly this weekend. i hope all my followers come back and read my blog .. dont forget about me.

Monday, January 25, 2010

moving to sanfrancisco

what more do i say? i am serious.. i am going to move there at the end of the year. which is a LONG time away but its just how things will work out. lucky for me one of my best friends meg lives in twinpeaks (a district in SF) so i can go stay with her and visit as often as i like. its only 2 hour drive. easy.. and tempting. i love that city.. its so fun and i just adore it. here are just some quick photos from my weekend get-away with tayler &megan. more to come later on ..

Monday, January 18, 2010

leopard painting -

anyway, its SO rainy here. and windy. i feel like something important might blow away. i wish the wind would blow ME away. that would be great...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i found a really great white alaksa sweater at the thrift store. i love wearing it. one day i will go to alaksa. and see the aurora borealis. and moose. and big vast nature. so i can still wear this sweater. regardless of the fact that i have never been , because i plan on going. and i am fond of the place. i'm going to the library today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

weird day ..

today feels like its been going on foreeevvveeerr..
i woke up at 4 , because audra & jackie had to wake up to go to work. they both work at Bean Barn. the best coffee shop EVER. trust me on that.. because i have had a lot of coffee from a lot of different places. Bean Barn rules. but, in the mean time sam knew i had to wake at 4 am so he wanted me to call him to wake him up because he had to work at 6. (he is one hour ahead of me) so i called.. no answer. called 2 more times. nothing. i got home and called once more before going back to bed.. nada. i was worried but what else can i do? so i text him and hoped he was awake. i woke up again around 8 and he also was just waking up.

sam .. oh dear. he is one crazy boy. he is in parkcity today. working on a 20million dollar mansion. if i had 20million dollars.. do you want to know what i would do with it?
i will SHOW you.

audi a3. need i say more?

105mm 2.8

sb 800 flash

80-200mm 2.8

plane tickets - to:
croatia, south america, japan, china,
norway, france & egypt.. & thats just for this year.

my own home library. i would LOVE this right now.

chinchillas.. oh man i want one SO bad.

i would adopt & donate more to the world wildlife fund ..
i've already donated to the amur leopard & the bison. love

i've always wanted my own horses, donkeys & mules.
i love mules..

donate to this charity.. as well as tons of others.

a honda metro.. so i can ride around with my sammer.

california king tempurpedic ... oh YUM

gosh i'd get a lot of stuff. i cant even think of what else. i'd get a lot of little things. and save a ton of it too. i'd get a house in salt lake city. and in Nice, France too.

but i don't have 20 million dollars. and i am pretty satisfied with what i have already. so i think thats pretty cool.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

why do you like me?

why do people like me? what is it about me that people like? cause i have no idea.
i don't think i'm that cool.. i've always kinda thought i was a loser who made bad jokes, made faces in pictures and laughed at inappropriate things. i'm also kind of rude and i spend way too much time on the computer. (in my defense, i live in the country & i hate driving all around & spending money. plus i am taking online courses.. so back off)

but i really am curious. WHY do you like ME? i want reasons.. i need to compile them and put them in a notebook to remind myself that at one point people actually liked me.. just in case everyone stops liking me for some reason. (see above: 'rude' & 'laughs at inappropriate things')

in the mean time.. while you are thinking of reasons , here are some "behind the scenes" photos of the photoshoot i did with Ryan Muirhead .. this was after the shoot was over and we wanted to take some goofy photos before packing up.

the models : nicole bullard, myself, lianna hartley & alissa sosa

here i am making a face at a photoshoot
... i have no idea what i was doing :

"pouting" i think i am the only one who did it right.. haha :

laughing ! :

no idea whats going on here :

we were tickling each other.. liannas idea.. hahaha :

i can not remember what was going on here.. but it is GREAT :

Sunday, January 10, 2010


so i am on page 541. there are 850 pages total. i LOVE this book. it makes me wish that it was my life. back in the day. with some brave, handsome, cool scottish lad who loved me. but nope. i'm just in california. with no one who loves me.
i wish men would read this book. and learn a few things.
i wish this book would be made into a movie. directed by james cameron. because then it would be really long. but i wish i would be cast as the role of claire. i am too young. but still.

today i am going over to jackies. jackies boyfriend is in canada for a week, so we are having a girls week. it should be good fun. oooh yes. tayler is coming jan 20th and stayin with me until jan 29th. i am sooo excited. we are going to road trip down to san fransisco for a couple days. then back to my house (homebase) and then drive up to humboldt and check it out up there since thats where we want to move eventually. it will be rad. i can not wait to see the redwoods again. YES!

i'm not attending folsom lake college this term.. or anymore i hope. i'm really excited. instead i am getting my bachelors degree from the Indian board of alternative medicine. so that i can move onto the real stuff and get my masters & doctorate and become a real naturopathic doctor! FINALLY! i am excited. however, i was looking forward to learning about photography and learning my native language of french.. whatever. i'll just take private classes or something. i just dread going to public college/school. i dont know why. i guess its my history with public education.

last night i went to see avatar in 3d (for the 2nd time) with gabe sady, megan, lisa, & garrett. the 2nd time around i noticed some cheesy parts and some connections. but over all i still really liked it. and it STILL made me wish i was Na'vi and hate mankind. haha dang..

these are two photos i took at beehive. i love the first one. i just think its random and weird. and the 2nd one.. of course i love it. its black peach tea mixed with black vanilla bean tea. no sugar, cream or honey added.. perfect as is. i crave it. i also crave white peach oolong tea from chinatown in sanfransisco. ahhh im goin NUTz.

Friday, January 8, 2010

evelyn eslava - old abandoned house

so this was my first photoshoot i did while in utah - it was FREEZING. i hope it doesnt translate into my photos. my lips were purple afterward. hahaha. i love how soft evelyn's photos turn out. very feminine and unique. i really love it. and i'm even showing off my earring in some of the photos! my nose is quite pink in most of these because of the cold.

in the last photo here .. i made that dress it was a boring velvet dress but i took it in and chopped the sleeves and made it shorter.. i love it. it is tight tho and i have a pretty big bum.. so i gotta be careful.. haha .