Sunday, February 28, 2010


“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.”

saw that quote on my friend sue's facebook.. loved it. of course.
i am thinking of traveling to hawaii at the end of july/beginning of august. i really need to go there. i know i will love it. it just seems magical. and my camera wants to travel and get some photographs. i want a wide angle lens. it would be put to great great use.

where are all my bloggers anyway? i have 49 people who follow me but no one comes to say hello. hmmmm.

i have these two antlers , and i'm not sure what to do with them. i want to hang the big one on my wall. but i need to figure out how.. and where..
and i wish i had the mate to the smaller deer antler so i could mount them both up and use it as a coat rack or soooomething. antlers are so weird. can you imagine just having these huge bones sticking out of your head? i tried it. i knocked my head pretty hard on one bringing it up to my head. haha . it would suck to be attacked by anything with antlers, seriously.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


so last night i went up to tahoe to meet my friend amandas friends who are from sweden. they save up all summer just to come live in South Lake Tahoe and snowboard & ski. isn't that amazing? they LIVE to do this. they were in japan first, then they came to South Lake, and i guess they come every year. its amazing to me.. that people from all over the world come to ride in the snow HERE. in my backyard. i love it. these boys were soo nice. I cooked dinner for them, and it was their first home cooked meal since they've been to America. they loved it. I am going to have them all down for dinner at some point , when i get back from utah.
Which by the way... funny story ... i am going to Utah next week with amanda and the swedish boys are coming too! we didnt even plan that, but they've heard that utah has great snow. one of the boys said "on the thing on the cars with the numbers .. says 'greatest snow on earth'!" so they really want to check utah out! and they didnt have a place to stay, but now they do!
i love meeting new people and making new friends. these boys were so nice and friendly. i'm really glad i got to meet them. plus their language is amazing.

here are some random photos i took. the other boys took photos on their cameras too, so i'll get those later.

christoffer said "oh i look sad" and then he said "i look like that disney movie.. a mermaid. a sad mermaid"

håkan & ossian hugging... they haven't seen håkan for a long time & he just showed up!

viktor groovin to some tunes

simon, christoffer, julian and pelle... they are so funny

me & simon. the ceiling slants

redneck swedish


this is sam from Newzeland - he is traveling all over the world before he goes back home. so amazing and EXACTLY what i want to do. he's very nice.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cassie & miranda show

not really. we made a video last night (my sister and i) for my friend jeff.
and we didnt have anything great to say. we were pretty bored. and ... well here it is

we laugh at our own jokes.
we might make another one sometime this week.
its pretty fun

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i'm going out to dinner with meg tonight. ZPIE. she'll be here at 6:30. it is so foggy up here in the evenings. well since yesterday. but its heavy.

i'm a wizard ... by the way

Thursday, February 18, 2010

whoa !

yesterday , i went thru a bunch of clothes and gave them all to my sister.

as you all know i also lost my amber ring.

this morning , as i was getting ready to leave to go buy a new amber ring (hopefully) my sister came downstairs into my room
and held out an amber ring and said "is this yours?"


yeah i hugged her about a million times and said "thank you" about a billion.
i guess my ring fell off when i dropped all the clothes onto her bed. just slid right off my finger...

i'm so used to having my rings off that i don't even feel them or notice them. so i didn't notice at all until i looked down at my hands yesterday night.
needless to say, i feel a lot better now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lonely together

facebook: i deactivated mine today .
guess that makes me a loser. and a loner. - even more so i suppose.

hopefully some people will come and say hi on my blog more often. email me more often. text me more. call me more. write me letters more. HANG out more. telegrams. singing messages. who knows. get clever.

today was a sad day. i lost my amber ring.
i never take my rings off
and i took my bosses daughters to dance class. so i was in a new place
i was doing homework. i can't remember if i had it on then.
i went to the bathroom, washed my hands left. noticed the ring was gone
went back in the bathroom, actually went thru the garbage hoping it came off when i dried my hands. no luck
looked in the toilet. its one of those public ones you know... power kind. so if it did fall in there it got swept away for sure.

if it had been in there tho
know that i would have stuck my hand in there to get it, no questions asked.
thats how serious this is.

tomorrow i will look at my house. just to make sure its not around.
i have a feeling it gone.
i cried already.

tomorrow i will go to the shop i got it at and tell him my story
hopefully i can get a new one. he was great to me last time i came to him
with my first amber ring that broke. (sigh)

that is the only photo i have of it. see on my pointer finger? ... beauty. i miss it so bad. i feel naked and weird with out it. gosh i'm gonna cry again

this is my song of the week. it was happy earlier.
now its sad and makes me upset
that's his fault

pretty sure i'm done forever with him.
is something wrong with me?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my friend michelle reminded me about this today:

i am interested in going. however the likeliness of it... low. oh well. at least its only 2/3 hours away so i can go on my own time. i am craving scotland . I NEED TO GET AWAY .

i'm also craving hawaii. im thinking of going sometime during summer.

which reminds me,
the bathing suit i want to get:

i really want some salmon this week. and some sticky rice with seaweed flakes on it.
and some chinese food. the least i can do for the lunar new year right? its the year of the tiger ... sam is a tiger. he said its the coolest animal on the chart. whatever, he clearly didn't see the DRAGON. which is what i am. the dragon is the coolest one on there. how silly to think otherwise.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines day

woke up to a valentines day snuggle from my cat.
spent a good portion of my morning on the phone with sam, googling "puppies"... cooing and oohing over the soft fluffy cuteness of all that is puppy. explained to him how much i want an afghan hound.
tonight i won at Bunco. $20!
really tired , this weekend was strange.

tomorrow even tho it is a holiday for everyone else, i start my school work! pretty excited to get into that. sorta 'nervous' i suppose because i haven't done any school work for a couple months. i hope i can keep myself on top of things and get it completed.
here are some photos i took on Saturday :

cassie, the afghan hound. i wanted to keep her.
we have the same name... fate.

i forget his name.. i wanted to keep him too.

the statue got valentines'd

the pathway got valentines'd

the most wonderful kaleidoscope :

me.... in the mirror blinds.

Friday, February 12, 2010


my books & school work arrived from India the other day - delivered to me in this WONDERFUL package. wrapped in cloth, sewn together, & stamped with wax. & the diamond stitching ... so special, just for a note for customs. Can't wait to complete it all.

My old good friend Amanda and i are driving to Utah on March 4... and leaving march 9th. I'm excited and i can't wait to see my friends. I'm going to be in Jake Garns workshop on the 6th :

really excited to be a part of that...

tomorrow i'm going to a Footbath Party... hippie themed. I'm bringing my camera to take photos .. i'll explain everything when i post the photos so you wont all be confused. Then sunday (valentines day.. ugh) my parents are having a couples Bunco party ... i invited my friend gabe to play with me. & my friend Amanda. i need one more person. we'll see. I hope i win the $$ ... heh

This past week i've been really sad & unhappy but on TUESDAY things picked up and now i'm winning at life and everything is happy again. I have my best friend back and i'm pleased. for the time being... cross your fingers it STAYS good.
i really miss the summer time and the beach and the warm sun to warm my soul. I need a vacation an island... maybe spring break i'll break away and live a little. I dont know, i just need to go FAR and clear my head and recharge and get ready for work to pick up again. I've been so dormant from everything for too long... it takes a toll. Never stop livin ... never stop moving and thinkin and doin. trust me

Monday, February 8, 2010

BOOKS ! book club anyone?

i've got nothing clever to write about just yet . i have so many contents in my room you guys. everyone that comes in that hasn't been in it before instantly starts to look around and poke around and look at everything in detail. i forget how much stuff i have. i'm not gonna lie , i've got a knack for finding amazing things. and for arranging things in a cool manner.

i found a really cook book at the thrift store a while ago. forgot to mention it. i walked into the book section - which i never do because its pretty hard to find a good book in there. but this one was bright red and calling my name. so i walked over picked it up opened it to one page, understood it, purchased it. and this is what it is:

ZOOM by istvan banyi

see why i bought it? pure delight. i love picture books. selective ones. & children's stories. & coffee table books. oh and novels. some of my favorites you ask? i'd love to share:

stamp of fantasy - quite possibly the most random postcards i've ever seen. i hope i can receive some incredibly random postcards from people one day. one of my wishes.
banksy- wall & piece - my friend charlie got this for me for our Christmas book exchange. he totally gets me & knows exactly what i like.
in my mind's eye - by my good friend Jedd Carby (i'm also featured in this book! i didn't even know until after i bought it and read it! go purchase one... so so so talented)
gnomes - my old room mate in Utah and i found this when we went into a shop called Abode together... we both saw it.. we both wanted it.. so we both bought it together. however i was the one who ended up keeping it when we parted ways. i win!
all i need to know i learned from my cat - those who know me... DUH! i love my cat Anouk more than anyone or anything ever to grace the earth.
little people in the city: the street art of Slinkachu - this is the most clever idea. i plan on going to London and locating at least one of these little people. he is genius and i LOVE his book.
how we die - awesomeness. i admit it is something that most people don't like to think about but i LOVE this sort of thing.
the Guernsey literary and the potato peel society - brilliant book. absolutely adored it. in fact i'll need to read it again sometime soon.
water for elephants - didn't think i was going to love it as much as i did. but i do. read it.
OUTLANDER - okay everyone. this is an intense novel, filled to the brim with Scottish history, epic scenes, very romantic on goings and well ... perfect in every way. i'm not usually into romantic novels and all that blabber but oh my god. this book seriously made me believe i was the main character. and sometimes i got mixed up and thought that the main man character was actual my husband. i don't even have a husband. its that serious. read it . i'm on the 2nd book now (dragon fly in amber). don't mind that the first book is 800 pages. it isn't even enough. i wasn't ready for it to end. not joking around here guys.

my gosh. i love literature. but that's enough for tonight. i will give you more good books later. maybe tomorrow i will tell you about my favorite children's books that i will never get rid of.
i need another bookshelf. mine is full up .

Friday, February 5, 2010

i wish

i was magic

(real magic tho, not tricks)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

day dreaming...

day dreaming. trying to get to utah. does anyone have some free airline buddy passes? or know anyone who works for the airline? i need to get there badly... oh dear.
i got tons of new art supplies from Dr.Deb. very happy she gave it all to me. she also gave me an antique drafting table. i'm going to re-finish it next week. my little project. excited about it. i turned my brothers room into my art studio. sorta. more like my art storage. i have so many supplies its crazy.

my mom brought me a bagel in bed today. gotta love breakfast in bed. with my cat. i'm going to go get a twix from the store. where did all my bloggers go?

Monday, February 1, 2010

चंद्रमा / ในแสงจันทร์ /وقال إن القمر

i'm awake. i should be tired, i'm always tired. but for some reason i couldn't fall asleep.
my eyes flickered around when i closed my eyes.
my mind kept thinking of every possible thing that it could.
wouldn't just REST. and slow down.
i couldn't get comfortable. my stomach feels hungry.

the moon is 93% full, descending from a full moon back down to that sliver.. i really don't like this part. it makes my sleep all messed up. only when i take notice of it. which is ridiculous. but true. had i not been keeping track of the moon phase maybe this wouldn't be going on. but it is. and i don't know what to do. i've been reading. but i couldn't stay comfortable and the light was bugging me. tried a different book, i liked it but got tired of it because i wasn't in the mood for it.
so i got on the computer. this loud stupid humming beast.

i waste so much time on here. not as much as other people. but what else can i do. stuck here, no school work yet. work is slow. my creativity is dismal. my funds are exhausted. my friends are all so far away. i've got nothing! its just so ... limiting.

i've been drawing people lately. i've been practicing. i've never been good at drawing people. my drawings so far are just "okay". i'm trying to get better. i'm not brave enough to try to paint a human yet. i've only painted myself and sam. and sam was a failure and i need to just paint over that.. its hard tho. humans are very difficult for me to draw. i see other people draw people like its the easiest thing in the world. so lucky and talented. its hard to transfer my visions and ideas onto the paper or the canvas. so so hard.

lincoln and the countess of moray