Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sometimes it trips me out

being so in tune with things. its not just quantum physics.
i have intuition. i'm gaining more and more each day. its quite bizarre but i am enjoying it. take my word for things.. it seems to be in everyone's best interest. i love it but i hope it doesn't get too overwhelming. other wise i might have to visit an Indian doctor just like deb did. hmm.
im going kayaking on sly park with my sister in a bit here.
but in the mean time,
here are some things i like:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

my three newest additions to my wrist ... yellow anesthesia, white hospital, and orange brewfest!
had my surgery on friday ... then went to brewfest saturday night & then attended the dance party at cozmic cafe ... danced so much ! isnt that funny? boob surgery one day, brews & dancin the next ... dont worry tho i was safe. it was so fun i can't wait to see pictures. it was fabulous! i love my friends, and i dont care what anyone says... i love hangtown!

maya, chris *as a beer, emily & jackie ... brewfest on mainstreet

& today we are all headin to the river at some point. once everyone wakes up from their party-coma. such great times!

& here is a song , got this from my Mitch :

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i enjoy ....

- hula hooping
- traveling
- painting my finger nails different colors
- reading
- belly dancing
- laughing
- kayaking
- eating treats
- kissing mitch
- hugging mitch
- simply BEING with mitch
- getting things in the mail
- summer time
- lots of candles
- local brews & vines
- bare feet
- hot airballons
- black beans (cold)
- mitch's shirts
- really good hikes
- bodies of water
- paytons new dress & dream catcher
- festivals
- groovin to the beat
- mitches tattoos
- feathers / feather finding
- frisbee
- iced coffee
- day dreaming
- driving
- bbqs
- riverDAZE.
- eating outside
- sleeping outside on the lawn on quilts
- campfire ..
- the smell of campfire hair
- taking pictures of good things
- fruit
- farmers market
- rainbows
- ***********
- unicorns
- mermaids
- tyedye
- good eats
- loooooooooooove

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a collection of sorts ...