Saturday, January 29, 2011


for real. how could you not love these.
i crave all of these . all the time .

clementines - they are on-the-go snacks.
they even come in their own container.
strawberry ice cream yummmmmm.
i want a fancy looking special dish to eat it out of too
BACON. all the time.
real croissants from a boulangerie ... MMM.
il est tres bon.
n'est-ce pas?
okay really, Costa Vida sweet pork salad.
i want this right now. oooh my gosh.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

almost february .. sheesh

its been a while since ive posted a good old fashioned blog. i dont have much to say. been doin school work. going outside in the chilly but clear weather. just gettin by. looking for a job sorta. wishing i had a neat camera to take special effects photos. i'm really glad i sold my nikon. i just want a cheap camera of some sort. simple. mitch's droid broke so now i don't get to have it when he gets his iphone. (mad)

recently just viewed THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH courtesy of meg*clay* ... one of my new favorites. its wonderful. i still need to go to dinner with her. she's a friend. we also just connected the super nintendo and i have been watching mitch play mario land or something. i was laughing so much. "i got greedy" is what he said when he died once trying to get more coins. i couldn't stop laughing at that. i've also been havin a blast playing with our new iPad/
technology !
what is a good valentines day gift? a professional massage? a homemade surprise dinner? i just don't know how valentines day works. because i've never had a valentine before and i've never really ever celebrated this holiday with anyone. truth. i'm 22 and i've never before had a real valentine or even gotten a card or flowers or anything like that. weird. but thats my life and i think its more funny than sad . i'm really cool.

i came across a folder of photos this morning and so i wanted to post some up. i love them. and i can't wait for summer timmmmmmeeee. summerDAZE/ days / ways . love it . its so soon i feel but yet , dang. not really.

Friday, January 21, 2011

a trip

so here i am back in good ol' utah ! its nice to be back in my own house with my own stuff. and my baby kitty Roux was soooo happy too see me. she wouldn't stop purring & following me around. oh how i love her so... and mitch & i have been laughin and havin fun and bein silly. he sure did miss me. don't deny it !

california was fun and i only took pictures on the last day i was there and they are so wonderful - here they are . i want prints already. enjoy

drinking barefoot bubbly
its a little too bubbly for me
american river - coloma
one last me

heres a good song right now :::

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so i touched down in sunny california last saturday . it was about 60 degrees. and it was confusing because.. its january. blue clear skies and rays of sunshine? the family working in the garden? people in shorts? flip flops? t-shirts? where are the boots, jackets and jeans? yeah california is WEIRD!

i just miss mitch & payton. in the spring i want to bring them here. they'd love love love it. its so free and open here . hills and forests. secret areas and good eats. its just nice. i need to discover utah more and uncover the cool parts and the good eats and the free areas. i just get so lost there still... haha .

so ive just been takin it easy while bein here. nothing fancy. just catching up on my sleep, saw a couple good pals. loungin around this house. and snuggling my cat anouk .. who loves me still so much. we love each other. anouk sel dean. shes chasing a ping pong ball right now and i just took a picture of her 'stalking it' .. check it out :

i havent taken any pictures really since ive been here. i took some pictures of the cats. cause im a cat lady. today im hanging out with audra and jackie and we are gonna take pictures then. it'll be fun. i think we are going to coloma to explore.
not gonna lie.. i can't wait to back to utah to my little family and sleep in my own bed and hug my mitch. even tho utah isnt so pretty right now its still gonna be soo good to be back. well. see ya/.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


this picture ... i am obsessed with it
i want to have a picture of myself just like it
with the bobcat and everything
all my own.

its finally snowing. too bad its only for one day/night
then back to blank ugly whatever.

here is a small playlist for you all

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a cat & a song

forgot to blog .
im going to california on saturday for a minute.
breath some fresh air , see my grandparents
come back recharged.

it sure is cold outside
not that i'd really know since
i havent been outside today
nooo way... looks to chilly.
im watching a school boy kick a big clump
of frozen snow down the street
the simple things in life.

we got new tile in our kitchen and entry way
AND fireplace.
it looks so good
mitch has the pictures
otherwise i'd post one up.

my hair got a nice new dye job
it is now 'OMBRE'
it looks really neat.
i don't have a picture yet.
i'll try to get one to show off

i crave dessert all the time
i want something awesome right now
a waffle with speculoos from my
former place of employment would be superb
but i am not going out today
or some kind of pastry.
croissant. or a scone - which i just had my first one last week.

i wonder when my books will arrive in the mail
i ordered PRINCESS
& the next two books in the series. they are so amazing
i highly recommend them.
they are about real life as a Saudi Princess.
its a true story. its a trip.
read it.
get some knowledge.

i'm a cat person. i love all things CAT. so here is this
really cute and fun picture of a cat.
that i really enjoy.
enjoy yourself now.
and that song below.

Monday, January 3, 2011

24. Change your attitude, but stay natural.

4. Stay focused.

8. As you breathe in, take in and accept all the sadness, pain, and negativity of the whole world, including yourself, and absorb it into your heart. As you breathe out, pour out all your joy and bliss; bless the whole of existence.

9. Understand your attachments, your aversions, and your indifference, and love them all.

15. Don’t worry- there’s nothing real about your confusion.

17. Work with the Five Forces. The Five Forces are: 1.Be intense, be committed. 2. Familiarization – get used to doing and being what you want to do and to be. 3. Cultivate the white seeds, not the black ones. 4. Turn totally away from all your ego trips. 5.Dedicate all the merits of what you do for the benefit of others.

25. Do not discuss defects.

26. Don’t worry about other people.

35. Remember – this is not a competition.

36. Don’t be sneaky.

40. Solve all problems by accepting the bad energy and sending out the good.

47. Focus your body, mind, and spirit on the path.

50. Don’t depend on how the rest of the world is.

56. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

57. Don’t be jealous

58. Don’t expect any applause.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

this is me .
at raph & kristens house
visiting their newborn baby Elouise
photo courtesy of Kristens phone taken by my handsome boyfriend

playlist 1/1/11

heres a playlist for you freaks. enjoy it ya? have a good new year beginning.


is mind training, a practice in the Tibetan BUddhist tradition based on a set of aphorisms formulated in the Tibet in the 12th century be Geshe Chekhawa. The practice involves refining and purifying ones motivations and attitudes.
The fifty-nine of so proverbs that form the root text of the mind training practice are designed as a set or antidotes to undesired mental habits that cause suffering. They contain both methods to expand ones viewpoint toward absolute bodhictta, sch as "Find the consciousness you had before you were born." and "Treat everything you perceive as a dream." and methods for relating the worl in a more constructive way with relative bodhicitta ,such as "Be grateful to everyone." and "When everything goes wrong, treat disaster as a way to wake up."