Wednesday, November 24, 2010

california ho!

so mitch & i left utah around 10am or something . and about 1 hour into our trip his CD player broke. HAHAHA. 10 hour drive with nothing but shitty radio & AM updates on the blizzard & road conditions. basically it showed us that we can entertain ourselves & each other pretty well for 10 hours. plus it took us longer since we had to drive thru TWO blizzards!

blizzard #1

i will admit that a couple of times i felt like screaming because mitch took it upon himself to be the vocal entertainment on the drive since the CD player was caput... not saying his singing is bad.. but his choice of songs were just .. oh my god. haha. we played 20 questions. and ate bad food. and hit the back of a car because the road was icey ... best part was the guy didnt care at all and there was zero damage. we win! and we didnt get pulled over at all ! (thanks to my handy dandy radar detector) and we made it thru both blizzards easy peasy.

this is the passenger side of the car after both blizzards -
the front of the car is to the right. serious!
so much ice was hanging off the car we had to kick off.

and we arrived safely in freezing cold Reno for the night and made ourselves cozy at the Hyatt Place ... easily my favorite hotel i've ever stayed in and i HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. plus it smells so delicious i wish my perfume smelled like the Hyatt . you think i'm kidding but i'm not.

so anyways we will be in california today by 10 or 11 . and then the real fun shall begin. im happy mitch came with me on this trip. and i cant wait to blog about this fun little family adventure when it's all over. but i also cant wait to get back to utah.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

mitch meyer ....

my boyfriend. he used me as a model for Baileys hair portfolio shoot the other night. (his niece) . and it was really fun. i want white hair in real life. that would be so so so awesome. here is my finished image... the other two girls will be done later. /

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

this is real

"Kitten Party" - haha so so so funny.
but Roux noticed it. and got closer & closer to the tv and finally jumped up and was watching it from there. cutest thing ever... she is adorable.

Monday, November 15, 2010

trauma in the ER

yup! last night Payton got 2nd degree burn on her upper left thigh from spilling hot tea on it.. ouch. we rushed to the ER after putting cold water on it and cold cloths. and well , yeah. what else can i say? it was a sad night but she is a brave kid. of course she cried and screamed but after she calmed down she handled it very very amazingly. doc got her all cleaned up and slathered ointment on her leg and dosed her up with lortab. and voila, shes like it never even happened - until we have to clean the owie or the pain meds wear off - but shes great today. really. no one needs to worry at all. i bet she'll have a neat special little scar from it. she'll be like me... i got my first big scar when i was 3 or 4 ... its on my face! scars are rad. payton even goes "isn't it cool?" cause i told her her owie looked cool. so today i went out and picked up some paint & potatoes for some special potato stamp art work/ finger painting. here is the work of art -

Sunday, November 14, 2010

belgian waffles.

is it way silly of me
to crave a belgian waffle
from my work
on my day off?

because all day.
all i've wanted is a belgian waffle.
i don't work until wednesday.
and i have a feeling
that i might end up
wandering into work
on my day off
for a free waffle.

oh my gosh.

the fire is so delightful

roux & tank by the fire
photo by yours truly.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

a new job

Mitch & i hung out at O'Shucks with Kate & Peno... i love those two they crack me up so much. had a couple of drinks and ate some food then headed over to the show. Kate, Kira & i were just cracking jokes left and right and being all silly. and Kira spilled her beer on the floor then i spilled my (disgusting) Effen vodka mixed drink on the floor and on myself shortly after. we were all so out of place there it was great

and i start my new job at Bruges Waffles & Frites tomorrow @ 9am... i am so excited to finally have a job. plus a pretty cool yummy one makes it funner... hopefully i don't pig out too much.

here are these:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

looking for inspiration

i wonder how people find their "muse". or just their inspiration. how do you even inspire thoughts from every day things? i mean i know how you do, but how do you transform things differently to make them into something almost surreal? with out it being over the top or just plain ridiculous? think about it. people are creative. but i wonder where they really get it from. do their minds really just spit out clever ideas on a whim ? or do they find it someplace else? they'd never tell. no one tells their sources. mitch has a quote he likes and its "the secret to being successful is knowing how to hide your sources" . which is true. whether it be an actual source you are deriving your outcomes from or whether its your own mind - with infinite sources and combinations and ideas that are molded together inside the hidden places in your brain. its pretty wondrous to think about. i have been doing a lot of thinking today - not even sure if its considered creative.
just trying to think of clever, catching, captivating & clear ways to present an item to the world. its pretty difficult. since it seems as though the whole world has used up every idea you think about. think about that. yeah. but i know there are things that haven't been thought about. and i'm the one trying to think about them. & find them really..

some people are so clever. i wonder if i'm clever?

here are some clever things i've found :

here is a song that is inspiring to the mind ~ this is good if you have great speakers & excellent bass. listen to everything LOUD. or else.. why are you listening at all??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


there is so much magic in this world. and so many of us don't even see it, notice it, or even know it exists. but others .. like me... LOOK for it. and i find it everywhere. makes life wonderful.