Thursday, May 28, 2009


its beautiful here. love it. its so green and .. its like a rain forest. the house i am staying at is amazing & colorful. i will write more later. i get to use gregs d100.. so excited for that! he also has a d300 so i will get to hold it before i one of my own! yippee

here is a photo i got back from jake garn... Dr. Cassaundra Leconte N.D.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


here i am. back at home. my cat is so precious and cuddled with me this morning i love her so much. its beautiful outside my window - still as green as can be. there is a vine creeping up my gate and into my flower boxes. there is a pretty 'welcome home' vase with flowers from my moms garden on my table with a big white yummy sweet smelling peony in it. my room is untouched - except for my closet which i had to re-organize because my sister had at it while i was away & apparently she doesn't know how to properly put away clothes in the right fashion... my suitcase is unpacked but will soon be re-packed for my trip to virginia on wednesday. (much smaller suitcase tho) i have a photoshoot today at 11:30, back to work back to the life.

my utah trip was so nice. i didn't do a lot of what i had planned - but that always happens. the main thing is is that i had fun with what i did do.

i had fun with joanna too - my bunkbuddy. her bed is the most comfortable thing probably ever. i didn't want to move for days when i was on her bed. we somehow didn't get any photos together. i don't know how that happens. oh well. next time. i helped joanna & allison move into their new apartment.. its IDENTICAL to my old one. just with light blue walls & a couple different things like stove & sink. it made me miss my old place so much. i really want to move back to utah. i'm just not done there yet! i think maybe i'll transfer to the U for my medical stuff cause they have a really good program. but first i gotta finish up here in california! so i won't move back for a while. maybe summer or fall 2010.

i need more money. i want to buy a really nice camera. & i want to start saving up big time for a serious move. it'll be hard.. but i need to do it.
anyway. hi blog world.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i REALLY want a white macbook. it would be so handy. i am sitting in joannas room being really lazy and wanting to go to the DI. joannas room mate has some (bad) music playing and the same song has replayed itself 3 times so far. so i'm taking that as a sign to go to the DI right now. but first here are some photos. me & paris.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lil deuce

how cute is she. i love the one of her meowing. it makes me laugh everytime.

i love her fluffy head. i want a kitten like her. i am going to be such a cat lady... i can't wait.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mustache party etc

9999999999 kitten typed that and i don't want to delete it because she's cute and little. she has890000000000000000mbnnnnnnnm
ok. she did it again. but she has been cuddling on my lap and purring AND meowing. shes sooo cute. i wuv her. but not as much as my anouk - who i miss a lot. my little baby... 
iris took a bunch of photos at a mustache party the boys had on saturday. they are so funny! here are some of my favorites:

vitamin water & lovesac
me & issac always have such weird photos together

i love this photo but steph isnt paying attention

making a winning throw for a team & abbey post-bite

i have more on my facebook. there were a lot of drunky people there... beer is gross. but it was so funny to watch everyone and socialize. i love to socialize and be around people... i forget sometimes. 

i am so tired. and hungry. sam is in logan until friday i am a little bummed i wanted to go on a hike with him or something. oh well. tomorrow i am hopefully hanging out with ginger and then my photoshoot is at 6. i heard tomorrow it is supposed to rain. 

i saw two quails today run across the street on 1100e, a little couple. a boy & a girl. i wonder what that means because i saw a quail couple last week in the parking lot and it was really random because i never see quails. and i live in california.. its our state bird. so seeing them in utah must been something. i wish i brought the animal speak book so i could look it up. google will suffice. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Right. Let's sort the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy, and those who trust me from the ones who don't, because if you can't see value here today, you're not up here shopping. You're up here shoplifting. You see these goods? Never seen daylight, moonlight, Israelite. Fanny by the gaslight. Take a bag, c'mon take a bag. I took a bag home last night. Cost me a lot more than ten pound, I can tell you. Anyone like jewelry? Look at that one there. Handmade in Italy, hand-stolen in Stepney. It's as long as my arm. Dont't think because these boxes are sealed up, they're empty. The only man who sells empty boxes is the undertaker, and by the look of some of you lot today, I'd make more money with me measuring tape. Here, one price. Ten pound.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

apply to life

pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

this, has just become my brand new motto for life. and just those six words completely slapped me in the face and i got over it. i'm not suffering. at all. in anyway. because my life is rad and i'm successful. people love me and i have pretty much all doors open - there is literally nothing that is unreachable for me. i make friends everywhere which lead me to more doors. connections and networks. people TRUST me. i give no one any reason not to. i'm not a bad person. in anyway. i've always been a quick-to-recover sort of girl. with everything. nothing phases me. i don't really hold grudges. but i do remember really messed up things people have done to me. i am the HARMONY that holds things together. i am only here for good. treat me bad - karma comes around. i lift others up when they are down, my goal is to make people happy - never anything else. my intentions are true and solid. i don't like others who dislike others just because someone else does. i'm just tryin to get by with out any rocks hitting my head. so ... don't throw rocks at me. just you know, if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. be nice to everyone. you never know...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

word of the day

function: adjective
: marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images [an eidetic

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


so today i went over to anthony's house to hang out he has a family tree of cats. his momma cat had one litter a year ago, then she just gave birth to her 2nd litter about 7 weeks ago. so in her first litter she had 3 cats.. those 3 cats just gave birth. [yeah all 3!] so i got to play with all ages of cats. i loved it... i LOVE kittens... all baby animals really. so soft, cute, and funny.

by the way - all 8 kittens need homes! so if you want one .. let me know.. first litter is 7 weeks and 2nd litter is 5 weeks. come get em whenever you can/want. i wish i could take one... but i have my little anouk and she is perfect already.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

your (my, anyone's, everyone's) ideas can be a commodity.

my suggestions are silent and transparent, weightless and cloaked - readily dodged and disregarded - curiously i'm not the enemy ........

Saturday, May 2, 2009

newest painting

i'm giving this painting to jackie !