Tuesday, May 31, 2011


got a good idea from this neat blog :: MEALS&moves

so i think i'll practice the 10 things i liked today post. since i need to remember positives instead of negatives lately.

10 things i liked about toady:

1. found my new favorite drink == iced coffee w/ cream & 2 shots of vanilla. craving it now.
2. bean tacos with lettuce
3. laughing so hard with my bro & sis .
4. i finally did my make up today, it looked nice.
5. make appointments , responsible.
6. made my sweet mother a peach smoothie
7. what
8. jackies ears
9. sending mail
10. ran good errands before work

Saturday, May 28, 2011


alright so , some news .
trying to sell my subaru outback legacy right now . if you know anyone or if you are anyone who is interested... let me know. this girl needs a brand new car because i'm only young once. so help a lass out and purchase my car from me. email me for info ::

i made two 'pouch'-like things today. they are cute. practical. useful and ... made with love. i'm thinking of making them more often and selling them on my ETSY -- yes i know my shop is looking totally stark right now, but trust me i'm working on new merchandise for your pleasure. so thank you for being patient. because as soon as i have more things added to my shop i will be having a free giveaway ! a pair of earrings and something quirky to go with it. can;t wait for all that excitement.

'pouch' # 1 . very very cute. very very proud of myself.

its almost june and the weather feels like february. oKAY? i'm pretty sure i already put away all my winter clothes so now i'm having difficulty getting dressed each morning. (more so than normal) . but as usual, my gaze shifts toward the brighter side of this situation ----- it will stay greener longer this year instead of turning brown/ & yellow as soon as june hits. how pretty !

i'm really into strapless dresses. & hats

i ramble

i wish i had a moment to read. but there is so much more than needs to be done. common cassie.... stay on top of it... don't get off track now. i need some positive energy & vibes from my friends these days. i wonder if anyone has some to spare.

my mom made these:
and i am in love with them

Friday, May 27, 2011

there is no point at all in being negative about things you can't change.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

southern california vacation

so i got back from my 7 day vacation with my boy & girl - mitch & payton. we stayed at mitch's sisters house with her family . they are so wonderful and welcoming! i really loved it. we went to the beach, universal studios, disneyland and did so many other fun things. it was such a sweet fun filled vacation and i am so happy. i love my little family so much ! here are some photos from the trip ...

first day at the beach
mitch & i's date day - went to olvera street
roller blading champions ....
we went to universal studios too
super cheesey photo of us in front of the universal studios globe
payton & i laughing because we were tickling
disneyland ! she was tired at first... so no smiles.
but once we got into the park she was so excited !
her "1st visit" pin !
(that i had to wear all day because she didn't like how big it was)
she loved meeting minnie
& ariel of course
pay , dad & cheshire cat
she loved her cotton candy ...
and we shared ! perfect way to end the disneyland experience !

but now that i'm back here in northern california, my body is sore, my back hurts, my mind is restless and i miss the guts outta payton & mitch ! its sad. can't wait to go back to utah... *sigh*

these are mine

i want these ........ right now.... yum

Friday, May 13, 2011

these are my favorite smells & products right now.

john freida eucalyptus root awakening
verbena pre de provence soap
lemon drop eos chapstick
softsoap sheabutter & cocoa beads

why am i posting this? because i'm bored and obsessed with these smells.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

its been a while

since i've posted anything. seems like no one seems to notice anyway. i dont get many vistors over here. -
went to a rummage sale yesterday ... got some really neat finds. thinking of expanding my ETSY shop. so i'll be selling my feathers still but also other odds & ends. so when thats all set up i'll let you all know when to check it out. wish i had a camera to take photos of all the things , kinda hard to run an etsy shop with no camera. didn't think that thru very well. hmm.

my finger is a lot better. still gross tho.

sorta been tryin to be a vegetarian. its pretty difficult. but i enjoy it so far. i don't really claim to be full on vegetarian. because thats a lot of work. but i'm TRYING. and its workin so far. but i refuse to give up salmon & cheese.

disneyland is in the works ... for the end of the month. cross your fingers for us .. so much fun.

my cat looks way cute right now. oh yeah, my car finally works again. after 2 months. thanks dad!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


smashed my finger in the door at work yesterday. totally shut the door on it. as in... the door closed. and then i pulled my finger out. during a rush..... OPS. we had no bandaids, so i wrapped it in a napkin . pretty much got everyones order wrong i bet. because i was so distracted by the intense excruciating pain that was coming from my finger. i don't think ive ever experience this much and this horrible of pain before . i was having a panic attack and could barely breathe. but i had to keep working for about 2 hours .... one handed by myself in a coffee shop during rush! so i kind of feel like a bad ass. but damn.... holy hell. my nail is all messed up & my finger still hurts like fire.
but i get work off this week cause of it... cant complain about that.