Monday, May 31, 2010

can you feel the earth turn?

- honey
- bubbles
- warmth
- my bed
- my lost & newly found toe ring
- 8 more days !!
- laughing with my sister
- singing along
- open windows
- day #19 of no shampoo or conditioner
- postcards & letters
- california poppies
- local grown & home made
- pool tuesdays
- new butter dish

- lets boogie

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm so fabulous

i'm leavin for virginia in about 5 minutes. see ya later right?
where have all my bloggers gone? i get no love anymore.

15days left. Oh mygosh!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

monday night felt like saturday night

went out last night with audra& vanessa. got a realllllly yummy beer. Grimbergen . twas great and i wanted another one. they served it to me in a wine glass tho... kinda bugged me. but Mitch said that's what they do sometimes? i felt like i got less than what i paid for haha.
buuuuut then we went to BJs brewery and got drinks and dessert there... i got two absolutely amazing Pina Chocoladas .... holy crap. i wanted to get maybe 5 . but only got 2. because they are damn expensive. we had fun tho. but now im all thrown off cause i feel like its sunday.
but its Tuesday.
and i have to work both of my jobs today.
and then tomorrow morning my plane for Virginia leaves at 6:30/ ahh! won't be back til Sunday. then i'll have a week & a couple days before i leave for Utah... damn

here's me in my new leopard sunglasses. i love them a lot.

and this ... this is THE funniest photograph i've ever seen. i cant stop laughing at it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

yesterday the clouds were SO fluffy and full of character.. i was leaving wyatts apartment and i saw this scene ... tons of power lines in front of all those beautiful clouds and thought it was funky and pretty its in own way. i dont think i've ever mentioned how much i dispise power lines - they give me headaches whenever i am around too many (thats why i prefer mountain living) but this picture just looks COOL to me. this top one is just how it looked to my eyes and then the one right below it is and edited version , whatev.

yesterday i was hangin out with audra & jackie all day . we went down to Folsom and did some shopping.. i am such a boring person. all i got was two tank tops (black & grey) and two leggings (dark grey & light grey) seriously? why do i only buy dark colored clothing? whatever. i tried to find white tops, but they are either see-through or have too much bullshit going on .. like rhinestones or too much lace.. i should just make my own. sheesh. Audra & Jackie are two my oldest best friends... I invited our other best friend Michelle to come but she is such a busy bee these days its hard for all of us to get together... oh the struggles of getting older right?

i got a sweet letter from my soul sister Nell yesterday

it says "not all who wander are lost"

and she drew ME! isnt it amazing? i love it.

yesterday it was warm but breezy... then at night it SNOWED. what the heck?! california... so ridiculous. now today is clear and chilly. oooh the world is a crazy place.

Friday, May 21, 2010

friday night

super lame night .
stayed home due to the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY nothing going on. plus its raining.. so stupid. so i did some yoga, drank two cups of tea (peach ginger & nettle) watched some family guy and then decided it would be in my better interest to pop one of my all time favorite movies in the player & soak up all the gloriousness of none other than : Pulp Fiction.

if you don't like that movie... we can't be friends.
its so rich in awesomeness that i sometimes cant even comprehend. i'm a big fan of Kill Bill & Desperado too. know what i'm sayin? I own the box set of El Mariachi, Desperado & Once Upon a Time in Mexcio.... all good movies i need to re-watch in the near future.

so today i went ahead and sent a post card to : Send me a million postcards
i am going to recommend that YOU do it too. because why not? how much fun would that be? people are so clever and fun and interesting. i love people.

audra & i ... i'm wearin her versace. gotta get me a pair.

tomorrow i'm headin over to the Coloma house for some quality hot-tubbin & wine/champagne drinkin with audra & jackie and whom ever else.. girls only tho. should be fun. we WERE planning on having a river day BUT of course it decided to rain & be ridiculous. so we can't lay out by the pool or chill by the river. hot tub it is ... hot tubs are such a great invention.

well this post has been sufficiently BORING. so i should stop here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

solar beat

pretty amazing. i love the beat of the solar system /universe. might just be the exact same melody to my very own soul . positive that it is. find your melody and groove to it daily.

so my secret is out .... Mr. X has been reveled.
hard to keep something so great, vast, intricate, fulfilling, happy, loving, special and intense ... all to myself. i know people will judge and question. (as always.) but the only thing that matters is what I know & what HE knows. we know what is what. the thing is, no one really knows. its still a secret to everyone. even tho its now out in the open. don't ask us questions. just watch it unfold.

... but isnt he cuuuuuute?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

DAZE of sprinnnnnnng

weekend results : too many mosquito bites to count, 1 hidden dread i just discovered, sore feet & back, sun warmed skin & a smile on my face. life is Great.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

big Puffffffffff clouds.

went to the river on Friday... it was so nice. hot sun on my skin. cold river in my hair.
hangin with friends , laughin at funny stuff. finding lizards. searching for that one spot thats perfect to sit by the river. adventures....... summer is so close.

i cant wait for it be here. it means summer love. forever love is what i'm hoping for tho. but it also means warm skin. good times with good friends. long days and nights. smoothies &milkshakes and popsicles .
good beats and grooves to move to . i just cant wait.
it means vacations & get aways. i cant wait for my get away in June..... mmmmmmmmmm.

i just miss it.

last night i stopped by Jackies 80's party.... saw some good fun people. wish i could have stayed the whole time but i was damn tired from working all day and my feet were killin me. i got some funny pictures there anyways tho. super classy ...... red plastic cups with red champagne in them. we made a toast to "being classy". i was dancing the whole time to mJ & pat benatar etc. it was good. i had a scrunchie in my hair. it'll be interesting to see these pictures. oh lordy.

today im going to a car show on main street with Audra & Vanessa. i wanted to go to the river again but i probably wont because today is my sisters 17th birthday ---- weird!!! she's 17?? when the heck did this happen. shes the coolest sister ever, no one else has a cooler sister than i do. hands down no battle. you may think you have a cool sister... but thats just because you havent met mine.
she's a lot like me , but looks completely different than me. shes pretty hilarious too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

the bottom line is that we never fall for the people we're supposed to. it only makes sense that his whole mind would be full of me and mine would be full of him. because you're not like anyone i've ever known.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oakland shoot ~

these are just some randoms meg & i got from the shoot with Michael Blackmon - they are so wonderful and they make me so happy! i love and miss Meg so much!! shes one of my very best friends . we always have such fun together. such a free spirit.
i can't wait to go back to SF and see her.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

san fran get away

so i went to sanfran for a day really .
i got to megs around 7:30 on friday and we ordered a cheese pizza & relaxed , went to bed early.
then saturday we went to Haight to find some new heels for me... i found the best pair ever. i am soooo pleased with them. i want to wear them everywhere

i also came across this: bansky!

then we went to Oakland for our shoot with Michael Blackmon .. it was so fun . i cant wait to see the images from it. it'll be awesome. meg & i got some photos together too which will be way cool to see!!
then after the shoot we went out to meet up with Claire & Erin at Crepes on Cole in the Haight for dinner/dessert & wine (or beer in megs case) . Erin is from Glasgow Scotland and she has an accent ... i love her. and Claire is from Switzerland. so we were all Euro girls. well kinda ... meg just loves to talk in different languages so she counts because of that. haha

then after we were done being extremely loud and ridiculous in Crepes we walked up the street a bit and found a bar called Finnegans Wake so we had to go in . but it was mostly older people but we had fun anyway. tooons of fun. the guy who was sitting next to us bought us all a drink each which was so nice. but we decided he was a vampire .

i took some photos with my phone but of course they are all fuzzy & dark but they are fantastic anyways.

me & my meg!

me & claire .... this is my favorite photo ever right now!!! it makes me so happy!

meg, me, claire & erin! smooshed... i love them.

and amazingly meg & i made it back by 10:30 . we are wimps.. and we love to sleep... so we prefer to just crash early.. haha

here are two photos from megs back deck

i love San Francisco!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

cinco de whaaat

tom had some blood on his cheek and so i asked him where it came from and he replied:
"it was from the eagle that just ran into me"

i told everyone about it because it was so funny. i need to write a book still.
so many people have told me to write a book. but i never know what i'd even include in the book. so i figure i'd just make it a book about anything and everything.

funny stuff. advice. thoughts. questions. i think it could be a hit.
and toms quotes will be featured. i think its only necessary.

last night was cinco de mayo -- it was soooo fun. got to see a lot of people i havent seen in a while and got to meet some new faces as well . i am lucky to be surrounded by great, fun, positive people.

sombrero time!!

we had a pull up contest ... the top 3 winners received exotic fruit.
i sadly, only did one pull up. but Akira won, he did over 20 i think...!

so much fun. such fantastic people. can't wait to get prints of these for a photo album. love!