Monday, June 29, 2009

ocean breeze

incense burning in my background. - just finished washing my car

my cat is lounging on her bed (my bed) there is that buzzing bug outside making a racket . i have 3 shipments to make this week - one to natalie and her by jack, one to my bagel tayler, and another to my pal kylee. however depending on my situation i might just wait to hand deliver the ones to my utah girls. we shall see about that.

my sweet little get away to tahoe was superb. i got a tan and now i have a "white bathing suit" as tiffany calls it. tomorrow i have a free day off and me & audra are going to our summer house "the lagoon" in coloma for a good old school day of tanning, eating Jo's food and swimming. it will be great and my "white bathing suit" will be very defined afterwards/ haha i would take a photo of it for you all but .. that would require me to be naked. but i do want to show the difference of before & after so i will get a photo of that somehow .


song of last week - (sorry i forgot to update) - BLOWIN' WAX - PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS

which reminds me = i'd really like to make my own mandala painting. and i need to finish all my paintings that i've started. the one for my aunt in hawaii , the one for ryan. sigh . i will get around to it sometime.

i want to go visit my soul sister & my aunt in hawaii this summer. i think i can swing it if i pay with my credit card. sweet! - okay shower time - ive got lemon juice in my hair . did i tell you i am trying to go blonde? its successful so far. i have been putting sun in & lemon juice in my hair and my roots are BLONDE. haha it looks funny because the rest of my hair is reddish blonde. i will be victorious one day ..

i wish i lived in utah , in my own house in the avenues or something. that would be so radical. i'll save up for that too i guess. i am going to make homes all around the world.
i miss my 2nd (or 3rd?) home : look at that pretty little place

Thursday, June 25, 2009

my loke had her jack

natalie my best loke had her son jack last night at 12:04 june 25th - just like i knew she would. i can't wait to meet him and see her & see presley hang out with her new little brother. i am so happy. sometimes i wish i could know if i'll ever have a little bean of my own but i just don't know if i could handle it.

i had to take off covers from my bed because i get hot at night. weird! never happened before, my room never gets hot. strange . my sister and i are waking up at 8 every morning and doing yoga outside in our bathing suits on the lawn before breakfast. its a nice time to do yoga because we get some early morning sun which is the best sun of the day and its a good way to wake up and get energized. the grass is too big and high to have our yoga mats lay nicely so i think we might reloacte on to the driveway which isn't as fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

frisbee golf

forgot to say i played frisbee golf on sunday . i lost , i think i was worse than laake & brogan.. haha. but it was fun. my fingers were sore afterwards but now i know i need practice..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the fair comes this thursday - i am going to go to it on friday night with gabe sady . gabe sady is a good friend of mine, he likes ice cream just like i do. really crazy coincidence. my plan is ferris wheel, petting zoo & tent shops.
on saturday i have a wedding to shoot with lisa, there will be 240 people there i think is what she said. holy wow! this will be exauhsting; more for her than for me i bet. but then sunday i drive up to tahoe and go camping for a night and i am going to sleep in my car. i'm excited to do that. ive done it once and i got ambushed - no thanks to nick franco & kate you jerks.. ha ha ha aaaa

at the end of the month i want to go to San Luis Obispo for the 4th of july. also Ryan has an art show on the 3rd that i reaaaaaaaaaally want to go to so bad. ryan does amazing art. i wish he'd send some to me so i could show you all. just amazing. i think i'd only go for a couple of days. maybe 2nd -5th. who knows tho i need to plan it.

i miss my utah friends so bad these days. i wish i could be there to have some fun and hang out. my best friend paris just had a photoshoot with ryan muirhead and she is so beautiful it makes me happy. she is so great i miss her like .. like.. i can't think of an analogy right now. here is a photo from her shoot :

if i was as pretty as her i think i'd rule a world or two. but shes not just pretty outside shes pretty inside and thats why i like her. i need more friends like her . i've been making new friends lately. just a couple but i like it. i love new people. but i love my old people too i need to get in touch with them. like anthony , i wonder how his kittens are and the garden. maybe next week i'll drop by. i'm thinking outloud. or thinking via keyboard.

my neck and sides hurt. my hips are out of place i need to get them re-adjusted. i also need to work out my legs they are chunk nasty. i'd also like to hit up a pool wearing a bathing suit sometime soon geeze.. its been too cool to do that. 3 more days till summer hopefully it starts to FEEL that way.

here are some photos:

driving past the wagon train on hwy 50 on the way to the wedding last wednesday with lisa - it's the 60th anniversary. here's some fun info on that: hwy50 wagon train

& a view from west shore lake tahoe @ valhalla (the wedding location) .. BEAUTIFUL. its like i'm looking at tropical waters and beaches then i notice the snow covered mountains and big forest all around me. i live in a paradise.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hartman lines

hartman lines are earths energy grids. hartman lines are naturally occurring charged lines that run north south and east west. these lines are positively charged or negatively charged, so where the lines intersect there can be double positive or double negative or one negative and one positive charge. the intersections seem to be the source of problems. the lines are like invisible walls that come vertical from the ground, radioactive walls. each is 9 inches wide (21 centimeters). the grid is magnetically oriented. north to south lines are found 6 inches 6 feet apart (2 meters) apart. east to west lines are 8 feet apart (2.5 meters). between the lines is a neutral zone. the network of lines penetrates thru everything and everywhere. in areas with electromagnetic pollution the lines get distorted and move closer to each other. hartman lines become bigger and spread further right before an earthquake - this is thought to warn animals so they can run away in time.

the lines have been related to yin and yang - north/south (yin) being cold energy, acting slowly corresponding to winter and is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism. while east/west (yang) is hot & dry rapidly reacting energy that is related to fire and inflammations.

since the lines are magnetically charged one item used to divert the lines is copper. if you find you are sleeping in a hartman line or even worse, in a hartman line intersection you can place a copper penny or pipe under your bed to divert it. i bet you're all wondering how to even FIND a hartman line... well i'm about to tell you.
i'm sure all of you have one of those metal hangers around the house right? well that's your tool. its called a dowsing rod hold the hanger in your hand like so:

don't grip it so it can't move, but don't hold it so loose it slips thru your hands. just hold it enough so that it can swing back and fourth lightly. don't swing the hanger tho. start walking in a room and you'll notice that the hanger might start to move to the left or right after you cross over a certain spot. if it turns completely to the right or left (doesn't matter which way) take a step back and see if it moves again. if the hanger keeps turning when you go over that spot you've found a hartman line. don't forget the lines go north/south & east/west so walk in a couple of different areas to find them.
a visual example of finding hartmans lines would be placing a plant on a hartman line that you've found and then placing a different plant in a neutral zone. (both healthy). you might start to notice that the plant on the hartman line doesn't live so well and struggles. if you have problems sleeping at night it could be because your bed is in an intersection or in a line. check it out to make sure. and like i said ... copper can divert it, it can just go around the copper and reconnect so you aren't disrupting anything badly.

so you all should have a dowsing rod.. and let me tell you that dowsing rods come in handy for much more than finding hartman lines. to make real dowsing rods they have to be 18 inches long and the last 5 inches curved into an L shape. pendulums also work (like mine - i'll explain that in a minute). once you have your dowsing rod hold the 5 inch part - this is the handle - and hold the two rods in each hand out in front of you and repeat your intention . ex: i want to find a rose. the rods will normally move outward from each other then inward this indicates the location of what you're seeking - sometimes the rods will point directly to what you are looking for.

okay so about the pendulum . you can buy pendulums or you can simply make one of your own. making them is really easy. i used a necklace. i just unhooked it and added a charm (a turtle in my case) to the end of it. then voila. hold it in your fingers very still and the way to find out what will mean yes, no & maybe is this...
hold it out in front of you as still as you can. then say "give me a yes" your pendulum should start to swing in some direction consistantly. next say "give me a no" your pendulum should change direction noticeably from your "yes" direction. finally say "give me a maybe" again it should also be different from yes and no.

for me, my yes is spinning around in a circle, my no is back & fourth and my maybe is side to side. everyone's is different thats why you ask it to give YOU a yes.. understand? yours might be the same as mine tho. so if you do try the pendulum or dowing rods please tell me your results!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


today i felt sad. i didn't have any obvious reason.

i will tell you all about the hartman line if anyone even reads my blog. if no one does i'm not going to bother writing about it or explaining it. its very interesting tho.
i am very very interested in pendulums and i think you'll often see me with one or at least know that i have one in my purse.

Friday, June 12, 2009

song of the week

dios malos - starting five

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


got some origami paper today - can't wait to have some free time for doing that. i also got some "new" clothing from goodwill. i find all my clothes at thrift stores, its the only stuff i like. i also got some real new clothes , fresh kind - for work. and some new sandals. most everything i got was black. i'm just a fan of black. i got some color tho. tomorrow i shoot my first wedding with lisa in tahoe.. i am very excited AND nervous for it. i hope i do okay and don't mess up.

blog world has been so slow and dull lately. it bugs me. i don't want to do summer school. i think i'm gonna bail on it. yeah for sure. i got time. i'm only 20. i won't slack off during fall & spring but this summer is go time for work and relax. i can mix business with pleasure. because business is pleasure.

i have some photos to show you bloggers frommy trip to virginia. just some i snapped, very random.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Thursday, June 4, 2009

day dreams ~ fantasies

this is my blog. and i'll do what i want to.

i have a list of books i "need". i picture myself having many great books and people coming over to my place, sitting down on a couch that is comfy enough to sleep on, grabbing a book from the shelf or table near by and making a note to self to buy the book for themselves later. for me, when i own my own house the decorations will be bookshelfs.. bookshelfs are essential to me. i love my small bookshelf that i have - my greatgrandmothers - that is crammed full of books and knick-knacks. bookshelves not only hold books but they can hold all my gadgets and randoms, which also, is essential. being as i have a LOT of randoms..

another thing that i need to have ... non matching dishes. i don't want dishes that match. at first i did and i liked it. but then, i decided the things in my life need to more reflect myself. and yeah, dishes matter. as long as they have the same basic-ness i guess.. i can't have totally opposite ends of the spectrum in my cabinets. i think i'd like pottery dishes. i'd also really love to take a pottery class that would be so beyond awesome. i already have a small collection of otagiri mugs that i've been picking up from the thrift store. i love otagiri designs.

i want to travel. of course. if you are reading this blog post and didn't already know that i have a bad case of wanderlust i think you've been living in a bomb shelter for the entire life of my blog. anyways, whenever i go on even a little trip my heart, mind and soul ache for more movement. i want to go all over the place. i want to photograph things, paint things, see things, feel things. i just want to be all over this earth and take it all in for real. looking at photos and reading about places will never suffice. some places i must go to in my life time would be the following:
peru - scotland - seychelles - tibet - egypt - israel

next point of interest. i'd like a python. a very well contained one, because i can't have my precious anouk being eaten. i would be so mad and sad. snakes don't gross me out. they are so soft and amazing.. i don't understand how people can be afraid of the nice ones. i am afraid of the mean ones of course, but a pet python.. not so mean. of the baby little pet ones like brent had, so not scary at all. i would just love to hold it and let it slide around and hang out. sometimes. now that i am saying this i am thinking of situations where i wouldnt be too happy to run into my pet slithering around freely. hm.

oh i want a king size bed. soft soft cotton white sheets. with handmade tyedye pillow cases with goose down inside. and a goosedown comfortor. with colorful velvet pillows all around and the bed will almost never be really made.. just thrown together to look decent. the king size will be a pillow top, the most comfortable bed you'd ever be in. with an old dark wood antique frame & headboard. detailed and big posts in the corners to hang things from. i'd have plenty of dream catchers above my bed... and many many sweet and warm smelling candles.

art room. every room would be fitting for art projects. no room is off limits. a million different projects strewn about but well contained and organized to pick up on when i feel in the mood. paints of every color. glue and tape. nails/hammer . tacs for sure. i'm a fan of gold framed art, don't ask me why its just a thing i'm fond of. right now i have 5 gold framed art pieces on my art wall. 1 with out a frame and 1 more with a gold matt but blue frame. i feel like any piece of art can be inside a gold frame - it will match. i could be wrong. but thats just my opinion.

a pool and a hottub. with a perfect view of the sky. some shade maybe off in a corner. but who needs it when youre swimming. the hottub would be used mainly at night to relax and look at the stars during meteor showers and whatnot. speaking of, when is the next scheduled meteor shower? i'll never forget watching one with lora & molly 3 or 4 years ago on my back porch.. molly ran to her car to get something and missed the biggest shooting star EVER. lora and i screamed and couldn't get over it and molly was so sad she missed it. always in my memory, things like that.

wet ropes

hold greater weight.

me & paris are going to portugal for a little bit here soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


partridge saw beyond the present, got quick shots of coming events as though loose brain wires briefly connected. he had been born with a caul; at three, witnessed ball lightening bouncing down a fire escape; dreamed of cucumbers the night before his brother in-law was stung by hornets. he was sure of his own good fortune. he could blow perfect smoke rings. cedar waxwings always stopped in his yard on their migration flights.