Monday, February 28, 2011

baby trashes bar in las palmas

seriously one of the funniest things ever and i can't stop watching it because it cracks me up so much. everything is so perfect. hahaha! i love when shes shoving the food in her mouth. this baby does it perfect its great

and yesterday we celebrated mitch's 30th birthday. it was fun. here is the cake that was made for him: his brother adam, did the darth vadar & chewbacca part... hahaha. & payton put the numbers on... makes mitch look younger. ha!

i was supposed to drive home to california today but last night i was really really sick and i barely got any sleep, so i'm leaving wednesday instead. i couldn't imagine driving 10 hours while being super tired and sick. yuck. so i'm just resting and doing last minute errands in the mean time.. so fun..

see ya

Thursday, February 24, 2011

pies & packing

i hate packing.

i love cooking.
so i decided to mix the two today
so that i wouldn't be so annoyed at whats going on.
i think thats fair right?
so i made mini-pies for mitch's early birthday present
& bacon tomato avocado & pasta for his dinner.

here are the mini-pies i made
- apple, blueberry, cherry -
i even put an egg glaze on the top so they are shiny & perfect.

but i'm still really irritated about packing.
there is so much stuff i have to pack.
and i feel sickness coming on. in my throat.
my throat doesn't hurt but it feels different when i swallow
& its had this strange taste in my mouth that wont leave all morning & day.
i feel fuzzy too. i need a hot bath again.
i also don't like my built-in retainer.
i want it removed. decided.
i'm kind of sick of red wine. i think i will switch to white wine for a while.

here is the song i am obsessed with right now : this girl is wonderful and amazing
she rocks my world!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dreams dreams dreams

oh the things i could have ....

i plan on collecting everything necessary for creating this perfect idea in my head .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i wish

i wish that

- i could fall asleep on a bed of moss
- people would listen to me
- things were a whole lot easier
- nevada didn't even exist
- i had a special chocolate shop near by
- i had a little bit more money for a little bit more clothes
- i owned my own mac book pro 13 inch
- my hair was longer & that my roots didn't show
- i had my tan back
- roux would stop meowing at me
- my car was a little bit bigger
- i could find a really awesome paying job
- i had an iphone (with out the bill)
- people would buy my earrings from etsy
- the weather was warm & sunny
- i could just disappear
- i could drink this whole bottle of wine with out making a face
- i had my own room
- i was born a unicorn
- god damn it

- that i wasn't falling down the rabbit hole

Monday, February 21, 2011

one day

one day.
damn i really hope one day .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My baby's first time outside

So today is really windy and Roux has been watching the leaves fly around ... so i decided to take her outside for her first time. She really likes it. i just wish i could leave her outside alone so she wouldn't cry at me all the time. but we don't have a full gated yard. so she keeps meowing at me wanting to go back outside. its funny. shes so cute. i took pictures of her first time out :

and then this morning i was looking out the window at the road and i saw a beach ball being blown down the road so i ran out and chased after it and brought it in. now i have a perfect little beach ball. my mom said : "i guess you could interpret that to mean that good things are coming your way as long as you reach out and grab 'em!" my mom is so smart.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy ferris wheel day !

and happy valentines day. which isn't nearly as cool as ferris wheels.
so my kitten roux really likes playing with tampons. its her favorite toy. she hangs out with it. and carries it around in her mouth and stuff. ahah its so funny. i love her so much. she is my best friend. (sorry anouk, you are too still) i sound like a crazy cat lady. i probably am. i just love my cats so much. they are my pride my joy. my babies. so i finally got a picture of roux with her tampon "hanging out" :

Friday, February 11, 2011

Roux & Etsy

So today i've makin earrings and posted them on my Etsy - check 'em out!

i also cleaned up my rings and posted them up there too. i never wear those 4, i have my 3 that i always wear and never take off... so its pointless keepin these pretties! the way i cleaned them was so awesome... i boiled hot water, put tin foil in a glass boil, put the rings in there, poured the hot water over them and then sprinkled baking soda on them and voila... seriously amazing shiny clean and perfect. its awesome. i feel like cleaning everything sterling silver right now..

and today i decided to take a couple of picture of my kitty Roux.. shes so funny. kinda camera shy. she's only 5 months old. its funny to think about.

this is a typical Roux face.. brat.
curious little kitty
she likes lookin out the windows.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

its me!

so finally, here is a picture of me with my new 'OMBRE' hair
its pretty. i like it. my boyfriend took it.
which by the way, the 2nd part of his [framed] show is out
check it out if you will :
he is so cute.

we went to the zoo . and i really like the tiger & the gorillas.
and i took this picture in the 'asian highlands' there was nobody at the zoo.
it was cool. but i always wish i could get closer to the animals and love them.

i am sick. im not happy about it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

need need need

okay so i have a lot of "obsessions" lately ...
++nail polish .. i buy one new color at least once a week. ++french movies .. i am on a mission to watch as many great ones as possible. they are too much fun. ++chocolate covered fruit .. yeah so i havent had any since i got back from california, because i haven't had the time or money to do so. and i am goin nutzZzz! ++pinkish/red lips ... i have this yummy all natural chapstick that is a lip stain and it makes me look real pretty and it smells like heaven. ++

this is my lover , Mr/Mitch Meyer.
he is the first artist featured on [Framed]
i am so so proud of him! isn't he handsome & dashing?

yesterday i made these for dinner :
petite lasagnas ! mm so good. if you want the recipe just comment my blog with your email and i'll email it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i love watching french movies. right now i am watching heartbreakers. (L'arna Coeur)
i am kind of mad at my parents for not teaching me french when i was little. grr mom & dad.. i need to get into french class/. big time. i'm embarrassing. a french girl who doesn't know fluent french. ouch.
next topic.

its freezing outside.
and my new current food obsession is Milk Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts . except this box will simply not do. because there are simply not enough,. i think i'd need a bag of them. oh i think i just might have given my boyfriend an idea for valentines..... i cant wait that long tho. maybe. ah. i gotta stop talkin about it.