Wednesday, July 29, 2009

utah .. 3:30 am

i leave for utah tomorrow morning 3:30am. i have two red suit cases packed. they aren't even filled to their potential so i either have to think of other stuff to bring or bring stuff home from utah to fill up the space. haha. i feel like i'm going to forget something and that feeling always sucks. oh well i hope i don't. i have to wear my knee high moccassins when i travel because they are my biggest shoes so putting them in a suitcase is really dumb because it takes up a ton of space. which i guess this trip wouldn't be bad since i was just saying how i have all this room.

tomorrow lilian is picking me up from the airport and we are going to provo to pick up my sandals from lianna. then me & lilian are dying our hair and i am giving her a manicure. then the entire state of utah is going to the galivan center for a band called sonic youth at 7.. i am not attending because a) i don't know the band b) i don't want to be hot c) i don't like HUGE insane crowds. /the mixutre of all 3 = not fun to me. so instead i plan on going over to my loke natalies to visit with her & her 2 kids and hopefully crash at her place. i can't wait to see and cuddle jack and see presley being all big-kid style. crazy!

this week i've been avoiding the shower and portraying a dirtbag. i just figure its so hot out that i'm going to get all icky again so why waste my time with a shower.\.. i've been running all over i feel. i'm really going to miss california. i already miss it and i'm not even gone yet. i'm gonna miss my family - i haven't seen them since sunday and they wont be home before i leave they are getting back friday. so i wont see them for two weeks. it sucks. and my cat.. aw my cat.. my little beetle angel precious. she was sitting on my suitcase this morning waiting for me to wake up.. she's gonna miss me so much. she's gonna be a year old in august. shes growin up so fast.. i love her so much my heart is happy.

i'm gonna hopefully get some good photos this trip. lil has a camera. and sam does too. that i'm hoping to borrow.. and i just called sam to make sure he asks his momma if we can go have dinner on sunday! i'm so excited to see his family.. aw

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

today's TODO list

* megs dogs @ 8am - feed/move to the yard
* wash my car & moms car.. & the audi if you can figure out where the parents hid the keys for some reason. {i have no idea why they do that. i came in to grab all the keys to move the cars and audi keys are gone. weirdos.}
* pack.. as much & as well as possible..
* email lil book list
* thrift stores pville & camino.
* feed animals
* water plants
* stop eating like a pig
* take a shower.. please..
* megs dogs at 8pm - move into house

Sunday, July 26, 2009

dj that showed up later during the party. how cool right? i dig it

live music . jammin all night in the basement. so great -- i was the playing the egg

flower to the people

i learned how to play "the egg"

hahaha i couldn't stop laughing.
me & a guy made this one together, i dont know his name
but he was cracking me up so hard.
its so funny. ball chaps. hahaha yes

the basement band

redwood grove

my cat sad that i was leaving.. she always hangs out in/by my suitcase before i leave because she tries to tempt me into not going away.

tropical greenhouse .. huge leaves real nice.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i lost a follower

i had 20. but one left. i dont know who it was, i didnt look. sorta sad. haha , anyhow here are some more photos from my camping trip to the lake out on the boat , photos curiosity of my sister. i was the flag holder for a bit by the way.

flag holder


the new move i learned while wakeboarding.. nosegrab..
just kidding. i cant go underwater with out plugging my nose so i was demonstrating

i live a great life . not a care in the world . i can have anything at this point .

my life is amazing. funny how summer time has to roll around for me to realize my opportunities, privledges, gifts , etc. my family is AWESOME - couldn't ask for a cooler more relaxed carefree hilarious family. the friends .. that i do have once in a while .. are great. (sad how it can't be consistent on their part.) i have the two greatest jobs i could have for a girl my age. i have friends for bosses. pluuuuuus my cat is adorable..

i am buying my d300 here pretty soon. and after that i think i'll save up for a telescope. i also want to move to england for a couple of months next year, maybe during summer. and i think instead of costa rica for christmas break i'll go to hawaii to visit my aunt & my soul sister nell. get some scuba & some 'summer' in during the winter. i'm real excited that my life is so free right now. i love knowing that i am on the right track. the right track can be hard to find sometimes. life doesnt make it easy. but when you find it its so good. just gotta work on keeping on it and make choices that dont feel funky. that keeps you straight.

i cant wait for utah.. oh myga! 6 more days what!


went to sly park again yesterday. went out on miss eileens boat.. watched everyone wakeboard and it was cool. i won't wakeboard tho.. no way man. im not athletic at all and i'm afraid of water for the most part. i can't even go underwater with out plugging my nose. here are two photos i took with my phone.. my sister has other photos on her camera.

this weekend i am going to berkley with lisa for a wedding on sunday, we are leaving saturday at noon so we can scope out the area and the lighting beforehand. i've never been to berkley. but my parents are leaving for silver lake on sunday and staying until friday i think. so i wont see them at all before i leave for utah. sad. dang. but i am excited for utah it's gonna be jam packed with excitement.
my brother just bought himself a brand new all black 4 door toyota tacoma. its way nice. i havent really looked at it yet but it looks sweet. rockin ,man. i gotta go clear out my car from camping , its a mess. i'll post more photos later ..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

package exchange '09

click the picture to read all about it..
this will be FUN! join .. sign up.. have some fun too

Sunday, July 19, 2009


lilian is dying my hair back to dark on thursday july 30th. because i like to have fun and i want my dark hair back. one day my hair will be dark just like my eyebrows trick everyone into thinking that my hair is actually dark. but its not its sorta light and weird.

funny cause ive been telling EVERYONE that i am not going to dye my hair anymore. but whatever. i only live once. lifes too long not to have fun.. and i love dying my hair. i have a lot of it so i like to have fun with it. don't judge me!

song of the week

well.. it is "high low" by michael franti & spearhead... but ive looked and searched all over and i can't find an mp3 to link it here so you can listen..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

90 somethin degrees...

this is the pool i was at today. it was so hot and this pool was perfect. i got a really good tan in a short amount of time. for some reason this pool is prime for tanning quickly. its nice. i want a pool in my back yard tho.. badly.
my brother is home for 30 days.. and i have 11 days left until i fly to utah. i am really really excited its getting so close.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


16 DAYS!
who am i seeing? what are my plans? i feel like writing them down so i can get a handle on them better.
day 1 - lilian and erynn pick me up at 11 hundred hours AM. we play all day. sam comes home around 5. i get dropped off to stay on his couch for 3 or 4 days.
aug 1 - mini tubing session down provo river
sunday aug 2nd - tryin to get sam to let me come to dinner at his mommas house with his family.. i miss his sweet family and his mommas food! next stop joannas, HER BED IS SO COMFY i am so excited to stay with her and see her!
tuesday aug 4 - jake garn shoot with lilian part2. aug 5 issac rush (krush) photo shoot.. with lilian also!! pt3.
aug 6 - what will happen? find out soon..
saturday aug8 -tubing down provo river with a big big group of people! that will be fun.

and all the inbetween stuff isn't planned. i want to hang out with my loke whenever she has the time. my photoshoots don't last all day, most are in the evenings i think. so my days are free so i gotta be productive. last time i was in utah i sat around a lot for some reason. i got lazy.. haha.

i've made a total of 6 earrings so far. tonight and tomorrow i am going to make more. i have a day off tomorrow and im gonna relax. well deserved relax day. i've gotten so tan. my tan lines are very bold. i am going tanning/swimming/frozen yogurt eatting with audra on saturday. she just got a new pet snake that i am dying to go visit. his name is sid and i cant wait to pet him and hold him. i love snakes. i love my anouk tho shes the best pet ever. she finally slept in today. she always wakes around 5:30, but today i woke her up at 8 and she was grumpy.. hahah . i had to get her out of a tree last night i think thats why she was tired. here is a photo of my ring tan lines on my fingers. this photograph doesnt quite get my point across.

where did all my bloggers go? say hi or somethin , sheesh

July Meteor Shower Schedule
Shower Name Start Date Max Date End Date
Piscis Austrinids July 15 July 28 August 10
South. δ-Aquariids July 12 July 28 August 19
α-Capricornids July 3 July 30 August 15
Perseids July 17 August 12 August 24

Monday, July 13, 2009

monday kayaking with brooke

first stop lunch time. thats me right there.

brooke in green me in yellow

red clay island.. so soft we rubbed it all over

made us feel so smooth

the ride home.. love

Sunday, July 12, 2009


song of this week:

i wish i was in utah right now.
i don't want to wait for ... 18 more days until i'm there.
i miss my pari. and i can't wait to meet jack & see my two lokesters that i miss so much. i can't wait to be with lilian and erynn. i can't wait for my 4 photoshoots. i can't wait to BE THERE ALREADY. i'm so impatient.

Friday, July 10, 2009

some new additions

to my room. my room is like a gathering spot for all things colorful and random. my room makes no sense yet it makes all the sense in the world. it is so peaceful and welcoming. it makes visitors drowsy. it also makes people curious, just about everyone glances around and wants to touch it all. i love my "stuff" so here are just a few additions -

#1 - metal rust colored branch hooks. i don't really know what they are for. but i found them at a thrift store and decided to hang my jewelry from them.
#2 mirror frames. i loved these alot. so i framed two photographs sam & i took on a nature hike. he took the photos, but i found the objects to take photos of. they look so pretty
#3 gold frame. and i framed a photograph sam & i took of salt lake city. it looks lovely in the frame.
#4 magazine holder with 2 new books. the magazine holder is from my moms estate she is liquidating. and the 2 books are: women before 10am & men before 10am too. really cool books - a check off my book list.

felt like showing off. i also have been making earrings. i think i might try to sell them. they are feather earrings and some have sharks teeth. check it out: (& all of the feathers i found in the yard, not store bought. same with sharks teeth - found them in florida with my grandma when i was a wee bonnie lass.)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

this is for you nataloke

carlucci tradition - probably the first time

look how teeny pres was!!!

beat of the week


Sunday, July 5, 2009

amazing tahoe 4th of july weekend part 1

we went to zepher beach for the 4th. it was PACKED. this photo isn't very good , but the shore line was loaded with people and boats blasting music. tents and drinks were everywhere. and .. here's the best part.. i wanted to go on a jet ski SO BAD that i asked two boys i've never met to take me & brooke out on the lake on their jet skis... so we did ! it was the funnest thing ive done so far this summer. it was also my first time being out on lake tahoe.. weird i know.

this photo is from the top deck at the cabin brookes friends rented in the tahoe keys... it was so fun and beautiful there. this is were we spent our 4th of july night. it was a load of fun. me & brooke had a blast. she has some awesome photos of us being ridiculous on her camera so i'll get those later.

this is a photo of a person para sailing on the lake.. i was watching with desire. i want to do that next time i go up to tahoe. i always achieve my goals, anyone who knows me knows this fact! para sailing.. be ready for me ! -

this firework photo was taken in the water. me and brooke walked out into the water pretty far from shore because it was so shallow and warm. it was a perfect place to watch fireworks. all the shores had them going on, we saw west east north and south.. south was the best as always. took this photograph for lilian my friend in utah who didnt get to have a real 4th of july .

more to come later these are just from my phone ... loved my weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

tanning tuesdays

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

kayaking at slypark

i love my car. but i don't like the little blue river kayak..