Monday, September 29, 2008

presley mondays

so presley arrived this morning & we ran a little bit of errands. then ginger & the boys came over to play and see the house. we had a lot of fun! we plan to go to the zoo and go to parks and on walks next time. it will be great. presley gets along very good with the boys & anouk gets along too. woohoo! here are a couple photos i captured of this afternoon:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

friday saturday

i went over to natalies last night & stayed over.
it was so fun. me & presley colored & danced.

me & natalie won at the beginning of a game, but then lost.
natalie is one of my very best lokes ever & i love her ! we always have so much fun. we made a salad. we had good laughs.

i work until 12:30 today.
i haven't been a very good blogger lately it seems.
i'll try to redeem myself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

loves the camera

this is my wild cuddly cat anouk, as most of you know.

she is so funny/. i can't even begin to explain. those who have seen the wild side of her don't need that explanation because they've most likely experienced it all first hand. she is getting bigger i can tell. i miss it when she was itty bitty and small. she is still small but dang, she is growing. she hasn't changed much personality wise which i am happy about (so far). but today it was another really worthless day of doing nothing. so i took some photos of her and learned that she LOVES having her photo taken. she was posing for it and everything. she knows she is cute . . . little brat.

this one... i call - The Thinker.

Monday, September 22, 2008


rainy day. i woke up to a freezing cold house. AND i woke up late. but i got everything done. very rushed, but i got it all done before 8. but presley never showed up at my door. so i'm pretty bummed. i don't know why she isn't here. natalies phone is turned off. but oh well.

i'm using my heater for the 2nd time since living here. when we first moved in i used it for a bit. my house is really clean, i cleaned it all up yesterday. so its nice to be all cozy in here. i just wish our computer desk was installed so i could do a puzzle on the dining room table. but the computer is here. i've really done nothing today. i ate too much. i watched really bad tv & sat on the computer internet shopping, but didn't buy anything. i work 5-8 tonight setting up for tomorrows event. which takes place at 5 in the morning. AH! but i only work till 11. which is better than working 6:30 to 3:30 like the other day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

poor guillermo

today he got cut with glass. he was bleeding horribly from his foot. i got gauze & an ace band aids. we wrapped it. it kept bleeding all day, & it got worse. so sam called me at work & i had to bring guillermo to the animal E.R. & he got it cleaned and cream got put on & wrapped up. they wanted to sedate him and stitch him up and everything like that but me & sam don't have $360 dollars even combined so we couldn't do it. so they were nice enough to do that for us. poor fella. i gave him 4 treats.

anyways. tomorrow is the day! MINESTRONE SOUP DAY! i am so excited. i am so tempted to just heat up a bowl right now... but i won't. i took one tiny bite for a taste test to make sure it didn't need anything but thats it. i have good self discipline. but i am a good cook... i will admit it. i love cooking for people. i like to see people enjoy something that i made or created. i just wish i could do it a lot more.

i was reading this book called "getting lucky" by susan marino in the pet ER and it was really good. i think i am going to check it out at the library tomorrow.

i love reading. i finally went to the library yesterday & got a library card! yay. i am so happy about it. i got two books. one i just grabbed because it looked cool and the library was closing. and on the way to the check out i read the cover & it said "one of the most erotic stories i have ever come across... a fearless tale". needless to say i felt really embarrassed to check it out. its called "the almond". i just wanted a really nice looking book because i sometimes judge books by their covers, and this one just looked neat so i grabbed it because i didnt want to just get one book. but the reason i went to the library was to check out "i am a cat" by soseki natsume. but they didn't have it so i just got "to the spring equinox and beyond" it will suffice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6:30 - 3:30

yeah. i worked that long...

my feet hurt. my head hurts. my back hurts.
we had so much to do today. not to mention we stayed a bit later to set up for american idol. american idol needs to stop. seriously. how many "idols" do we need... this is the 29385 season. STOP! we are done with it!

oh oh! we got our new couch cover today. i also got a fall puzzle in the mail from my momma. she is so nice. my mom is great. i wish she'd come to visit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

body worlds & kansas

so on sep. 19 the body worlds exhibit opens. it stays open till jan 10. but i wan't to go now! i've waited too long to see this. it was in santa barbra once i think in cali. (among other places too) and i really wanted to go but it didn't work out. so now that its right downtown on 209 E & 500 S i can be there by walking even. my mom's friends back home in california told me about plastination about a year or so ago & ever since i've been intrigued by this.
i can save $2 off general admission.
i want to go. anyone else? let me know lets make it a fun trip.
here is the page/coupon for $2 off : [link]

so about kansas... i'll be heading there october 9th with my family until the 12th. my great ancestors from scotland ended up there when they were trying to come out to california a REALLY long time ago. my mom & grandpa went out there a couple months ago & found their graves and info about them. so we are going out there & the mayor wants to speak and have a big ceremony for some reason. we are also looking for this chair that was in our family too. i guess its like a big deal. i don't know much about it. but it sounds cool & its a family vacation thats paid for. plus i've never been to kansas. the town we are going to is quite literally the exact center of the united states. its so weird. i'm pretty nervous because kansas is in tornado ally. and i'm a fan of tornadoes. so lets hope i see one.

a week off

this week, i have it off. its kinda nice, but i have nothing that i need to get done. except wednesday, my boss from wells fargo just text me asking if i could work at 6:30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. i said yes. because i need the moneys & because i know i will be doing nothing if i didn't work.

i really don't like doing nothing. is that weird or normal? i like to be doing things and being productive. theo & mary janes family went on a river trip in moab this week, so i don't get to see them until next tuesday. i was supposed to watch Pres this morning but nat is sicky-ish so i'll start watching pres next monday instead.

i was thinking of walking to the bank today to deposit 25 dollars. i need to walk more, so since i live in a place were there are sidewalks i'm going to try taking advantage of it while its cool out but not snowy or rainy yet. i also want to check out the library sometime this week. maybe today. maybe tomorrow. i can't do much else because i can't spend money. i also am going to walk down south temple to a mailbox to send of some letters & goodies. i love that i live a block over from south temple. all the huge houses & old buildings. its a nice street.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

autumn treats

here are 3 little gifts being sent off today...

one for the payne family

one for stephanie

& one for JOE!

the little treats i baked up last night. sour cream apple bars. i couldn't eat them all myself, so i decided they would be for joe's birthday gift. -his birthday was yesterday- after i gave joe a lot in his gift, there were quite a bit left over. again i couldn't eat even the left overs by myself so i divided up the rest & packaged them up for two other gifts. & all i have left are these three pieces. THOSE i can eat by my self... easy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


love this season. the crisp mornings. the changing colors. warm food. & the cozy clothes.

autumn however, is best spent in Apple Hill. also known as... my hometown of Camino, CA.
my house is located smack dab in the middle of it all. there are farms & orchards literally 1 minute away from the camino house. fresh picked apples in the yard, freshly pressed cider. APPLE PIES. apple raviolis... i'll have to get the recipe for that. its a secret.
carmel apples & sweets. driving 2 minutes to boa vista for pumpkins.

apple hill easily has the best fruits & veggies ever. i grew up luck. i never realized how perfect all of our fruits & veggies were until i moved.

our ranch is called the Chestnut Ridge Ranch. we sell chestnuts, the biggest ones in the area probably. we have a lot & people love them. we sell plums when they grow too. & we are also a christmas tree farm but we only have baby trees so far. it'll take a while for those to get big enough to be sent off into the living rooms of families.

during fall i always want to do puzzles. autumn themed puzzles. we have a couple at my house in california but i have none here. i think i'll have to order some. i'm also going to make my grandmas shortbread & hopefully get the top secret recipe for apple ravioli. it is the best thing ever. i can't wait to carve pumpkins & do little fall things. halloween is soonish & i think i am going to be mother earth for halloween. maaaaybe. my birthday is october 4th. october is a great month. i love fall, because i'm a fall baby.

i'm excited & nervous for colder weather. because cold weather to me is just 38 when it snows (sometimes) in camino. i get freezing when its 50. but here in utah it gets really cold... & as most know i do not own "warm" clothes. at all. i don't even own shoes for cold weather. i only have my moccasins. i'll have to start getting clothes now.

here are the sierra nevadas in fall. oh i miss them sooo much. i'm a bit homesick. i think its because its fall. & i love my hometown in the fall. it feels so cozy & fall is like the ultimate time to be with your family. did i already say i love fall? sheesh.