Tuesday, March 30, 2010

photoshoots, briefly

from my shoot with jozef - i love these.

and this is Ryan Muirhead and myself at the jake garn workshop ... isnt it the greatest?

Monday, March 29, 2010


so i went to utah for 3 days to attend the holi festival on saturday. it was FANTASTIC. you guys. i have to go next year too. it was great. i had a nice time in utah. nicole & i just hung out and were lazy most of the time. i hung out with sam and had really intense talks which was well needed. tough times i tell ya...
here are some photos from my Holi festival experience:

jackie & i - walking to the festival.

jackie blessing me

me blessing jackie

nicole calls this "the celebrity look" hahaha so funny!
i didnt even know she was taking a photo which makes it even funnier.

nicole & i - blessed!

haeree ... this photo is so intense to me. its beautiful!

me , covered head to toe in colors

nicole & i = pre-celebration (oops)

jackie kissing a llama ... i did this too but my hair got in the way of the photo

love this photo of nicole!

we were dancing maniacs around the burning of Holika!! loved it

nicole & i - vivid


AMAZING. outstanding. breathtaking.

haha gosh look at me.. i think this photo is so funny!

so much fun

spread the good around

the gang!

this is the best photographo of me that has ever been taken. EVER.

i adore this.. me & nicole with the flower between her feet

Saturday, March 20, 2010

river day

today i spent the afternoon with 2 of my good friends jackie & audra. it is mid march, 70 degrees. we were tanning and relaxing on the american river. this is california. it was a nice day. i skipped some rocks. its a hard thing to do & to learn but i did a couple. jackie taught us to hula-hoop and i am going to continue my practicing and learn some cool things. i told my paps about the speeding ticket i got . but first i called my neighbor , who lucky for me is a retired sheriff. i asked him a couple questions about the ticket and whatnot. he is great. so i had some info to tell my dad to put him at ease. PHEW. he was upset but not as mad as i thought. stress is off my shoulders. goodness.

oh my, did i tell you all that i am going to the Holi festival in utah march 27th/? its true. i am so so so excited and i am so happy to be going this year. i can not wait to take photos and celebrate this. i can't stop smiling and wiggling around with excitement. some links:

i was searching and collecting prime skipping rocks

me hula-hooping

jackie hula-hooping

then i was driving home afterwards, i went past goldbud orchards and saw this beautiful scene:

this is my home. its where i live. can you believe it? all this beauty so close in one area.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a photograph of me - mother nature

so this was taken at jakes photo workshop - this was my first look out of three. i can not wait to see the rest of the photos ... i love this one. and i didnt really know what was on my head up until i saw this photograph. i cant believe its me... but it is. yay


just got one in gunmetal - get one for yourself now

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


yeah so i'm going out of my mind with the yearning of wanting to be in utah on the 27th of march to attend Hopi - festival of colors. but i probably wont get to go . and i'll probably start my decline into a bad mood for several months because of it. i'm already in a bad mood because all i want to do is travel and i never want to be in california because there is nothing i WANT to be doing here. my life is annoying me. it doesn't help that i recently got a speeding ticket in nevada on my way back home. i'm scared out of my mind to tell me dad about it because i know he'll probably just kick me off the insurance and i'll be left on my ass to pay some ridiculous amount of money to insure my stupid car and my stupid decisions. its not my fault i wanted to get the hell out of nevada and away from IT. the cop should have sentenced me to jail instead, that would have been warmly welcomed by me instead of this death sentence of a ticket. i could be over reacting but i doubt it.

i haven't been blogging much because no one ever comes to read it. i don't want you reading my blog if you aren't even going to say hi or something. i like to know when people are reading what i say. i could go write on paper if i didn't want anyone to say something. but i do. because i like feedback and discussions. i'm bitter right now, sorry.

i think in a bit i'm going to drive over to the little market to pick up a pint of icecream and some twix. i need something to satisfy me. i asked sam to call tonight but he probably won't. i slept for 11 1/2 hours last night. i'll go to sleep soon. after my icecream and twix. and i'll start to read my book again. i haven't read it for about two weeks.

Friday, March 12, 2010

i've been away for a while, here is why

as you all know i've been away in utah for the past week , it was a good but exhausting time. i really miss it and i am torn between utah & california. i think i want to move back. but it doesn't seem logical sometimes. i have to think a lot about it . because i really miss and love all my friends there. we will see when the time comes. i'm not going to post up all the photos at once, but here are some randoms i like a lot. i cant wait for simon to post up the ones from his camera and nicole too. they both got good photos! i miss everyone already. especially my sammer & nicole. sigh.

Kodak 400 BW CN, Contax 645, 80mm f2.0, no photoshop
- taken by ryan muirhead

jozef made us cut onions for dinner ... he made us cry.
my makeup was everywhere haha!

me at Tony Caputos looking at the amazing foods & sweets. (300s, 400w)

carly & macy at jake garns photowork shop - taken with my d300s!

this is my favorite photo of a human being i've ever taken & it was all an accident. this is maddie, one of the models at the workshop. my iso wasn't high enough, this is what came out! i LOVE it. i tried it in b&w too, but the color version is the original i didn't even have to edit it.. YES!

this is jack - my best lokes baby boy . he is so funny & cute to hang out with.

this is train tracks. i spent some time here & watched two big trains roll past slowly. it was amazing. i really like trains a lot

good bye utah. this reminded me of the alps but a lot smaller.

we stopped by a tiny little town to take pictures. this is me

the tiny town had a herd of stray cats that were super cute... i wanted all of them

this is the last photo i took with my camera on the trip.

Friday, March 5, 2010

jozef photoshoot/dinner!!

so amanda & i are in utah - got here yesterday . it was fun, we went off the road to find a ghost town ... didnt find it. but we took some interesting photos. i'll show you when i get back. but here are some quick photos i just took on jozefs computer.. i am wearing goggles because we were cutting & cooking onions... my eyes were SO watery. oh goodness .
we love joe ... not only is he funny and a great photographer but he is cooking an amazing meal for us!!! he is so fast & efficent in the kitchen. C'EST TRES MAGNIFQUE JOE!