Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween..

i'm in utah.. thats why i havent updated in a couple days. its been fun but i feel so behind in my one photo a day! but i've been faithful and i have taken one photo a day and i have them locked on my camera so i can post them up later. i was going to load them up here in utah but i forgot my camera battery charger in california !!! so i have to be really sparing with keeping my camera on. i was so upset.. i knew i was forgetting something.

its been really fun so far but really cold. i went to my first bar last night and it was really funny. its not really my thing at all tho so i doubt i'll be heading back to a bar anytime soon. but the bar tender gave me a free drink - a longisland icetea because it was my first time at the bar and i am freshly 21. it was really cool of him it made my night. my first drink was an AMF .. it was bright blue. it was tart and sorta sweet. i'm not much of a drinker.
i am updating my costume a bit because im not fully satisfied with it. i hope it turns out fine. okay well .. happy halloween everyone..
cant wait to post up photos . i also miss my anouk so bad

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5/30 - halloween ghost

this ghost was made for me by Tom. Tom is the little boy i've been watching since he was 8 months old.. he is 4 now, he turns 5 in January. he has a twin sister Jill.. so i get double the fun & double the cute.
this is the ghost Tom made for me .. i think its got to be the best ghost i've ever seen in my life. I especially like the partial piece of cotton glued to the torso and the different size eyes. its brilliant. its hanging on my wall forever. its so good that i made it the photo of the day for day 5.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4/30 & completed costume shoes..

here is my 4th photo .. this is my sister miranda. i am liking the black & white theme.

& this is my cat.. my best friend.. anouk. i love her so much she is so cute & soft.

and here are my completed costume shoes.. i think. i don't know, i feel like something is missing. if you have any ideas.. let me know.. hm. i painted them gold and hotglued fringe on them.. thats it haha. pretty easy. the paint looks way good im surprised. its smooth and doesnt come off. its not half bad.. i doubt i'll ever wear these again.. hahaha . my leg has imprints on it from my pants .. ive been on the floor half the evening makin these . that fringe gets caught in my shoe and i wish it would stay straight and pretty. haha oh well it'll be fun to wear them for sure.

Monday, October 26, 2009

3/30 - fall leaves

i picked these leaves today .. and put them in order. i saw this in a national geographic magazine article.. maybe last year. so i re-created it with leaves from my backyard. the top photo is my 3rd photo of the 30 days .. one photo a day! dig it?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

2/30 - self portrait black&white

well there i am.. i shot this with a 24mm manual lens. pretty difficult but i got it down. photo #2 of my 30 days! hope you enjoy it.. since i never post up photos of myself.. i'm mysterious. i never do black and white either, but i felt this photo just looked more.. glamorous and classy.

here is the other photo i took.. everyone seems to like this one better.. i personally like the top one most because its actually sharp and what i was going for.. but gotta go with what the audience likes more i suppose in this business. haha weird how my 2nd choice is always peoples 1st choice. hm.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

onephotoaday + costume addition

these are my costume shoes . they are a pair of plain black maryjane heels and i painted them gold. and i am going to put fringe on them.. i should have taken a before/after photo. but i didn't because i didn't think of it. but these are the shoes so far.. i never wear heels because it hurts my back as well as my feet. i have scoliosis so its not really good for me to wear heels but since its halloween i figured i could whip up a pair of my old heels into something neat. and when i get over wearing heels i'll just throw on my good ol moccasins..
but i think the gold paint turned out pretty rad. i am going to pain the heel too , just after the rest dries. i can't wait for the finished result. i also can't wait to show everyone what i am going to be for halloween.. my very last accessory should be here monday or tuesday.. i am so excited to wear my costume.

so today is day #1 of my onephotoaday test i gave myself for 30 days. here is the photo i took for day #1.. i'm not very creative today.. i've been doing math homework. but this is my pride and joy:

i have more books than that, but the are bigger or stacked up on my floor. but those are some very good books let me tell you. if you ever need a book recommendation i'm your girl. some of those i just got from my mom so i haven't read them yet. but i love my little bookshelf.. and all my trinkets and decorations. you guys should see my room, if you haven't already. its the best if i do say so myself.

Friday, October 23, 2009

one photo a day

i am going to take one photo a day for 30 days.. just to see if i can handle it. then i'll maybe up that number to a couple months. my friend jedd is doing a 365 days of photos/. pretty intense and dedicated if you ask me! good luck jedd.. i feel like my pictures will get boring but i'll try to keep them interesting. all will be shot with my 50mm 1.4 , i'll stay consistent. if i miss a day of blogging i'll post the previous days photo.. i promise i wont cheat. i start this personal test tomorrow.
but for now, here is a photo i took today and a video .. the video is grainy and weird looking because i had to resize it and stuff. it looked way better before hand.. i need some sort of software to correctly edit videos. sam said he'd help me. whew. i hope i can get the hang of the video part with out it lookin so crummy. lemme know whatcha think anyway

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

storm has arrived

its windy outside and really rainy. i kinda like it but my feet got wet. my boots aren't good for the rain anymore. this is a dilemma. it means i really actually for real need new shoes/boots. oh dear. i'm going to go make some tea and write my essay. oh boy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

tagged & two new photos

I received the honest scrap from Lions, Tigers & Fashion OH MY!
. Here is how it works, list 10 facts about yourself and then pass it on to fellow bloggers as you choose.

1) i don't like citrus
2) my animal totems are bees, moths & vultures. i'm always on the look out for my newest addition.
3) i have a couple of best friends, but only one of them knows exactly what i like (decor, clothes, people, seriously anything).. & that is tayler.
4) one of my goals in life is to ride in a hot air balloon. i day dream about this often
5) the only socks i really ever wear are halloween socks, year round. i just like them..
6) i was born in france, my dad & half of my family are french, i have duel citizenship, i have been to france so many times.. yet i do not speak fluent french!
7) i can't wear red, it looks terrible against my skin tone.
8) i'm only 5'2 and weigh 98lbs. i don't think i look that short or skinny at all! i feel the same size as everyone else.
9) i love my 98 subaru outback , but shh don't tell it.. i secretly want the new outback in brown.
10) i highly enjoy doing math but don't ask me any equations.. because i freeze up & doubt myself.

I would like to pass this on to:

Ginger - FOUR HANDSOME FELLAS with blue eyes.. & ME with green..
Valencia - rollupyoursleeve
Nell , my soul sister - an owls soul
Ruta - Look Ugly in a Photograph
Miranda, my actual sister - define: thoughts
Jade - my name is jade

here are two photos my sister took of me today with my camera , i like the second one even tho it is blurry. but if you pay attention my jaw/cheek and some of my hair is in focus. haha. & i am wearing my new flannel that fits me like a dream. i will have to get an actual photo of it later. & yesss my eyes really are green, i don't hardly ever edit my pictures i am too lazy for that. toooo lazy for everything these days in fact.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

pictures of myself.. taken by myself.. this is hard

so i finally tried to take some photos of myself. but since all i have is my 50mm its kind of hard. i didn't really want to ask anyone to take the photo for me because well.. i sorta wanted my camera in the photo.. its such a nice detail to what i am wearing.

the necklace is a bone pendant. the phrase carved into it says "om mani padme hum" in Tibetan. its one of my favorite necklaces. i have one other bone pendant that i wear often.. i had a third that i never took off but alas.. the one day i did it was never to be seen again. i still wonder what could have happened to it. so sad.

and let me tell you, it is a hard thing to take a photo of yourself with a 50 mm. but i managed.

Monday, October 5, 2009

some ..

i haven't mastered taking a photo of my self in the mirror. this is the best i could do for now.. me and my new camera.. my sidekick ... my new love.

some photos i took while out on a shoot with lisa this evening - havin fun with the macro.. i love macro. it must be my next lens.

then there is my other cat Minou hiding under the table among the chair legs.. and some birthday banana bread Jean made for me.. SO YUMMY. i wish my birthday was every week so she'd make that for me all the time. -but i had my WhiteBalance set to floresent light and forgot to change it back so these two photos look a little on the blue side.. i'm still learning my camera haha.

i love my nikon. i am so satisfied. i can't wait to receive my package tomorrow with my 50mm f/1.4... so excited.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

21st birthday brews ~

my first legal brew : harvest hefeweizen - superb.

i am 21 now ! happy october 4th birthday to me a very happy legal girl for the rest of her days.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

YES!! nikon d300s & a drawing !

so, tomorrow is my birthday and you all know i had some trouble getting my nikon d300s the past couple of days.. well.. read on ---
today after working at a wedding all day we arrive back at my boss Lisa's house and SURPRISE! her two wonderful sweet daughters surprise me in the living room and her awesome go-to-all-lengths hilarious husband comes down the hall with a cake lit with candles on it! so cute i wasn't expecting it at all and i was so happy i couldn't stop smiling. to make my smile even bigger .. out comes a pleasantly wrapped box with wrapping paper colored & made by Jaz & Ember .. and inside is a NIKON D300S!!!!!!!! HOLY GEEZE. yeah my smile is permanent. i can't wipe it from my face. i am just so happy and thankful i have such great amazing thoughtful people in my life. its not even my 21st birthday and i'm already so happy. PLUS my friend jedd drew a photo of me .. and his art is BRILLIANT. my gosh. here is jedds flikr page: click here and here is jedds book which i just recently purchased because its too good to not own: book here - so happy with this photo!

you can view the original of this photo by clicking -> here

i am just so happy. i will obviously have photos posted with my new camera from tomorrow until forever. my battery just needs to charge! YES! you guys! this is so rad i am offically a photographer now. p.s. here is my boss Lisa Richmonds website : lisaRICHMOND

: D

Friday, October 2, 2009

egyptian necklace & a let down

well, pretty upset right now. tried twice to get my d300s. but both times failed due to technical difficulties. super frusterated, but i'm online ordering it from b&h on tuesday.. since they are closed (of course) until sunday because of a jewish holiday. juuust my luck. so no new pictures yet. which bums me out because i just bought an awesome necklace today. he is made of silver & turquoise and is from egypt.. he is very very old & he's new friend. i love him so much.

when i get my camera i'll take more close up detail shots of him.. and myself. deal?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i am so mad i got rid of this shirt + p.s. i need clothing help

because i really liked it. and i want to wear it the days. because i have nothing new in my wardrobe at all. i am an old boring worn out mess. i need to give my wardrobe an update. maybe next week. because tomorrow i am buying my camera (d300s) and a lens (50mmf/1.4) and a filter.. and a memory card.. so i'll be sorta down on the count for a second there. but next week i'll try to purchase some tank tops & a pair of pants and SOME SHOES i need some shoes. hey all you fashion lovers that i am blog following these days want to point me in the direction of some sweet sites that i can purchase some new threads and digs for not so much?

but first know this: i don't wear the color red, i don't ever really wear tshirts, i don't "match", & i don't wear earrings even tho i have my ears double pierced. i also don't wear heels even tho i am only 5'2. because i go to college and i work therefore heels just don't mix at all. here is my style in various photos, so you can get the idea:

i like vests. and arm bands. if you look closely in every photo of me i have a brown arm band on my left arm. its been there for 4 years, its hemp string. i have seen some people copy me with that & they give up because they knew they are lame for trying to be like me.. suckers. it's not a fashion statement really, it represents my big brother who is in the army. i put it on when he left. it'll probably stay on for the rest of my life. sometimes i put the big gold arm band over it tho. that thing ROCKS.

i wear 4 rings at all times - i dont need any new rings because these never come off.. but i like silver & gold. and i loooove gem stones.

i told you i dont match. thats me on the left. i don't really layer anymore. but i'm pretty relaxed when it comes to getting dressed as you can tell.

i don't have much rack, so i can wear whatever i want. i look so fake baked here but i'm not ,do armpits even tan? geeze. i like dark colors, i prefer wearing black. but i do LOVE color. just bursts of it.

i like bracelets. mostly cloth/string/maryroot. but i do wear metal. that one bracelet is a giraffe.
i also like gold, i just think gold makes you look cleaner with certain outfits. and more warm.

i look a little bit retard here in this photo but i mostly all of the time wear moccassins. i have those boots and my other two slip on mocs. that is my dilemma currently because mocs in wet weather = no good. so i'm on the prowl for some sort of shoes. i'm picky tho. i want some equestrian boots. soo sick.

gosh i really don't have many photos of myself full body wearing what i wear. i guess i need to start. because i want to remember one day what i dressed like. i wear loose fitting clothing except my pants, only some. i'll publish more of what i wear so that everyone can see it, make fun of it, or dig it and compliment. either way i'm gonna be more interesting here in the blogosphere. now that i will have a camera so i'll post up good photos. and that i will be painting more so people can buy my work. i do custom..

bon nuit ~