Monday, August 31, 2009

worst river trip ever

so meg, gabe, brent and i went to the river.. it sucked. because megs friend dragged us out to the middle of farm land with out our knowledge. and we went to this "river" that had pipes running into it. so basically we were floating in leftover water and i'm not happy about the trip at all. i wanted the american river with some rapids and adventure.. not some barely moving "river" that i could stand up in half the time and have the water not even reach my knees. it took us 4 hours to get to the end. un heard of. needless to say, i wasn't happy! my floatation device even popped .. luckily we were almost done. & brent voluenteered to use it and gave me his floatation. the two good parts were when brent found some rope swing - it was in shallow water so it made no sense at all.. you couldn't jump off of it cause you'd fall in sand. but brent tried it anyway and his butt dragged in the water and it looked so funny i kept making him do it. and then another fun part was when brent started to sing a made up song about the river in hillybilly voice. both were highlights of the river.

but ultimately, my favorite part.. was the car ride. because of the grooves. brent & gabe jammed out. i brought the guitar, bongos & harmonica. so brent played guitar and gabe played his mandolin. here is a video of it - (im not playing harmonica in the video)

Friday, August 28, 2009

$600 winner

i won $600 dollars yesterday at jackson casino. it was my first time going to a casino , my grandma took me gave me $50 and i ended up winning $600. sometimes i get a streak of luck.. who knew.

sam cracked his head open on the sidewalk last night. i'm trying to convince my self its some sort of collective karma. maybe it was just a sign. maybe just a dumb accident. or all of the above.

i am wearing a pair of jeans for the first time in a long while. it feels weird. i miss seeing my legs exposed. shorts and sandals are my style. i like the cold sometimes, but i'm more of a warm weather type of girl.

since i havent posted up a recent photo of my self lately, this is what i look like today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

okay.. this is my OLD blog : dimensions to the undefinable
i want you to forget about that one.. add THIS ONE that you are reading now to your follow list.. because you want to read all about my super exciting life right? i told you guys i'm tryin to be more interesting on here. i mean i went and adopted a manatee , doesn't that count? what else do you want from me!!! i'm never good enough for you!!

just kidding. but really, go ahead and follow this one so you can know when i've posted something worth your while to read. like how today i washed my car. exciting right? basically thrilling.
i do however have a book list for people who love books and need some new reading material..

1) the glass castle - currently reading, currently LOVING
2) case histories - not for those who don't like sad (but intriguing) things.
3) the guernsey literary and the potato peel society - one of my all time favorites
4) the time travelers wife - you all know about the movie. but read the book first .. i promise its better than the movie although the movie was very good.
5) water for elephants - super good for people who like super good things.

i also recently got these books in the mail -
the stamp of fantasy
the scourge of the swastika

i'm not a creep about the wwII book, it's just really . alluring to me. not in a creep way like i said.

Monday, August 24, 2009

first day back to school ::

it was a breeeeeeze. i got there early and got the very closest parking space.. totally rare for the first day of school. my history class is really cool i'm gonna love it. its early american history from 1300's up until the 1800's , i'm WAY stoked to learn about the natives and such. english 300 will be cool too.. we get to write a book. i think i'm going to write mine on natural healing.

i received my new family member today in the mail .. FLoyd. they sent me a real photograph of him and i plan on finding a really good frame to put it in. Floyd is Anouks new older brother and she already really likes him. i was so excited to get floyd in the mail & i'm going to wear my tshirt to school on wednesday.

anyway, i am hungry. i feel like having some sort of pasta. i dont think we have parmesean cheese tho. which isn't cool at all.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

gabe sady playing the mandolin part 1

this is pretty much amazing , and i can't get enough of it. this is my very good friend gabe sady playing the mandolin .. i LOVE this instrument. its one of my favorites .. my favorites being : harmonica, banjo, mandolin, harp & piano. i mean really i love all instruments individually and then when they come together its even more great but singling out each one is just amazing. i was sorta playing my harmonica with gabe a little but im not very good so he was playing more music than i was -

Friday, August 21, 2009

yosemite get-away !

so .. yesterday i decided to throw a couple things into my car and head on down good ole hwy 49 to yosemite to meet up with my friend lindsey - who i absolutely love - to have a "before school starts last vacation for who knows how long" trip. so i ended up getting lost for a bit so i was about an hour late getting there. AND my car decided to light up the "check engine" sign all the way there. (in my entire owning of my subaru has never done before.) but it turned out to be nothing but i was still worried for a bit there.

so it was a beautiful day trip. we went swimming at a cool little water hole. we drove to the valley floor and saw half dome, glacier point, some water falls, etc. it was glorious. we ate dinner at the wawonna hotel. and we stayed at cabin 79 in the redwoods. lindseys family owns some cabins up there to rent out so we got to stay in one because it wasnt being rented out, it was real nice! i don't have any photos yet , besides one i took with my camera phone but once lindsey sends the photos we took my way i'll post them up here for you all to see because its sooo beautiful you gotta see it.

but i drove home early bird this morning and the sun was rising as i was driving thru the park and i felt like i was the only person in the world for a while because the scenery and world around me was so.. pretty, chilly, crisp, soft and magic. i like moments like those. here i am now , just very tired. can't wait to show you all photos from my trip..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

save the manatee

i just adopted my very own manatee here -

my manatee's name if Floyd , he lives in Blue Springs Florida. i'm way excited about it. do it too if you have $25 or $35 to spare..

Monday, August 17, 2009

upcoming birthday of my dear little friend.

my very best friend in the whole world anouk will be turning a year old next week. however her birthday is the same day my old friend naomi was killed. so it will be a happy/sad day. anouk is so grown up now, i can hardly remember when she was just a baby with a scab on her nose. i didn't even want her.. but she loved me out of all people so i couldn't resist trying her on for size and then the next morning when i woke up she was all snuggled up next to me on my sweater and i had to keep her. she is the best cat ever, so loyal and funny. she is a chartreux cat. she also sleeps hilarious so i have about a million photos of her sleeping all wild like. am i thrilling with my cat stories? a lot of people say i am going to be an old cat lady.. i think they are right.. sigh.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


this is my wall in progress. i still have a lot of wall to cover.. but i'm getting along quite nicely. it all started with the very upper right hand painting. i want to say its a turkish town. i bought it at the thrift store because of its frame but then when i brought it home i realized i really liked the painting so up it went.. hasn't moved from that spot since. then i decided to make that very boring wall into an art wall. so this is said wall currently. today i added the elephant photo too it. i like it very much. it came in a set, but the other two are hanging above my bed - they are a leopard and a lion. so they match more.

today i hit up the placerville thrift store AND the camino thrift store.. i was very successful both stores. i am so excited about my purchases. i got a big brass candle holder with a lions head on it, a glass pressed flower wall hanging, 5 iron owl pot holders, very pretty ribbon (flowered), a teeny little bowl/vase thing, a teeny tiny wooden box filled with 5 handmade dolls that are called "worry dolls" - and they come with instructions that say : [GUATEMALAN WORRY DOLLS : According to legend. Guatemalan children tell one worry to each doll when they go to bed at night and place the dolls under their pillow. In the morning the dolls have taken their worries away.] i already own a big worry doll made of yarn, it stays under my pillow with my dream box..

i also got 2 old old cigarette holders.. they are pretty expensive because they are leather and vintage. i am excited about it. they are made by princess gardner. i don't smoke tho. so they are just for looks. i also got two mugs.. very pretty. i also got.. A GREEN CHAIR! its sooo great. i love it so much. it was selling for $25.. but i know the manager so i got it for $15! i am so thrilled. i wish it could fit into my room. or even better.. i wish i had an apartment in salt lake city that i could put it in.. *sigh*. until then, the chair will reside in my basement. its so great tho.

so yeah. the reason i went to the thrift store was to look for treasures for my package exchange buddies. and i was successful so far, but i have more to get for them! i am excited. once i have all of their things together i will photograph their new things before i ship them so that everyone can see. fun fun. where have all the bloggers gone anyway? i get no love here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/24 - 12/17

school starts 8/24 - ends 12/17 here it is :

ENGWR - MoWe 10:30AM - 11:50AM
GEOG - TuTh 9:00AM - 10:20AM
HIST - MoWe 7:30AM - 8:50AM
MATH - TuTh 6:00PM - 8:20PM

Monday, August 10, 2009

home in california

it feels good. but also makes my heart torn a bit. i miss utah so much and i wish it was closer to california. i miss my lilian a bunch. i came home and unpacked everything so that when i woke up i wouldnt have to deal with it all. my anouk sel dean cuddled with me this morning. she woke me up and rubbed her head on mine and then snuggled up right next to me. i missed her so much. shes really big! after being around deuce for a week and 3 days i realized how grown up anouk has gotten! shes sooo soft.. still the softest cat i ever felt.

i miss my family. i haven't seen them for like 2 weeks. i came home to an empty house because everyone is gone still.