Monday, December 28, 2009

Live at the Fillmore !

this is my trip thru photos from end to start . everything is in reverse. and i am too tired to fix it.
i will write later. my flight leaves tomorrow for salt lake city @ 3:30. my back hurts way bad. this sucks. it's 1 am. EW EW EW. this is not okay. i love sleep too much to stay up this late. word of advice: do not pack last minute. that is going to be in bold and have its very own chapter in my book.

i love railroad earth. (opening band was hot buttered rum.. they both ruled). i love san fransisco. i love megan. i love the new scarf i got (photos to come). annnnd i am way behind in updates via photos. sorry. i'll fix it later. enjoy

Saturday, December 26, 2009

i'm writing a book

my friend stephanie told me i should write a book. about "circumstances in life". such as dating, nature, utah, how not to let a man step all over you, long distance relationships, etc..

i've had a lot of people tell me i should write a book. it's funny isn't it/? i guess its my way of writing, or my use of the language, or the things i have to say about situations. i just don't know what it is exactly.
i am going to start blogging about what other people would like to hear from me. about anything. ANYTHING. what do you want answered? what do you want advice on? what do you want to know about? what can i say about a subject so you can use my words in your essay that's due tomorrow? what can i tell you to say to someone who has just said something to you? what can i describe to you?

i don't care if i don't know you. if you've never said anything to me before... whatever. just post a comment with what you want to ask me or tell me or blah blah blah. you don't need to have a blogger account to comment on my blog. i've taken the risk of having commenting open to anyone on the web. so have at it.. take advantage of it.

here is what part of my book is so far:

stephanie told me her exboyfriend text her "what are you doing" and i told her that she should respond with "i'm doing something with my life, what are you doing?"

its a pretty good inclusion to my book yes? who cares about ex-boyfriends. they are EX-boyfriends. meaning, no longer. thus implying that you actually don't have to care about them anymore.. yes it's true. you can just continue life with out the miserable failing loser, and succeed while he is still in the same place he was before. forget the past, forget the history, forget it all. because its done and trust me its a GOOD THING that it is done. because who wants some dumpy mean rude uncaring boyfriend? remember that saying "there are plenty fish in the sea" or however that goes? its way true. just tell your brain to shut up and then live some free life...

until you find your upgrade.

Friday, December 25, 2009

joyeux noël

today was great. despite waking up at 8:30. i received some really great things from 'st nick' .. i will take photos of those later rather than explain them. deal? i hope everyone else had a wonderful christmas. i want to hear what everyone got.

but, yesterday on christmas eve i went over to my neighbors house to take photos of their family. joe & liz have two children who are now grown ups with their own children. jeff & his wife have a blonde haired, blue eyed boy named cody who is so funny to watch.. and julie & her husband have a dark haired, dark eyed boy named danny who is also really funny to watch. i took photos of the kids unwrapping presents and just cruisin around. it was really fun. so after about 2 hours it was time for me to go home for dinner and liz gave me a platter of goodies to take home (she is an amazing baker.. i can't even begin to explain) and when i got home i noticed a note to me..
i opened it.. and realized i had just done my very first PAID photoshoot! where I was the photographer! it was such an awesome feeling. getting paid for something you love doing is really quite a whole new story of life that i don't think many people get to experience. anyway.. here are just a few photos as a preview.. tell me what you think! (click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

my uncle who lives in the south of france posted this video on his facebook page.. i love it. its funny that him & i have the same music taste. does this mean i am getting old? i'm only 21. i get to see railroad earth in 8 days. 27th! fillmore in san fran!! SO EXCITED.

i'm also going to be in utah in 10 days.. i'm excited to see me friends. i dont even know how my trip is going to play out. so much to do in only a week and 2 days. ahh

Saturday, December 19, 2009

earrings - !

here are some of my earrings .. to show what they look like on a human being. i decided to get creative with my poses and ways of showing off the earrings so that it would be .. more appealing and real to people. does it work? the lighting kind of irritates me because i look really pale.. window light with no direct sunlight = pale face.. not fun. oh well. its winter. i guess its more normal.
buuut some people seem to be un-interested in the single earrings.. well its my style. i highly enjoy the single earring. it gives a sort of .. unique look. and doesn't overwhelm the face. and i like to pair up a single earring with a different one on the other side. it looks really really great. i wouldn't do it if it didn't look great.. duh. but i'll try to make more earrings because i am getting custom order requests and interested buyers so i'm feelin the pressure!

my favorite earring ive made so far has been that black & red one. i don't think i'm going to sell it. i love it so much. its like.. perfect to me. i never ever ever keep my own work. but i think i just might keep this one.. i just don't know!

Friday, December 18, 2009

newest modeling photo- FRUIT SERIES !

this is Me.. Strawberry!

Clementines- Paris Gibson | Korean Melon - Sue Tran

Tamarillo - Lilian Henrie | Golden Kiwi - Erynn Schmidt

all of these were done by the fantastic Mikenna Rae- Here is her blog: MikennaRaePhotography

we did these back in august. love them. im so pleased. i really love mine. i love that i look like the only pleased one.. haha . yum. & no.. we didn't eat the fruit afterward. Instead we ate chinese food.
anyway .. tomorrow i have a wedding to attend. so i won't be around much. BUT i am putting up a pair of my earrings for a giveaway over at Valencias blog roll up your sleeve .. they will be posted tomorrow on her blog ! so be sure to enter.. there will be directions and rules etc... so take a peak and tell your friends. woo!
here is a peak at the earrings that are being placed up for giveaway:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

might make me a nerd..

but ever since i saw 2009 startrek.. i am in love with spock.

this old one is rad.. but the new one is too. i'm a little irritated that i cant find the new spock with the vulcan hand sign thing.. what the heck is that all about?

i know that everyone is in love with zachary quinto these days. but i like SPOCK. spock is so rad. i need to start watching the old school startrek. i bet i'd dig it. is anyone thinking i am lame for writing a blog post about this? it doesnt even matter. i like cool movies.
and yeah. i'm excited to see avatar.. in utah in the imax 3d
i was listening to npr on my way to school & the language the avatars speak is actually a real language.. that was made up by a professor of linguistics. so its like serious stuff. which is pretty neat that someone can make up a plausible actual language.

i bought a black velvet dress at the thrift store today .. i am going to alter it and make it awesome. i still have to finish my maroon velvet dress. i will eventually. at least before i go to utah.

well i have to go make some custom ordered feather earrings!! (yay this will be my 3rd earring sale!) .. check out my site for the goods!
cinnamonnymph @ etsy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i need these this winter.

a camera backpack would be so perfect. geez. ahh. i also need a 800 flash. and some more lenses. i'm so needy. i wish i could take good photos with my nikon tho. i have a nikon d300s and a 50mm 1.4. yet i can't take a clear nice photo. i'm going to start blaming my camera soon. because i refuse to believe that i might just SUCK at taking photos. makes me sad.

annnd those look yummy. yeah i like to stay warm and dry okay? since i can't wear red clothing i like to get red shoes. or bits of red on my shoes.

i think its weird that i hate the color pink (hate it) and my favorite purse that i own .. is pink. i dont know how that works. i just dont view it as a real pink color i guess.

i posted some new things in my shop:
etsy - cinnamonnymph
check it out - get a little somethin for someone for christmas. spread the wooord ! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


going to eat chinese food tonight for alex's birthday. then back to my house for yumyum cake.
i stayed in bed 45 minutes past my alarm. completely out of my character.

tomorrow is my first final - geography. that'll be easy. then wednesday is my history final. umm not so easy. then voila all done with fall term and begin winter break. only 15 days until utah. i can't wait to be in utah.. so many fun things going on. i have 4 photoshoots thus far.. jake garn, evelyn eslava, ryan muirhead & mikenna rae. i'm sooo excited for all of those.

i did my first ever painting of a person yesterday. i did it of myself because i didn't want to butcher anyone elses face in case it turned out that i sucked at painting people.

im hungry. i've been doing yoga here and there lately.
i need some new boots/heels. just to be sexy on some days. i want these:

Friday, December 11, 2009

later on, we'll conspire, as we dream by the fire

walking in a winter wonderland..

p.s. did i let everyone know that i AM going to see railroad earth on the 27th at the fillmore in sanfransisco? WELL I AM! i am so excited.. im so glad my friend megan likes them AND lives in san fran. we are so excited. tickets are only $35.75.. come if you can. its gonna be great.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

grow slow

there are smells in this world
that make me stop to take in the deep breath
and then i think
about how there needs to be a jar
that can capture smells
so that we can open it up any time
and smell it.

i'm the same way with sounds
the sound of .. rocks
fumbling around
under a creek.
or water falling over rocks
or someone who can
whistle really
really well.
or a foreign person
talking in english.

Monday, December 7, 2009

snow up to my mid thigh

funny story. so i was JUST ABOUT TO POST THIS last night .. and the power went out. it was the best/worst timing. how funny.

so i knew it was going to snow. the news said a couple inches. i woke up to feet of snow.. and it was still snowing. i wasn't worried tho because i have a subaru and it glides thru the snow like there isnt even any snow in the first place. so whatever. but then i throw on my snowboots and go out side and .. low & behold .. it went OVER the boots.. which go almost to my knee caps. so i was like cool now my pants are wet.
i dried them off once i got into the carport. i was fine.
then i backed up into the snow and plowed the way out of my driveway and onto the freeway. it was so easy. but then.. the mayhem started to take place.

the freaks and idiots were out and about. driving like they were blind, damaged or invisible. so i had to take backroads. which was risky. SUPER risky. but i did it. so i was almost to my college.. crusin down the road. no big deal. then out of NO WHERE i see a huge oak tree covering the whole road. yeah you would think that a person could see a giant oak tree blocking the whole road from far away right/? nope not the case. so i was like holy shiiiii and had to pump my breaks and swerve off. and turn around and got mad a bit since i was SO CLOSE and now i had to go all the way back? damn.

so off i went. to brave hwy50 going up the mountain to my home. what a mess. people suck. some people were trying to make two lanes on the free way and it was like.. okay just back off and chill out because you're going to get stuck, hold up traffic ,and piss everyone off so just go slow (and p.s. DONT TAIL GATE ME IN SNOW , ARE YOU STUPID?) and deal with it. when i wasn't having fun driving thru the snow - i was getting pissed off at the idiots around me who were driving too close to me or driving their tiny lame cars in feet of snow & getting stuck. who does that? your toyota camery doesn't belong on any road during a blizzard (or at all?) so don't try to act like you can do it.

whatever! so i finally get home. after an hour of maneuvering around fools and plowing thru snow and i go up my drive way and .. not even kidding.. i get stuck.
i was going up and down steep hills on unplowed back roads with thick snow and i didn't get stuck. hahaha but as soon as i reach my own domain my car is like eh whatever im tired. so i had to call my dad to save it.

but i must say that when i left my house it was almost to my knees so my car did fine, and it did fine down the hill because its lower so even though it had a lot of snow it didnt have as much as it did up higher. and then here in this picture .. the snow was up to my mid thigh. i am only 5'2 but still that's some serious snow.

(i also think i REALLY need a microscope.. because anyone that knows me knows i love macro images. so a microscope would rule. plus i want to see my own snowflakes.)

Friday, December 4, 2009

long way to go

my song of the week.. its marvelous.
i wish SOO bad that i could go to their show on the 27th this month at the Fillmore in SanFrancisco.
i have no one to go with tho. whatevs. I love Railroad Earth. i mean that music is just amazing. I wish i could play the banjo. I held one and strummed on it a little bit at the music shop down town. i'm in love .

i've been scared on blog world because finals. I should be doing math homework but i needed a break. I am going to utah december 29th until january 7th. i have 3 photoshoots! woo! i'm back in the game. very happy about that. so of course you'll all see photos from those later. i'll probably try to get more but for now that's awesome.

once my vacation happens i'll be more exciting. so don't forget about me over here guys.

Monday, November 30, 2009

quick draw kiddos christmas list 2009

- the dvd wall-e
- a baby chinchilla - cage and accessories included
- 4x6 picture frames that look neat
- nikon 105mm f/2.8 vr
- nikon sb 800 flash
- some r e s p e c t
- ipod touch NOW please!
- a new soft blanket for my bed
- some books.. i'll get back to elaborate on this later
- the dvd ratatouille .. want this sooo bad

i think that is all. all i can think of right now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

thankful for .. walkin closets

(the double as a hideout) i am thankful for my cat.. anouk seldean. i love her more than anything. i am thankful for my totally radical family. because they are hilarious and keep not only my family.. but EVERYONE on their toes. i am thankful for my car.. my trusty subaru legacy outback. for sweet warm candles & chocolate. for my friends near and far - old & young. for lots and lots of things.but today .. i am thankful for my leather boots and leather jacket because it is going to rain.
i am going down to sacramento today to see brooke.. whom i have not seen in a long long time. jackie is coming with me because she is home for a couple days too. i haven't seen either of them for quite some time. i am excited. we are going to get tea.

i took some photos of my thanksgiving last night. well, of the dessert. hahahaha ... & we didn't eat the cat food.. i got those for my 3 cats.. don't judge me.. i love my cats.

that apple pie was cracking me up because it was so tall. and that was their smallest one! they come in sizes.. we got the apple and the pumpkin pies from the Kids INC farm.. sooo yummy. im going to have pumpkin pie for breakfast. i am disgusting when it comes to eating food. i never eat it at the right time. but i dont even care.
i tried to make sams moms recipe of breadsticks and i thought i was doing great but they didnt even work! they didnt rise at all. and i put yeast in. yeast hates me. i am not a very good baker. but i can cook. one day i'll learn to make breadsticks the right way.